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When Will It End?

Now, let me just start off by saying I don’t like to make public comments like this but today, I just couldn’t help myself. If you haven’t heard about the assault on police officers in Dallas last night, just turn on any news station today. 

Dallas was holding a peaceful protest in solidarity with the two black men that were killed earlier in the week by police officers. The event was going well, everything was calm until snipers started shooting. 5 police officers were killed. Countless others are in the hospital with injuries unknown (as of the time I’m writing this anyways).

I normally keep quiet when it comes to things like this. I don’t want any lashing out or drama in the comments but today, I welcome it. Please, tell me what you think. I heard a comment this morning that horrified me. They didn’t come out and say that these officers had it coming but, they generalized that all officers are the same. That police as a whole need to stop killing black people. 

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While I agree that the atrocities have to end, I would never, ever assume that all police officers feel the same way or are even remotely similar. It’s unfair to punish those that have done no wrong. These Dallas officers are not the same as those that have killed people in Minnesota and Louisiana this past week. Maybe I like to see the good in people. Maybe I just have an extremely hard time wrapping my head around the idea that people are still racist. I’m pretty sure not every cop wants to kill black people. Or, even kill people at all for that matter. It was hard for me to hear that someone would assume that all police officers have it coming to them if they don’t stop killing people. 

Maybe it’s because i’m white. Maybe it’s because I have a hard time imagining that cops are there for anything but our protection. I feel for these officers and their families. Yes, there are always a few bad people in the bunch and those are the ones that have been plastered all over the news lately. Despite that I still believe that the majority are there to do good and want to protect us. Us meaning people of all colors, races and religions. 

Okay, I’ve been rambling on long enough. I’m not sure what else to say or if any of that was even English but those are my thoughts. Please share yours below!

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