Fall Blog Swap- The Best Way To Welcome Fall 6

Fall Blog Swap- The Best Way To Welcome Fall // Being Leanna

Happy September Friends!!

I’m going to sound like every other blogger on the internet right now, but I love fall. Love it. The turning leaves, the bonfires, the cozy nights in. And, especially up here in NY, fall marks the start of apple season. Apple picking and apple cider donut eating are two of my favorite activities in the fall. You heard me right, i’m not all about that pumpkin spice. Sure, it smells great, and I used to love the famed PSL but it’s too sweet for me now. Apple anything and i’m on board. 

Which brings me to the whole point of this post, I participated in a Fall Blog Swap! 

Fall Blog Swap- The Best Way To Welcome Fall // Being Leanna

I participated in the Fall Blog Swap hosted by the ladies of Show Your Blog love and got paired up with the lovely Meghan Anna and had such a great time getting to know her. My favorite part of participating in these swaps is getting to know bloggers I hadn’t known before. I didn’t follow Meghan’s blog or her social media, but now I do both!

She hit the nail on the head with all of the sweet gifts she sent.

First up, an amazing smelling apple scented candle. Apple anything makes me oh, so happy. Especially candles. Who doesn’t love a good candle?

For my love of coffee, Meghan grabbed an adorable mug that I’ve been using almost every day. The saying is on both sides which is especially great for us lefties out there who always end up with the design facing the wrong way when we take a sip.

I can’t recall if I mentioned this to her or not to her but, i’m a huge list maker. They make me feel so organized and happy and some of my favorite pens to use are these Sharpie pens. They don’t bleed and they really stand out. So great. 

But, the best part? Meghan sent me a book! I know it’s been a while since I wrote a book review but I’ve been reading a lot lately and i’m super excited to read this one. It’s The Secrets She Kept by Brenda Novak and it’s a mystery/thriller kind of novel. Check out the synopsis here or wait around and i’ll try to do a book review! 

If you’ve never participated in a blog swap before you really need to! They are so much fun and you get to make friends all over the place! Meghan is from the Mid-Western US and i’m so happy to say I’ve got a friend there now! 

Question of the day: What are your favorite things about the season change?

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