A Letter to My Mom- Happy Mother’s Day! 7

Happy Monday everybody!

I hope you all had a nice, relaxing weekend and are refreshed and ready for Monday! For today’s post I thought it would be fitting to write my mom a letter because Mother’s Day is coming up and what better way to let her know how appreciated she is then to publish it on the internet? Of course she’ll also get a heartfelt card (hopefully one that’ll make her cry. My brother and I always try to get the mushiest cards for her) but I thought a larger display of my appreciation works too. Speaking of larger displays of appreciation…i’m buying her a grill. 

For mother’s day this year i’m not quite sure how we’ll be celebrating, It depends on the weather. Hopefully my mom and I will be grilling out on our deck with a glass of wine in hand. We’re going out tonight (hopefully) so she can pick out a grill for me to get her for Mother’s day because she never treats herself. I know a grill doesn’t sound like the most “mother’s day” kind of gift but it’s something she needs and will really enjoy. Nobody can do summer without a grill, especially because she has such an amazing deck.

If you guys have any grill suggestions, tweet me at @beingleanna or leave a comment below!

Here’s hoping my mom still reads my blog! :-]

Dear Mom,

I can’t even begin to thank you for everything you’ve done for me in my 26 years so lets just focus on this past year, shall we?

First of all, thank you for constantly correcting my spelling in my emails whenever I spelled shall with 1 l. I don’t know how I went this long without knowing that there were two. Second of all, thank you for being supportive of all of my decisions in life no matter how crazy they were. For example, up and moving my life on a whim. You let me learn on my own and I really needed that. You took the time off of work to move me and make sure I was all set up in my new home before you left, no questions asked. And, a mere 4 months later when I moved back with my tail between my legs you took me back into your home with open arms and have never once uttered the phrase “I told ya so” (at least not to my face). 

Thanks to all the moms out there who never uttered 'I told ya so' no matter how dumb their kid was #happymomsday Click To Tweet

My favorite part of our relationship is that you never hold anything back and that you always have the best advice, even if I chose not to listen to it. You don’t sugarcoat situations and that is exactly what I need and you deal with my sometimes childish attitude with grace and I am so grateful. 

You are the best mom that anyone could have and I am so appreciative that you’re mine. You give me freedom without being distant and you give me support without being smothering. It’s the perfect balance and I wouldn’t have grown into the woman I am today without that ebb and flow of structure and freedom. I am forever grateful for the help and support you’ve given me and am proud to call you my friend and mother.

Happy Mother’s Day, I love you,


(And a special shout out goes to my grandmother for letting me live with her last year, and for being one of the best listeners around. My own mother gets all of her patience and fantastic advice giving abilities from my grandmother and I can only aspire to be that way myself.)

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Meet My Pets! 12

Meet My Pets// Being Leanna

Can we all agree that nothing makes a house more a home than pets? I grew up having cats and I love them. I will always be a cat person, sorry dogs. You’re cute and all but sometimes I just don’t want to have to rush home to let you out. Cats are great because you can basically just “set it and forget it”. They can be lovey but they can also entertain themselves and that’s exactly how I am in human form. It’s why cats and I get along so well.  So, I want to introduce you to me in cat form. 

Meet My Pets// Being Leanna

Ain’t she pretty? This is Mischka. I’ve had her since she was a kitten and she has exactly my personality. Warm and fuzzy sometimes, and cold and wanting her own space others. Any sun spot in the house is automatically her favorite, especially in the mornings when the sunlight hits my couch. I too could lay in the sun all day. Do your pets seem to have your personality as well?

Now, I can’t leave the others out. My mom (who i’m currently living with) has 3 cats total. Mischka who is my cat but lives with her because i’m a nomad. Corey, my brothers cat who again, lives with my mom because we’re nomads, and Bella, a new addition to the family. Corey is the sweetest, most annoying cat of the three. She’s an attention hog and wakes me up at all hours but she’s a big fluff ball of love when you start petting her. 

Meet My Pets// Being Leanna

And finally, here is Bella. She’s the maniac of the group and will attack anything that moves. She was a stray and still isn’t super lovey but she’s learning to be better with humans. Mainly she just wants to party. This is a picture from before Christmas but it definitely shows her playful spirit. 

Meet My Pets// Being Leanna

Question of the day: What are your pets like?

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2015 Christmas Cards! 2

It’s that time of year again! Time to spread Christmas cheer with Christmas cards for all of your friends and loved ones. You can read about my thoughts on Christmas cards from last year here. But, because i’m down in South Carolina I was going to send basically everyone I knew Christmas cards this year and I found the perfect ones at TjMaxx and Homegoods.
This first one might be my favorite but they only had one box left so I couldn’t buy more than one set. I love the laser cut details and the blue sponged affect is so beautiful.
2015 Christmas Cards // Being Leanna2015 Christmas Cards // Being Leanna
These next two cards I could not chose between so, I bought both. I love the traditional red and green of this card, and again, I love the laser cut detailing. It adds so much texture to an otherwise boring card.
christmascards42015 Christmas Cards // Being Leanna
These cards came with washi tape so I really couldn’t resist. The detailing is the least exciting of the 3 cards but I love the paper this is on. Plus, who doesn’t love polka dots?
2015 Christmas Cards // Being Leanna2015 Christmas Cards // Being Leanna
Now that i’m moving back home I pretty much just wrote, SEE YOU SOON in all of my cards haha.
And, I even tucked a little something extra in some of the cards. Starbucks hot chocolate packets!! Who wouldn’t want some of those? The peppermint is my favorite. 
2015 Christmas Cards // Being Leanna
Question: Do you do Christmas cards?
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Oh, Hey There!

Hello Readers!
Thanks so much if there are any of you left. It has been so crazy around here that I had to take a bit of a break. I thought a week or two would be perfect and then I just got caught up in life and it’s been almost a whole month! Yikes.
You see, I started a second job a few weeks ago and poof all my free time was taken up by that. And then, my cousin had a baby and we had a flood of family members visiting so instead of writing blog posts, I spent my free time with them. Now that my family is gone again and i’ve gotten into the swing of things with my new job i’m back and ready as ever to keep this little blog of mine going.
So, How have I stayed sane while working two jobs? I took a blogging break. It was super important for me to get into a routine as quickly as possible. I don’t do well when things are chaotic so I needed to take a break until I was used to the extra work hours.
In addition to that I really started planning ahead. On days where I work both jobs I always bring a change of pants and shoes with me to my first job so that I can be a bit more comfy at job number 2. If I leave that to the morning i’ll forget so I always put my change of clothes in a bag and plop it next to my front door so i’ll never forget. I’ve also had to get pretty savy with cooking ahead. Some days I go straight from job 1 to job 2 and i’m often starving. So, i’ve gotten into the habit of making spaghetti for the week, or pasta salad or something that will keep well for the week so that I can bring both lunch and dinner to my first job. 
Taking those extra steps to be prepared has helped me so much. Some nights I don’t get home until 10pm but I always make sure my lunch/dinner and my outfit is planned ahead because I know i’ll be too tired in the morning and forget something. The last thing I want is to wear my dress pants to my retail job where i’ll get sweater fuzz all over them or to have to stop and get fast food and then feel sick all night because I didn’t have any other dinner.
Now, if only I could figure out how to not spend my whole second paycheck on merchandise. SIGH. haha
Do any of you work two jobs? What do you do to keep organized? 
On a completely separate note, this week marks my 1 year Blogiversary!! I’m going to do a whole post about my year of blogging later this week so stay tuned!
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Fall Swag Swap- 2015 7

Fall Swag Swap// Being LeannaHey Everyone! 
Today i’m participating in a Fall Swag Swap hosted by Bourbon & Lipstick, Classy Sassy & a Bit Smartassy, Hey Kerri Blog, All the Joys, How To Make A Life and Set Free. I was thrilled to be paired up with Meagan from All The Joys (who I’m sure you all already know). It was so lovely getting to know her and we really seemed to bond over our recent move to warmer climates. It came as no surprise to me when I saw that we basically sent each other the same things. It was very funny to see that we both included a fall lip color that we love as well as a beautiful scarf that’s warm, but not too warm because fall comes late in the year where we live. 
Fall Swag Swap// Being Leanna
This beautiful scarf is from 14th & Union and is an incredibly soft infinity style that’s a bright pink color. I’ve just gotten a charcoal sweater this this will pair perfectly with and I can’t wait to show you all in an upcoming mini haul post! Fall Swag Swap// Being Leanna
The two nail polishes that Meagan picked out for me are perfect for fall! The plum color is called Pep-plum and i’ve had it on my nails since I got her package. I am obsessed with this color. The shade is dark but not too vampy, it’s still a bright fall color which I love. The second color is a stunning deep blue green (it’s much darker in person than in this picture) that’s called Navy Fleet. I have this on my toes now and i’m really into the color. I love navy and dark blue polishes for fall. 
Lastly Meagan got me a lip balm that’s perfect for fall. It’s a Baby Lips in the color Cherry Me. I LOVE this color. I had never tried Baby Lips before (shockingly) and the formula is great. Equal parts balm and color. 
I had so much fun participating in this swap and I can’t wait to see what everyone else got so go click on the button below to see the linkup with everybody’s items! And, just below the button I’ve added some of my favorite All The Joy’s post! Enjoy!
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