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Bloggers Tell All- A Fun, Informative Tag! 6

Bloggers Tell All- A Fun, Informative Tag // Being Leanna

Happy Monday!

I am so excited for today’s post. One of my favorite bloggers, Christine from Simply Stine wrote this Bloggers Tell All tag post on Friday and I just knew I had to participate. I am all about “get to know me” type of posts and I especially love posts with blogging tips. So, why not combine the two like Christine did? Perfect. Please go check out her post (if you haven’t read it already) and let me know your answers in the comments below, or write your own post and tweet me!

Bloggers Tell All Tag:

Bloggers Tell All- A Fun, Infomative Tag // Being Leanna

// What was your first post about?

My first post was a very poorly written introduction with no pictures. I repeat, no pictures. Deep sigh. Feel free to read it here as I would never take down any of my posts, no matter how embarrassing haha. 

My first “real” post was the one following my introduction and it was a Thanksgiving ootd. I still love this outfit (rip jeweled sweater) but the pictures are again, awful. 

// What is the meaning behind my blog name?

I went pretty simple. My name is Leanna and I’d like to think that my blog is all about Being Leanna. Clever, right? Honestly, coming up with a name was super difficult for me. I decided to start a blog ( I had had other journal type blogs wayyyy back in the day that will remain hopefully hidden from the world) months before I actually did because I could not come up with a name I liked. I wanted my name to be able to carry across all social medias so I wanted something short that could be the same on every platform. Finally, Being Leanna was born. 

// Who/What inspires your work?

All of my readers, fellow bloggers, makeup/skincare trends, travel sites. Literally everything and anything can inspire me. I always have a running list on my phone of things or products to check out, blog post ideas, etc. Also, i’m a huge fan of Buzzfeed so, they definitely help me figure out what’s trendy. 

// Proudest Blogging Accomplishment:

Having people comment or email me and tell me that my travel posts have inspired them in some way. Whether that was to help them plan an upcoming trip or to help them to decide to travel. It really warms my heart when you guys get something out of what i’ve written. Especially when those posts mean so much to me. #travelbloggergoals

// Do you have a tip for staying organized?

Boy do I ever. I am a very organized person. I have lists upon lists of things going at all times. One organization tip that really helps me is my current two notebook situation. I have one notebook for all things travel. My current inspirations, details from all of my travels, and ideas for future travel posts. My second notebook is for everything else. Blog post ideas, outlines for those ideas, notes from previous webinars i’ve attended and a list of linkups I like.

// Explain how you prepare for a blog post:

I’ve got a different process for different types of posts. If it’s a travel post i’m putting together I like to do all of my research first. Gather some fun facts, make sure i’m spelling things right and verifying the names of places i’m suggesting. Then, I like to have a handwritten outline for how the post is going to be laid out. From there i’ll go through my photos and pick out the ones that fit the outline best and i’ll get them edited and ready for the post. Then, I write!

If it’s for a makeup or any type of product post I’ll take pictures immediately upon receiving the product. Next i’ll test the product for at least 3 weeks before I write a review so I know i’ve tested thoroughly. I’ll outline how i’d like the post to go. Is it a review, a comparison, a whole brand spotlight? From there I’ll write and then edit the pictures I like best.

Bloggers Tell All- A Fun, Informative Tag // Being Leanna

// Favorite/least favorite part of blogging”

My favorite thing about blogging are the connections i’ve made with other bloggers. I feel like i’ve got friends all over the place and that’s a fantastic feeling. I love having a creative outlet that connects me with other people.

My last favorite thing is that it does take over your life if you let it. I definitely am guilty of staging photos for the blog or Instagram. I have yet to do something just because it’ll make for a great blog post but, I sense it’s coming.

// What camera do you use/other equipment:

 I use my trusty smart phone, a Galaxy S5 to be exact. I’m still not to the point where I want to spend the money on a DSLR but i’m getting there. It would be great to learn how to use them but I just don’t have the time or $ right now. 

I have some lenses that I bought off of amazon and they work pretty well for being clip-ons for a phone camera; I highly suggest trying them out. 

I also have a mini tripod for my phone with a remote so that I can take some pictures of myself. Hopefully i’ll get back into fashion pictures soon. 

// Biggest mistake you’ve made blogging:

Not keeping up with social media. Every blogger wants to grow and reach more people but up until recently I didn’t out in nearly as much time as I should have in advertising my blog. I find it hard to advertise myself and lure people to check out my amazing blog. Unfortunately for me, organic growth doesn’t really happen anymore. 

// How has your blog changed? 

Being Leanna has changed a lot since its birth in 2014. I always wanted to be a beauty blogger, and still love posting about beauty and products but I find i’m slowly switching over to more travel. I don’t want to limit myself by blogging about just one topic but I’ve definitely narrowed down my scope of topics since beginning and it’s so much more fulfilling. 

// Have you attended any blog conferences?

Nope, but i’d love to! If I can’t make it to a blog conference in 2017 I’d at least like to meet a blogger friend in person somewhere. They aren’t the same, but they’re similar. 

// Best tip for anyone thinking of starting a blog:

I’m going to go ahead and steal Christine’s answer because it is such amazing advice. Do not start a blog for the free products, the money, or the notoriety. You have to start a blog because you want to write, you want to share your knowledge with other people and you want to work really hard. Sure, free products are awesome, but that can’t be your goal. I blog because I love to share my knowledge with people and I want to make friends.

Blogging is a lot of hard, time consuming work so if you’re looking to start a blog, be prepared! Trust me, the fun is more than worth all the time and effort.

Bloggers Tell All- A Fun, Infomative Tag // Being Leanna

Let me know your bloggers tell all answers in the comments, or write your own post!  Above is the list of all the bloggers tell all prompts! Be sure to check out Christine’s post and let her know how awesome this tag is! 

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