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Monday Motivation: GO FOR IT 8

Monday Motivation: Go For It// Being Leanna

Where “go for it” all began. Neither of us ever thought it would evolve from a joke to real life advice but it has.

Happy Monday Ya’ll!

I hope everybody had a better weekend than me. I spent most of it in bed or on the couch with a cold so i’m especially in need of some Monday motivation this week. I present to you, my life motto:

Go for it!

Everybody needs a life motto and everybody needs a little humor so I combined the two and have been using this as my motto/motivation for any situation for 9 years now. 

I jokingly started saying go for it my freshman year of college (my first college roommate and I pictured above, weren’t we the attractive pair?) whenever my roommate would ask me virtually anything. I still say it all the time but nowadays I take it a bit more seriously. Except when that roommate calls or texts me with questions. Then, go for it is always the answer. 

Monday Motivation: Go For It// Being Leanna

Had I not just gone for it, I would have spent a whole day alone in London instead of with this beautiful lady!

To me, Go For It! simply means to not overthink something and just do it. I’m a person who likes to plan everything down to the very last detail and reminding myself to go for it gets me to be a bit more spontaneous. Go for it is there to provide the motivation to do things that make me a bit uncomfortable and to get me out of my box of regularity. 

How to use “go for it”:

// If you’ve been contemplating something for a while, just stop thinking and GO FOR IT! Ex) Last year when I spontaneously moved to South Carolina because I had been dying to move south for years. 

Monday Motivation: Go For It// Being Leanna

I would have never, ever tried snails had it not been for my “go for it” attitude when in France

// If you’re at a restaurant and don’t know what to order or always get the same thing just GO FOR IT and pick something new or different. Ex) I was super unsure about eating escargot but, I ordered it anyways and it was delicious! 

// If you’re stuck when debating a few different options just GO FOR IT! If you’re still debating you like all your options well enough. Just chose one! You’re going to like whatever option you get. Ex) When booking a hotel in San Antonio this past week I was debating a room with a view much closer to the river walk or a cheaper hotel. I decided I had the extra $ and booked the hotel with the better proximity and the view. I’m already over the moon with my choice. 

Monday Motivation: Go For It// Being Leanna

I would have never gone to Venice, Italy and met all of these amazing girls had I held myself back when I was nervous about traveling alone.

Rules for using “go for it”:

The first rule of “go for it”, is that you don’t talk about “go for it”. Just kidding. The first rule is understanding it’s not meant to encourage stupid or dangerous behavior. I may jokingly say “go for it” at dumb things but my friends and I all know better. 

The second rule is that you must say it with earnest every time. Say it loud and say it proud, otherwise it’s not as fun. 

In all seriousness though, don’t ever let your worries hold you back. Worrying can prevent you from doing amazing things. I’m the first one to admit that it’s easier to sit home than to go out and do things that are hard or uncomfortable but if I always chose the easy route i’d never have made a lot of the friends I did. I never would have experienced so many new foods, and i’d especially never be able to say that I had gone to Europe twice! 

Now get out there and GO FOR IT!

Question of the day: What’s your Monday Motivation? 

Thanks For Reading// Being Leanna

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