What’s on my Android!? 2

What's on my Android// Being Leanna

Yes, I am team Android, yes i’ve had an iPhone. No, I didn’t hate it, I just prefer my Android, I love Google and I prefer a device that works better with Google products. Have I mentioned I have a Chromebook? Oh, and I have an iPad mini, I don’t discriminate. :-] Let me know what team you’re on.

Now that that’s over with, i’m writing this post in hopes that everyone is just as intrigued by this topic as I am. I love knowing what apps people have and what sort of things they use so today, I wanted to share my home screen on my Android to let you all know what apps I love to use, and what apps I barely touch.  

I will be the first to admit that I spend way too much time on my phone so it’s pretty important to me that my apps are organized. I have some more work to do but i’m really enjoying my layout as of right now. I’m also that person that HATES seeing notifications on anything. Most of my apps I have set up so they only refresh when I go in them and only a handful of them do I let send me push notifications. I’ll sacrifice not getting notifications all day just so I don’t have to see that notification bubble. Am I the only one that’s like that? I’m also that person that constantly needs to have 0 unread emails. But, I will say, a bonus of not having notifications all day? That beautiful 63% battery life at 8:21 pm. 

So keep on reading if you wanna see the apps I use and please let me know what apps you love in the comments below!

What's on my Android// Being Leanna

Right up at the top of my phone I have a time and date widget that I love. I am constantly forgetting the date and it’s so easy to just have it right on my home screen. As for the apps on my home screen? I feel like they’re pretty straight forward. These are the things I use the most. The bottom of my screen are the static apps that move from page to page and I’ve got phone, messages, Chrome, and Gmail. I am a Google person through and through and am so happy that Chrome is the default for Android.

//Instagram- Do I even have to explain how much I love it? Not a fan of their upcoming upgrade but I can’t knock it till I try it. Follow my daily life @BeingLeanna

//Podcast Addict- I love this app for listening to well, podcasts. I listen to one every night before I go to bed. I downloaded this just because it was the first podcast app I found, I think most people either use iTunes or sound cloud but I have no idea how to work either. :-] Do you guys use Sound Cloud? Is Sound Cloud one word or two? I’m so hip with the times

//Messenger- Because this is the easiest way to talk to my international friends.

//Clock- Pretty self explanatory. I use this for my morning alarm and I use the world clock to check out what the time difference is around the world, i’ve got friends all over the place after my last Europe trip and I like to not email them in the middle of the night.

//Twitter- Duh. I should be using this more regularly, it’s something i’m working on. Either way you should go follow me @BeingLeanna

//Gallery- were all my beautiful Instagram and Blog photos live, with about 23846573 pictures of my cats. 

//Buzzfeed- I’m obsessed. This is the ultimate cure for boredom for me, and a fantastic source of inspiration.

//Memo- Where I keep lists of hashtags to use for my Instagram pictures. Yup. This makes my life 1000x easier.

//Facebook- As much as I’d love to get rid of this, it is the best way for me to keep in touch with people without having to text or call them. Oh, and I have a page for my blog, it’s another goal of mine for this year to actually put effort into it. 

//Camera- How I take every picture for this blog. I love the camera on this phone. 

//Maps- Because I constantly need to see where i’m going if it’s somewhere new.

//Calendar- I cannot live without my planner and this is the digital version. 

What's on my Android// Being Leanna

//Finances folder- I keep my credit card app and my Credit union’s app in here. Use these about a million times a day.

//Settings- self explanatory.

//Duolingo- This is the cutest, funnest way to learn a language. I feel like I haven’t learned many useful things like how to ask for directions but I can name like 20 animals and foods so that’s something? I just really love that this is free and it’s an easy way to get me to actually practice leaning a language.

//Photography folder- All the basics, camera app, Framelapse, Pic Stitch, Lapse It, Photo Editor, Snapchat and Google Drive. I use the Photo Editor for everything. As for Snapchat? I go in phases some months I love it, some I hate it. I keep it around for fun.

//Starbucks- I have an addiction to chai tea lattes okay? Don’t act like you’re surprised.

//News folder- One of the few apps I let give me push notifications are my news apps. I need to know what’s going on in the world at all times.

//Blogging- Hootsuite- love, Bloglovin- hardly ever use it on my phone and I cannot get that notification to go away. *deep sigh*, Influenster- I do all of my influencing from the app, it’s so much easier. 

//Pinterest-  I really like Pinterest but I can’t tell you the last time I actually used this on my phone.

//Flashlight- Everyone’s secret favorite app. I use this every day when I forget to turn the porch light on, or when I turn my bedroom light off and need to find my phone charger cable. 

//Shopping- Cartwheel- If you don’t have this you need it, Retail Me Not- Life saver, Ebates- I buy everything through this, Groupon- Barely use on my phone, Amazon- Heart eye emoji, Target- Meh, Ulta- 21 days of beauty means i’m checking this every. single. day. CVS- Ordering photo prints is a breeeeeze with this.

//Shazam- The only time I ever touch my phone when i’m driving is to use this. 

//Couch to 5k- Let’s not talk about this one okay? It’s bad enough that I see it every day and do my best to ignore it.

//Videos- TV Guide- because i’m an old lady, IMDB- because I hate knowing an actor but not being able to place from where, Youtube- because I have an obsession with beauty vloggers.

//The Weather Channel- I like to know if i’ll need a jacket before going outside.

//Kindle- Sometimes i’ll buy an ebook.

//Play Store- Mainly use this to update my apps instead of getting new ones, I always want to find the next best thing but I’m kinda lazy :-]


Phew! If you stuck around till the end of that huge list then thank you. Now prove you stuck it out till the end and comment below with an app i’m missing that I NEED to download. I’m always interested in finding new apps! 

Thanks For Reading