What’s In My Carry On Bag? 2

What's In My Carry On Bag?// Being Leanna

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As i’m sure you all know by now i’m headed on vacation to London and Paris. I’m leaving today!!! Before I headed off I scoured YouTube, Bloglovin and just plain ole Google for tips on what to take in my carry on bag. Normally when I travel all I take is a carry on piece of luggage with everything but seeing as i’m going overseas for over a week and because I want room for souvenirs I thought it best to bring a regular bag to check and bring a backpack with me as my carry on bag. I’ve never gone on a super long flight before so I wanted to be well prepared. Any suggestions you guys have for what to bring in a carry on are more than welcome!

Here’s what i’m bringing!


What's In My Carry On Bag?// Being Leanna



1. My Everlane backpack- Backpacks are the best for carry on bags because they’re so easy to take with you! I love this full canvas backpack and the giant front pocket is perfect for my wallet and travel documents so they’re super easy to get to. 

2. Wallet- Passport, drivers license, credit/debit cards, insurance card, and cash- US and foreign- Obviously you won’t get too far without a wallet or passport at the airport.

3. Travel documents- Plane/Train tickets, Hotel vouchers, Contiki contact info, pre-bought attractions tickets and a London map- Again, obviously won’t get too far without these either. I highly suggest you make copies of any travel documents you may need. 

4. Electronics- Phone, iPad, iPod, respective chargers and headphones- I like to listen to podcasts on flights. I don’t get as motion sick when just listening, plus, it’s a great way to catch up on my favorites! 

5. Books- Attachments by Rainbow Rowell and Black Moon by Kenneth Calhoun- I’ll probably only read these if i’m not feeling sick so we’ll see. But, they’ll be great for a layover!

6. Toiletries- toothbrush, face mask, moisturizer, deodorant, mascara- All the essentials I need to keep me fresh!

7. Eye mask and neck pillow- Self explanatory. 

8. A change of clothes- Just in case anything happens to my luggage you can never be too prepared!

9. All the other random junk that you need- Hair ties, sunglasses, gum, Dramamine, fuzzy socks, notebook, etc.

What I want to know are your carry on bag essentials for a long haul flight? Let me know in the comments below! 

Thanks For Reading// Being Leanna

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