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What's in my Kate Spade Bag? //Being Leanna

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Some of my favorite YouTube videos to watch are “What’s in my purse” videos. It’s always so interesting to me to see what people carry around on the daily, plus I love seeing different bags. If you’re like me and love seeing a little glimpse into peoples lives (you can tell a lot about a woman by what she keeps in her purse), keep reading!

What's in my Kate Spade Bag? //Being Leanna

First of all, i’m OBSESSED with my new bag. I’ve never owned a Kate Spade bag before and I was so incredibly excited that not only was the outlet I was in having a 50% off sale, they had a 20% sale on top of that. I couldn’t pass this one up. Because I got it at an outlet it’s obviously a bag from a previous season, but you can still find a ton of them at the outlets, or right on Amazon! As you can see from the title picture it’s got two zip pockets and one big open pocket in the middle. For a smallish bag there is a ton of storage. The bag also has magnetic closures on either side so it can be opened more on the top if necessary. I love that the straps are short, but I also love a good crossbody and this bag comes with a strap! So versatile.

Lets take a peek inside shal we?

What's in my Kate Spade Bag? //Being Leanna

Holy Canoli. I can honestly say I had no idea there was that much stuff in there.

What's in my Kate Spade Bag? //Being Leanna

3 sets of keys? Why I don’t put them all on one key chain is beyond me. Also, 3 pens is completely necessary.

What's in my Kate Spade Bag? //Being Leanna

Anybody else need Dramamine on hand 24/7? No, I don’t have enough lip products. Yes, I have snacks that belong in a middle schooler’s lunchbox.

What do you keep in your purse? Leave me a comment with the weirdest thing you found! Luckily for me this bag is new so it hasn’t gotten a chance to harbor any weird stuff yet haha.


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