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Quick note: Sorry to all of those who hate football and inevitably skipped this post. I’ll be back tomorrow with a Fall Blog Swap that might be more your style :-] For those of you who love football, read on!

I have always been a lover of football and have spent every fall Sunday in front of the TV ever since I can remember. Football has been a huge part of my life and I have matured enough to even be able to enjoy games that don’t involve my team (ha). So this year, I wanted to delve a little bit more into the football world more and join a fantasy league. I had no idea what was actually involved with this process so I wanted to share with you all just what I’ve learned from joining a FF league:

  1. Every game becomes interesting. Which is especially great because I don’t feel like spending a ton of money for the NFL ticket so I can watch my team. I can just watch the local games and still have players to care about. 
  2. You will root for teams you dislike just because you have players on that team. I’m looking at you Oakland!
  3. It is way more involved than I thought. First, there is so much stress involved in picking a team (Thanks Sarah!). And then each week you have to figure out waivers, who to bench, who to play, and maybe even trade. 
  4. Picking a great team name is key (Seriously, Venus Trapped In Mars has been so helpful to me) but, it’s a little silly when you name your team Odell She didn’t! and don’t have Odell Beckham Jr. on your team (yup, so sad :[ )
  5.  You’ll find any excuse to talk about your team, good or bad. Surprisingly, your friends who aren’t in a league don’t care that your QB got you 24 points last week or that your defense got you 1 point this week. Nor will they help you decide whether or not to bench a player. 
  6. Projections mean nothing. Doesn’t matter if your team is projected to have 128 points, they will end up with 64. Or you’ll be projected with a low score and your players will do amazing. You never know who’s going to have an outstanding week!
  7. It’s okay to be 1-4. Really. It’s my first year at this and I went in literally knowing nothing. I’m happy with just 1 win, but next year, ya’ll better watch out!
  8. Football will make you more emotional than ever before. You will scream at your TV for great plays, you will be near tears when one of your players is lying on the field, you will get too worked up over that player you benched that’s doing phenomenal and you will be so torn when your actual team is playing members of your Fantasy team and end up rooting for everyone.  

I know it’s only a few weeks into the season but i’m already having so much fun with this that I needed to share. If you don’t play Fantasy Football then I strongly suggest that you look into it in the future. There are free leagues and paid leagues (mine the money is going towards charity) and each league has different rules so read up!

Thanks For Reading

ps- Did anyone else watch that Giants/49ers game Sunday night? oh man, was I yelling at that TV. GO GIANTS!

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