Travel Tips: How I Fit 8 Days Into A Carry On 7

Travel Tip: How to pack 8 days into one carry-on //Being Leanna


I hate having to check luggage at the airport. It’s time consuming, expensive, heavy (hellooooo overpacking), and just overall a real headache in my opinion. Which is why, today, i’m going to give you guys my favorite tips on how to pack a bajillion things into a carry on.

1. Plan your outfits. Check the weather before you leave and plan your outfits accordingly. It is a huge time and space saver. There is no room to pack a few extra shirts so make sure you have outfits that work before you head out of town. Also, remember that things can be worn more than once before they get gross. I always bring one top for each day but I pack less pants. Jeans can easily be worn a few times, same goes for shorts and pjs. (If you want to see a list of what I fit into the carry-on it’s below my “thanks for reading” signoff)

2. Roll it up. For real. If you take anything away from this post please let it be that rolling your clothes takes up less space than folding. Don’t believe me? Try fitting 8 outfits into a carry-on without doing it. And, you can even layer a few things up and roll them all together.

Travel Tip: How to pack 8 days into one carry-on //Being Leanna

3. Get travel sized things. You cannot have containers that hold more than 4oz of liquid in a carry on, nor can you have more than a quart sized bag of liquids. Hit up the travel section at Target, they have EVERYTHING in a mini size. Also, if you’re going to be bringing makeup on vacation, chances are you can find it in a mini or sample size. Sample and travel sized things last quite a while and you can always toss them afterwards so you can make more room for souvenirs!

4. Research. Does the hotel have a hair dryer? If so, why bring your own? Sure, it’s probably not super great, but it’ll get the job done. Does where you’re staying have shopping near by? Is there a CVS in town? Maybe a Target? Wait till you’re at your destination to pick up things like sunscreen or even a cheap pair of flipflops. Whatever you can do to save some room in your suitcase the better.

5. Carry a large “personal item”. Most airlines let you have one carry on and one personal item. Take advantage of this. I have a large purse from Target that I always use as my personal item when flying. Normally i’ll take: a clean top and underwear (you never know!), toothbrush, deodorant, entertainment for the flight/vacation, all my cords, any medication I might need (Dramamine, Excedrine), and whatever else I can fit. (aka snacks)

Travel Tip: How to pack 8 days into one carry-on //Being Leanna

6. Have designated spots for everything in your luggage. For example, I keep all my liquids in the zippered compartment on the lid of my luggage. It makes my life a lot easier when I’m trying to take them out of my bag to go through security. The rest of my toiletries I like to keep towards the top of my bag because they’re generally lighter than my clothes. I keep my shoes at the bottom portion of my bag. Keeping the heaviest stuff towards the bottom really helps to balance your bag when you’re wheeling it around the terminal.

7. Keep a list. Write down everything you need to pack and cross it off as you pack it. Make the list a few days early so you can add things to it as you remember them. This will greatly decrease the stress of packing, and you’ll be much less likely to have forgotten something. (But, not immune, somehow I went to NC with just the bra I had on. Needless to say I hit up the Hanes outlet on my way to the house.)

8. RELAX. You’re going on vacation! If you forget something it’s not the end of the world. Oh, and pat yourself on the back because it’s pretty dang awesome that you fit all of that into a carry on. And, you’re welcome in advance for all the silly souvenirs you couldn’t buy because you had no room in your suitcase. :-]

In case you were wondering what I fit into that bag:

2 dresses

2 rompers

4 shorts (1 jean, 2 white and one for a bathing suit cover up)

7 shirts (1 blouse, 3 tshirts, 2 tanks, 1 kimono)

pjs (1 tshirt, 1 sweatpant)

1 bathing suit

2 pairs shoes (Toms and sandals)

4 undershirts (2 white, 2 black)

underwear, 1 pair of socks




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