This Or That: Bronzer Showdown! 5

Benefit Vs Tarte- Being Leanna

Hello readers!

I love trying out new makeup and skincare items and one of the best ways to try stuff out is to compare it to other items in the same category. I loved this Hoola bronzer I got wayyy back in December from my Advent Calendar but I had been hearing so much about tarte bronzers that I thought i’d give one of those a go as well. My Sephora order showed up and the battle begun.

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola ($28.00) vs. Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer ($30.00)


Benefit- Hoola comes in one of the brand’s iconic cardboard boxes. It has a great look to it and it’s incredibly sturdy for packaging. The box closes magnetically so there’s no escaping powder, and it also comes with a brush. I love the box packaging for swirling your brush around inside so makeup doesn’t go anywhere, there’s definitely no wasted product. Also, for being bulkier, the packaging is incredibly lightweight and there’s a sizeable amount (.28oz) of product inside.

Tarte- The Tarte packaging is much more sleek than the Hoola bronzer, it’s slim and more compact and it’s made out of a coppery leather. The mirror on the inside is huge and much easier to see because of the design. The Tarte bronzer does have slightly more product inside (.32 oz) but there’s also a ton of packaging. This compact is surprisingly heavy, definitely not the most ideal. And, the magnetic close, while super functional, is incredibly hard to open. There’s no lip at the edge and it snaps shut all the time unless you’re holding it open.

Winner? Benefit

Battle of the Bronzers- Being LeannaApplication/Blendability-

Benefit- Hoola applies wicked easily, there isn’t any excess fallout and the product stays right where you put it. Because I only have the sample size I use my own brush so I can’t speak for how the free brush works but this blends super easily with a brush. I don’t need to blend this out too much because it’s the right amount of product every time. However, for contouring, this blends well without having to really work at it.

Tarte- The Park Ave. Princess goes onto the skin well, but it is a tad hard to blend out. There is so much pigment (not complaining, at all) that it’s sometimes difficult to blend out quickly. This is definitely not a bronzer you want to use when you’re in a rush, it takes time and effort to make it look flawless but when it does, man, it’s great.

Winner? Benefit

Battle of the Bronzers- Being Leanna


Benefit- As a paler person, I LOVE Hoola. It’s perfect for my skin tone and never looks muddy. I look like I might actually have a tan instead of just having makeup on and it’s fantastic. The only downside is that if your skin is dry, Hoola does tend to look a little chalky. Luckily for me, I have combination skin and all the oil on my face is right where the bronzer goes. Thank goodness it’s matte.

Tarte- 2 words. Matte and waterproof. Tarte really knocks it out of the park on appearance (after taking the time to make it look just right, which could totally just be because i’m fair skinned). It never needs to be touched up and once it’s on my face, it’s there for the day, looking just as great as it did in the morning. It stays matte all day and i’ll be checking on the waterproof this week when I head off to Charlotte/Myrtle Beach for vacation!!

Winner? Tarte


Battle of the Bronzers- Being Leanna



Benefit- Hoola removes so easily that you’d think it would just fall off during the day. It’s amazing how quickly Hoola can be removed with a makeup wipe or cleanser.

Tarte- Boy, oh, boy is this stuff stuck on your face. I’ve found that a makeup remover wipe works much better than a cleanser and I think that’s because this stuff is “waterproof”? not sure.

Winner? Benefit

Overall Thoughts?

I’m head over heels for Hoola but I really think Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess (holy mouthful batman) is my new favorite. Despite only winning one category, the pigment and durability really set this product over the edge. With the Hoola you sort of need to build it up to get it perfect while the Tarte bronzer just is. Yes, it takes a bit of work to make it look perfect and not like I rubbed dirt all over my face but it’s really beautiful once it’s on there correctly. I’m not going to get rid of my Hoola sample any time soon but I do plan on becoming an expert at applying Tarte’s Bronzer very shortly.


What are some of your favorite bronzers? Do you use either of these two, if so let me know what you think in the comments!


♥ Leanna

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