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5 Things you can do with a headache that you can't with a migraineHello Readers!

As I write this i’m currently downgrading from a migraine to a headache and am reintroducing myself back into the real world. If you have ever experienced a migraine you know my pain, and if not, let me try and paint a picture for you: Imagine your entire brain throbbing in rhythm to your heartbeat so that it feels like your brain will no longer fit inside your skull. And then imagine that any noise that hits your eardrums sends teeny lightning bolts of pain into your brain and that any amount of light will cause you to see spots and squiggles and make your eyes burn and want to cry. In case that wasn’t great enough, you also want to throw up.

If you’re lucky enough to not have migraines, I envy you. And, just because you have headaches please don’t assume you know what a migraine feels like. Here are 5 things you can do with a headache that you cannot do with a migraine****:

1. Driving. Driving with a headache is annoying but not as near impossible as with a migraine, especially at night. Headlights are evil.

2. Write a blog post. Now that i’m only in headache status It’s only slightly annoying to stare at the computer screen as I type. When I had a migraine earlier just the light that showed me my laptop was charged hurt my eyes.

3. Eat. Man, oh man the last thing someone with a migraine wants to do is eat. Tossing my cookies is something I regularly do when I’ve got a migraine, anyone else? If I only have a headache though sometimes eating can help.

4. Go to work. Working with a headache is incredibly annoying but doable; working with a migraine is near impossible. It’s hard to focus because everything is hurting your head. Especially if you work on computers all day. Bright screen= massive eyeball pain.

5. Be nice. Yeah, you get pretty grumpy when you have a headache and your patience gets pretty low, but with a migraine it’s next to none. I am so focused on getting myself into the darkest, quietest place in my house that I will snap at anyone/anything in my way. #sorrynotsorry


Thank you for dealing with headache-y Leanna today and I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Do you guys get headaches or migraines? What do you do to treat them? Do you turn to sarcasm like me or put some ice on your forehead and take some Excedrin?


♥ Leanna


****I know how serious migraines can be, as well as headaches and i’m just trying to make light of the situation. Please laugh along with me.

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  • Julie @ Artwork by JM

    oh gosh, I feel your pain. I have been having a lot of problems with migraines lately. Basically the only thing you can do with a migraine is lay in a dark room with a pillow over your head….and a bucket next to your bed just in case. I lost almost 10 pounds (that I REALLY didn’t need to lose) over a few months because they got so bad. I hope you start feeling better soon!

    • Thanks!! Yeah, they’re the worst. I really thing the frigid weather and then warm days back and forth is really a huge factor in my migraines. Here’s hoping I don’t get any more before vacation!

  • ashley

    I hate when I get migraines! All I can do is just lay down & try not to throw up! “/

    • Ugh, they’re awful! I hope you don’t get them too frequently!

      • ashley

        not to often. But when I was pregnant both times I got them more. Sucked.

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  • I totally feel you on this. I am a migrainer and I hate when people are like “I get headaches too!” and I’m like…. no.

  • Anoushka AB

    sooooooooooo truely agree with you to the T!!…you extremely nailed it by giving that perfect description of migraine!!! I have faced chronic migraine too,,:(