The Best Chicken Pot Pie Recipe 7

The Best Chicken Pot Pie

Today I’m here with my absolute favorite meal. I love this so much I specifically ask for it every year for my birthday. It’s that good. It’s also pretty easy to make and you can substitute pre-made pie crust (cringe!) to make this even easier if you wanted to. The prep time is a bit long if you make the crust from scratch but I promise you, it’s so worth it.

Here’s everything you’ll need:


This pie crust recipe I’ve had for years, even my grandmother uses it so i’m not 100% sure of its origins. I tried Googling “Perfect Pie Crust” and none of them were exactly the same so maybe it’s an original? Who knows, and i’m super sorry if i’m copying any recipe without citing the source, I tried very hard to find a recipe similar enough to credit.

First up, put the flour, sugar and salt in a bowl and mix.


Next, add the Crisco. I know it looks like a ton and it’s pretty gross, but just go with it. It’s delicious.

Step2Mix it up until the consistency is very crumbly.


Next you want to whisk all your wet ingredients together. The egg, vinegar and water.

Step4Then, slowly add the mixture into the crumbly dough until all is moistened. I know, I know, people hate that word, but it’s the best word to describe how your dough should be. You probably will not need all of this, I ended up using about 3/4 of the mixture. You want the dough to be wet (happy?) enough to form one ball without fallout but you don’t want it wet enough to stick to your fingers.

Step5Like dis.

Once your dough ball is formed you’ll want to split it in half and roll the dough out to 1/4 inch thickness. Then, you’re going to plop it into the pie pan. You can use whatever size pie pan you want. You could even make a bunch of mini ones in ramekins if you wanted!

Step6Now that the dough is all ready to go you’re going to start filling it on up. First toss in the frozen vegetables. I usually use a big bag of the frozen mixed veggies but I only had a small bag of mixed and a bag of peas so I just mixed those together.

Step7After the frozen veggies are on there go ahead and open both cans of your cream of mushroom soup and spread away. You’ll want an even coat across the whole top of the pie. Don’t worry, it’ll sink down into the veggies as it cooks.

If you’re awesome you can cube and cook your chicken while you make your dough. But, if you’re like me you can wait to cook your chicken after the dough is made. Just throw some olive oil in a pan and cook away. Make sure you cut it up into little cubes first! I don’t have any pictures of this because I didn’t wanna touch my camera with raw chicken juices. Ick.



As you can see, i’m a pro at making the pie crusts neat around the edges. Not. Just make sure you leave enough around the edges so you can crimp your top layer to the bottom layer so nothing seeps out. And, when it doesn’t look appealling, plop an aluminum crust thing-y mabobber on top to protect it/hide the ugly.


Do you guys have any of these crust shields? If you don’t, you need one. They’re amazing. Basically they keep the thick part of your crusts from burning. Only take it off when you’ve got about 10-15 min left and they’ll be just as golden brown as the top.

So once your pie looks like this you’re going to put it into a 400 degree oven for about an hour. Maybe more depending on your oven. Keep an eye on it and it’ll be perfect.


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♥ Leanna

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