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Brand Spotlight: Tarte Cosmetics// Being Leanna

Brand Spotlight: Tarte Cosmetics

Happy Monday!

I don’t know about you guys but when I find a brand that I love, I kinda go a little crazy and try out everything that they have to offer. I’ve recently fell even more in love with Tarte  and I needed to talk about it. Here is a collection of my favorite Tarte Cosmetics products, i’d love to know what your thoughts are so leave me a comment!


A year or two ago I bought the highly hyped Amazonian Clay full coverage airbrush foundation. I immediately fell in love with the brand. Since then, I’ve accumulated a bunch of Tarte Cosmetics products and I’ve enjoyed them all. I heart this foundation so much that it was featured in my recent post all about finding the right foundation for you!

Brand Spotlight: Tarte Cosmetics// Being Leanna

I even use a Tarte Cosmetics brush to apply my foundation.

Brand Spotlight: Tarte Cosmetics// Being Leanna

Basically, I’ve accumulated enough Tarte Cosmetics products to do my entire makeup look. i’m not ashamed to say that sometimes I do. And, even though I really do love everything, I think this concealer that I recently grabbed is my favorite of all.

Brand Spotlight: Tarte Cosmetics// Being Leanna

I’ve never used a thicker concealer before and I was incredibly worried the first time I used this. Until, I saw just how well it covered my dark circles. This concealer doesn’t make my under eye area look cake-y at all. If you’re in need of a super-duper concealer. This is it.


Speaking of super-duper, i’m obsessed with this palette. As a self proclaimed beauty addict I admit that I haven’t gotten into eye shadows. i really want to learn so I grabbed this palette

Brand Spotlight: Tarte Cosmetics// Being Leanna

In my super novice attempts I’ve done a semi-decent job with this palette so far and I think that lucky penny is my favorite color. The bronze shimmer looks incredible with my green eyes. But what makes this palette look even better is some kick-a$$ lashes.

Now, I will say that this is not my favorite mascara but that’s only because I prefer those rubberized brushes instead of a bristle brush. The formula is fantastic I just wish it had a different brush!

Am I the only one that still gets mascara all over the place when applying it? Please tell me your secrets to perfect application.

Brand Spotlight: Tarte Cosmetics// Being Leanna


It is incredibly hard to find the perfect “your lips but better” shade, and even harder to find 2. Even if you aren’t as fair skinned as me these next two lipsticks would be lovely on almost any skin tone. The first is a lip crayon and the second is more of your normal style lipstick

Brand Spotlight: Tarte Cosmetics// Being Leanna

Brand Spotlight: Tarte Cosmetics// Being Leanna

I love a matte finish. There is nothing I dislike more than that sticky feeling of a shimmery lipstick or gloss. Leave me a comment or tweet at me what your favorite non-sticky lipstick is!

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I’m dying to know, what do you guys think about Tarte Cosmetics? Are you as in love as i am?

I’ve given a full review of the Amazonian Clay bronzer so be sure to check that out. What are your favorite Tarte products? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to pin any of the pictures above so you can remember to purchase them later!

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