Sunday Riley Review: Good Genes and Luna 7

Sunday Riley Review// Being Leanna

Today is finally the day! I picked up the Power Couple Sunday Riley kit from Sephora two months ago. Two! In the post where I mentioned I bought them I told ya’ll i’d be back in a month with a full review. Well, a month went by and now two. After two months I looked at my bottle of Luna and noticed, i’m only 1/4 of the way through. Yup.

Spoiler: This stuff is worth the money. 

Sunday Riley Review// Being Leanna

Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment// $105 for 1oz

Can we just start out by saying how much I love the smell of this? I think it smells citrus-y… though I could be wrong. Good Genes is a lactic acid treatment that can be used day or night to even skin tone by reducing dark spots, plumping the look of lines, and helping with hyperpigmentation through gentle exfoliation. 

I use 2-3 pumps of this (that might be excessive, Sephora’s website says to use 1-2, oh well) every morning over my moisturizer/sunscreen and it really helps with hyperpigmentation. I have very red skin and this has helped reduce the look of that tremendously. In addition to helping with my redness I have found my skin looking much more plump when using this. I don’t have any wrinkles but I do have a line in my forehead coming in that has been only noticeable to me since using this. I can certainly tell a difference in my skins appearance when I don’t use this. I always apply foundation over the top and I have found that liquid foundations apply so much more smoothly and evenly when I use Good Genes.

Sunday Riley Review// Being Leanna

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil// $105 for 1oz

This night time oil had been on my wishlist for months. After hearing every beauty guru on YouTube mention it and even one of my favorite beauty bloggers Christine reviewed it it just had to be mine. I was not a fan of the price tag but I figured if it makes my skin as amazing as i’ve heard, i’ll pay anything. 

So what is this magical product you ask? It’s a retinoid with every imaginable good oil for your skin. This stuff plumps your skin right up and helps the appearance of pores and wrinkles. While I don’t really have any wrinkles the pores right next to my nose have always been a problem. I know nothing can permanently fix it but this stuff is a miracle at making my skin look better. 

I use this 6 out of 7 nights of the week after taking off my makeup and using a toner. I use 4-5 drops (which may be excessive but it works for me) and gently rub it into my skin and then head to bed. It’s that easy! I wake up with refreshed looking skin that hasn’t looked this good since before I started getting acne. 


Sunday Riley Review// Being Leanna

So after mentioning how high the price tag is on Luna you’re probably wondering why on earth I bought 2 of Sunday Riley’s products spending over $200. Well, I didn’t. I was shopping around on Sephora’s website and found this great deal. I present to you…

Sunday Riley Power Couple Duo! This has both products for less than the price of one. So, instead of buying these each separately for $105 and getting 1 oz. You get .05 of an ounce of each for $78. Now, I know that’s still expensive but i’ve had these for 2 months now and i’m only 1/4 of the way through the Luna oil. I can’t comment on the Good Genes because the bottle is impossible to see through but i’m thinking i’m about 1/3 of the way through. 

Basically, if you’re interested in changing your skin for the better and are tired of using drugstore “retinol” products then give this a go. I highly, highly recommend these. And even though I love trying out new skincare I will repurchase this kit because of how nice my skin feels and looks. 


  • Helps with hyperpigmentation and brightens skin
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines over time
  • Doesn’t irritate my skin
  • Luna absorbs quickly and doesn’t stain my sheets
  • Good Genes leaves my skin super primed for makeup


  • The packaging isn’t great for travel because it’s heavy glass
  • The smell may turn off some people, Good Genes is citrusy and Luna smells like chamomile
  • You definitely need to wear a sunscreen daily when using these. Retinol helps increase cell turnover leaving your skin more sensitive to the sun. Be careful!

//Overall opinion:

LOVE! i highly recommend this set to anyone, and I say set because I’ve been using both products together so I really can’t pinpoint if one is doing most of the work or not. Together they’re amazing and it’s honestly a better deal if you buy them together. Plus, if you use EBATES you get some cash back! Win-win right?


Question of the day: Have any of you tried these products? What’s the most expensive beauty item you own?

Thanks For Reading// Being Leanna

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Sunday Riley Review// Being Leanna