Summer Staples Loaded With SPF 5

Summer Staples Loaded With SPFSummer Staples 2016

Since so many of us are headed to the beach, the lake, or just outside in general this summer I wanted to share my quick, no fuss summer staples for when i’m on the go this summer. I wear makeup every day but when it’s hot and sweaty you don’t want too much besides sunscreen on your skin. Plus, who wants to wear full on makeup when they’re about to jump into the lake? Not me! 

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Supergoop! City Sunscreen Serum

Always, always start with moisturizer. When I know i’m going to be outside all day I use the Supergoop! City Sunscreen Serum. I’ve talked about this before here and i’m still in love. You can’t beat the SPF and the serum itself is crazy hydrating. The best part is that this doesn’t smell like a sunscreen. I cannot stand that coconut smell that goes along with most sunscreens. 

Supergoop! Advance Anti Aging Eye Cream

After applying facial moisturizer I move onto my eyes. I try to always use an eye cream because I know just how sensitive the skin is around your eyes which is why I really love this cream; it has anti aging benefits and an SPF of 37 which is ultra important to me. Although I wear sunglasses it’s still important to protect your eyes as much as possible from the sun. 

Coola Classic Face Sport SPF50- White Tea

In case you thought I was done applying sunscreen, you’re very wrong. This Coola face sunscreen came in a recent Birchbox and i’m in love. This is probably the best facial sunscreen I’ve ever used. This sunscreen is matte, doesn’t smell like coconut and it lasts! This is perfect for those hot days where you sweat profusely doesn’t wipe right off. The fact that this has SPF 50 is just an added bonus. 

Benefit They’re Real!

After i’m all covered in sunscreen I go ahead and curl my lashes to get them ready for mascara. I’ve talked about this specific mascara numerous times on the blog and I still love it. They’re Real has the best staying power that I’ve found in a non-waterproof formula. You can easily go swimming and not come out with raccoon eyes; the best part is that it still is removed easily. 

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream

Sometimes that’s all I wear when i’m up at camp but when i’m looking for a bit of coverage I always keep this CC cream on hand. I purchased this when in Europe a couple weeks ago but anybody can buy this from ASOS and I believe Amazon. This CC cream blends so easily and covers up any redness there might be, especially after a long day in the sun! Even this has a bit of an SPF so you’ll be super duper protected in the sun. 

Benefit Posietint Cheek and Lip Stain

Last but not least you gotta apply some blush. Not just any blush though, I’ve been using a cheek stain and it’s perfect for summer. The liquid texture blends easily while sinking into the skin without leaving streaks. It’s not too subtle and it’s not too overpowering either. Perfect for a summer day because it’s so lightweight.

Questions of the day:

  1. Has anyone tried the Daniel Sandler watercolor blushes? If you have what color should I buy, i’m hesitant to buy online without testing them out.
  2. What are your summer staples? 

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