Summer Bucket List!! 2

Summer Bucket List// Being Leanna

So, I know it’s not technically summer until June 20th but I thought i’d go ahead and get a head start on my summer bucket list! Why not, right? With the exception of this week it’s been beautiful outside so it’s basically summer anyways. First up, let’s recap my spring bucket list and see how I did!




//Clean out my closet/get my winter clothes back in storage Done and done!

//Eat outside!!!! Of course! And it has been fantastic every time.

//Have happy hour at a bar patio Not that I can recall, i’m going to count dinner and the times I was on a bar patio at night. Okay? okay. 

//Go to Tulip Fest Did not make it to tulip fest this year. I had every intention of going and taking pictures of the flowers but my car was in the shop that day so I kinda let it go. 

//Go for a nature walk or hike Not yet, but i’m very excited to be spending more weekends up in the Adirondacks so hikes are in store for sure. 

//Have a tourist day in my own hometown Wow, failed at this one too. I basically take a bus tour of my home city every day on my way into work so i’ll half count it haha. 

//Get ice cream oh, heck yes I got ice cream. More times than I can count already and i’m not mad about it. I had so much gelato in Europe.

//Attempt to help my mom with her garden (I am severely lacking a green thumb) Still hasn’t happened either, one of theses days I swear i’ll help her. SORRY MOM!

//Go mini golfing Not yet :-[

//Go up to camp for a weekend Yup! I spend Memorial Day weekend up at Lake George. I cannot wait to go back. 

//Go to Europe! (I just HAD to include this haha) I sure did! I’ve been back for 2 weeks now and it’s so sad to think i’ve been back longer than i’ve been away.

//Take a day trip to Boston Well, this didn’t happen either. And, i’ve got semi good reason. 1st of all, Boston was changed to a weekend in Philly with 2 of my friends, and the past 2 times it’s been scheduled, it’s gotten canceled. Still going to attempt this though!

//Walk around the plaza once the fountains are on! Walk around the plaza, yes, have the fountains been on yet? Not sure. I have yet to see them on but they could have them on in the daytime and night right after work

//Start running outside I’ve been walking with my mom outside a lot. Not running. Yet. 

//Take more outfit pictures now that I can actually go outside Wow, I did basically nothing on my spring bucket list. I actually just mentioned in my last post that I haven’t done any fashion posts since January and i’m actually feeling pretty good about it. Read more about that here! 


Now, onto the summer list! 

//Get more exercise than just walking

//Take a day or weekend trip to another city

//Attempt to help in the garden at least once

//Have a campfire

//Bring friends up to the camp

//Celebrate Fourth of July with family and make a tasty dessert!

//Go on a hike

//Read a book on the beach

//Brainstorm next year’s vacation 

//Write some handwritten letters to far away friends


I think that’s enough for now. I’d LOVE to hear what’s on your summer bucket list!

Thanks For Reading// Being Leanna