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Reusing old birchboxesRaise your hand if you have been stockpiling your Birchbox boxes and have no idea what to do with them. I know that’s exactly what i’ve been doing. They’re so beautiful but I haven’t reused any of them and they’re starting to take up a bit too much space. So I did what any person would do when they need inspiration. I went to Pinterest. I found a ton of ideas for how to re-use my old Birchbox boxesbut not too many detailed instructions on how to actually do things. So, I made up my own method and made a pretty sick 3 drawer thingy. It’s a little bit wonky but it was my first attempt and lord knows i’ve got more Birchboxes I can play around with to make a fancier one. :-] Plus I’m in my second year of being a subscriber so I’ve got many more boxes coming my way. If you’re interested in signing up for Birchbox, use my referral link here! I’d really appreciate it. 

So, if you want to see a step-by-step guide to how to make one of these sweet Birchbox drawer units keep on reading!

reusing birchboxes

First you’ll need to gather your supplies. You will need:

4 Birchboxes

A paintbrush

Mod Podge


Scrapbook paper

Xacto knife

Hot glue gun (totally forgot to put it in the picture)

reusing birchboxes 1

For this particular unit I used 3 box bottoms as drawers and 1 box lid as a catch-all to place on top. 

reusing birchboxes 2

For the sides of the unit you will want to cut off two sides of 2 different lids. This will create your open front and top. Be sure to keep those cut off sides, you’ll need them!

reusing birchboxes 3

For one of your remaining lids you will want to keep the top and cut off all four edges. Cut the longer sides so that all 4 are equal and set aside, these will be the shelves for your drawers. If you can tell in the picture above you’ll have 3 shelves for each side and the longer portions in the middle will work as braces when we assemble the whole thing. 

reusing birchboxes 4

Now this step is completely optional but I wanted to create a more cohesive look so I opted to cover my boxes in scrapbook paper. Feel free to keep your boxes their original colors. But, if you do decides to wrap yours in scrapbook paper just get a piece slightly larger than your cardboard piece and glue the paper onto the cardboard. You’ll need your scissors or your xacto knive to cut the edges so they’re smooth. I didn’t get any pictures of this stage because I was too terrified of getting glue on my camera but i’m sure you all are smart enough to figure out how to do this :-]

reusing birchboxes 5

Oh, I also put a little bit of paper on the ends of the strips of cardboard because I knew they’d be visible. Anyways, let your glue dry before starting the assembly! 

reusing birchboxes 6

Okay, again, I didn’t take a lot of pictures of this because I was terrified of getting glue on my camera so i’ll explain as best I can. reusing birchboxes 7

Start with your two side pieces and place your bottom drawer in place. Use a pen to draw a line into the sides of the cardboard. You’ll use that line for your hot glue to place your shelf. Once those shelves were in place I used the lid of my 4th box and glued it in so it became the back piece which keeps the whole thing from leaning. From there I kept placing the drawers and drawing lines so I could place the shelves. The last shelves I put in were the easiest and then I just placed my catch-all box on top of that. I used the two long edges from a box lid to secure the bottom portion of my drawer unit. After looking at this assembly method it could certainly be improved upon but I think I did pretty well from just eyeballing everything. 

reusing birchboxes 8

TA-TA! It’s a wee bit crooked but it’s beautiful and I love it. I’m going to label it and fill it with all the random samples I have from various places. And, i’m going to build another one. I have plans to find something to use as little drawer pulls so i’ll update this if I find something I like. 

I hope you guys like this enough to try it out for yourselves! It really didn’t take long at all and it was pretty fun to make. Be sure to pin this on Pinterest to save it for later!

Question of the day: Do you keep all of your Birchboxes?

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