Rep Your Team! Monday Night Football Style 5

Rep Your Team- MNF Fashion // Being Leanna

I love football. 

I grew up watching it every Sunday and it’s a tradition I keep up to this day. No, I can’t recite every rule or the stats of every player on my favorite team but, I can hold my own in a conversation. My favorite team is the New York Giants. Partially because i’m a New Yorker, partially because they were always on TV growing up and, partially because I wanted to root for a team nobody else in my family rooted for, ha!

Rep Your Team- MNF Fashion // Being Leanna

Hat ((Similar, mine’s autographed :] )// Jersey // Leggings // Boots

I love showing that I love my team through game day apparel and I am all about covering myself in Giants Blue now that the NFL has stepped up their women’s apparel game. I can guarantee that i’ve got some women’s stuff on my Christmas Wishlist this year. This is my go to outfit for game day. Comfy leggings, my big jersey and a hat so I don’t even have to bother with my hair. It’s the perfect look for a football Sunday (or Monday, or Thursday!).

Due to the NFL sucking previously the jersey i’m wearing is a men’s jersey. It’s comfortable, long and isn’t covered in rhinestones. I don’t know about you lady football lovers out there but I used to hate the NFL’s women’s apparel. The two women’s jerseys I owned were pretty yuck in my opinion. They were all: too short. Why do I need to be practically in a crop top? Too girly; My team wears dark blue, not a pastel blue. Too sparkly; one of the jerseys I had had glittery numbers, whyyy? I always thought that that’s what i’d be stuck with as a woman.

But not anymore! Thankfully the NFL has realized that women are normal fans that want normal apparel. Here’s my new favorite jersey (it fits boobs and isn’t cropped!), favorite hat, sweatshirt (cough cough parents), and sweatpants (their leggings are amazing too!). Thank goodness! I for one can’t wait until next season so I can rock all of my new ladies apparel. Who am I kidding, i’ll wear Giants gear all year round :-]

Rep Your Team- MNF Fashion // Being Leanna

Also, it’s Monday night, and that means Monday Night Football!!! Root for my Giants :-]

Question of the day: Are you an NFL fan? If so, who do you root for?

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