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Hello! I’m here today to reintroduce myself as I’ve seen some new faces around here and on my social media! If you don’t already, go and follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! And, if you’re looking for more casual updates i’m BeingLeanna on Snapchat. Now, onto the introduction!

Well, as you can see from the picture above, my name is Leanna and i’m the creator of Being Leanna. I wanted to start this blog to share my everyday life and document me being me. I think i’ve accomplished that pretty well so far. I’ve shared some recipes I love, shared my travel adventures, talked about my love of makeup and skincare, and pretty much everything inbetween. I recently moved from New York to South Carolina and it has been the adventure of a lifetime. I have some “tourist in my own city” type posts up my sleeve, so keep an eye out for that.

Now, here’s 25 things you may not know about me:

// I am left handed

// I am a huge New York Giants fan and it’s super depressing that they’re hardly ever on TV here.

// I have never dyed my hairDay4-Stonehenge5-edited// Travel is the #1 thing I want to spend my money on.

// I’m 100% team Android.

// I find ironing extremely satisfying.

// I could live in Michael’s craft store. I spent over an hour Friday night. I went in on a mission for wreath supplies and managed to stay on track and still spent an hour there.Meet me, again! // Being Leanna// Fall really is my favorite season and has been since I was a kid because my birthday happens and we always went apple picking and it was my favorite. I hate that it’s become so popular to be a pumpkin/fall addict. 

// I haven’t been diagnosed but anyone who knows me knows that I must have a mild form of OCD. If things aren’t lined up or if a drawer is partially open I go crazy and can’t focus on anything else. At work I straighten my papers probably more than 100x a day. I wish I were joking.Meet me, again! // Being Leanna// I joined a Fantasy Football team for the first time this year and it is consuming my Sundays. And I love every minute of it. ***That picture above was my original team, not my current roster***

// Aqua/Turquoise whatever you want to call it, is my favorite color. And turquoise and grey is my favorite combination of colors. 

// I’m deathly afraid of revolving doors.Meet me, again! // Being Leanna// Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. I love the colors, the lights, the smells and the feeling of warmth all around. I can’t get enough. In fact, I started my blog and immediately took part in a Blogmas linkup, for 25 days straight. 

// I have always dreamed of doing a roadtrip around the country and have basically been planing it since high school. I have a tentative list of everywhere I want to go and it just keeps growing.

// I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising and don’t use it at all. I’d love to get into fashion but I couldn’t live in a big city. I would love to be a stylist or own my own boutique someday. Creative Closet 1// My fashion posts are some of my favorites to take pictures for. I love playing dress up and It’s pretty funny/awkward when strangers watch me take pictures of myself on my baby tripod. 

// Grande soy chai tea lattes are my favorite drink from Starbucks. They taste like Christmas in a cup. It’s magical. 

// I love reading. I haven’t done as much as I’d like lately but I still read every single day on my lunch.Meet me, again! // Being Leanna// Owning my own home was my biggest goal at the start of 2015 and now, I couldn’t see myself staying anywhere longer than a year. I hope that will change again because of how great an investment a house is, but I also like the idea of moving from place to place if I could find a job that encourages it.

// I have 3 tattoos. One on my ankle, one on the left side of my ribs and one on the back of my shoulder blades. Maybe i’ll write a post about them. Thoughts?

// I could probably live on mashed potatoes and corn. Or really, anything you can do to a potato I will love. French fries, baked potato, tater tots, scalloped potatoes, love it all. 

// I’m horrible at expressing excitement. No matter how excited I am, it never comes across in my face, I have to use my words and it always comes across as fake. Sorry everyone!

// My favorite scent is actually not a Bath and Body Works candle, it’s called Angels Wings and it’s from Yankee Candle. No Bake Granola Bars// Being Leanna// I am a baker and not a chef. I can make decent meals but I rock at sweet treats. Unfortunately my waistline doesn’t and living alone means I eat it all. But, come Christmastime you betta believe i’ll be posting cookie recipes. 

// I’m an introvert. I love people and I love going out and socializing but, nothing beats having some alone time to relax and recharge myself.

Introduce yourself in the comments below and link back to your Blog/Instagram/Twitter so I can check you out too if I don’t already follow you!

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