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Philosophy: Cleanse, Refine & Renew // Being Leanna

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So, back when I did my Updated Skincare Routine that featured Ole Henriksen I mentioned that I had purchased the Philosophy: Cleanse, Refine & Renew Kit and was impatiently waiting to try it out. Well, I’ve been using it ever since that post and I’m here today to talk allll about it. Here we go!

The kit is definitely an all in one skin regimen. The Cleanse, Refine & Renew kit promises to do all of that by giving your skin a smoother appearance while also hydrating. Purity is the cleanser that’s included and it basically sells itself. Renewed Hope In a Jar is the moisturizer and basically the pumped up version of their best selling Hope In A Jar. And finally, there’s a two step exfoliator/peel. One jar has crystals and the other has enzymes. The price of the kit is $75 but if you add up the prices of all the items separately it’s well worth it. 8oz of Purity is $24, 2oz of Renewed Hope In a Jar is $47, and the Resurface peel is $72 ($36 if you half that price bc the kit only gives you 1oz of each instead of the 2oz if you purchase it alone). Let’s take a look at each of them a bit more closely.

Philosophy: Cleanse, Refine & Renew // Being Leanna

Purity Made Simple//

This is a cleanser made for any skin type that effectively removes makeup while also hydrating the skin. I personally love this cleanser but don’t find that it performs any better than other cleansers. Yes, it’s effective at removing my makeup but I do have other cleansers that I prefer. The huge upside to Purity is that it doesn’t have a scent to it and it’s excellent for sensitive skin. I was able to use this even when I had sunburn and it didn’t irritate my skin at all. And, this cleanser is relatively cheap for a non-drugstore brand. At only $24 8 ounces is going to last you forever.

Philosophy: Cleanse, Refine & Renew // Being Leanna

Renewed Hope In A Jar//

This moisturizer is basically the updated version of the highly loved, Hope In A Jar. I wasn’t sure how to feel about this moisturizer, but I’m in love. It’s not my favorite moisturizer of all time, but man does it hydrate. The consistency is so lightweight and soft that it really melts into your skin. In better words that I could come up with here’s what Sephora has to say “This groundbreaking formulation features a triple blend of alpha hydroxy acids, three forms of hyaluronate, plus an Asian fruit extract—delivering an even longer-lasting glow and continuous hydration benefits. It refines skin’s texture while visibly improving pores and fine lines for a youthful appearance. Skin is left with soft, dewy smoothness and a re-energized healthy-looking color and glow.” The only thing that makes this miss the mark is that there is 0 sunscreen in here. It’s summer time and I really don’t want to have to apply a moisturizer and a sunscreen.

Philosophy: Cleanse, Refine & Renew // Being Leanna

Microdelivery Dual-Phase Peel//

I would buy this kit all over again just for this peel. I have never had such smooth, plump, and healthy looking skin as I have right after using this peel. The two step process is easy to use and you can feel and see results. Step one is the manual exfoliant that you put all over your face (they suggest 1tsp) and gently rub it in circles. Trust me, you do not need to super duper rub this into your skin. The next step is to take bit of the “activating gel” (Lactic/Salicylic Acid) and gently place that on top of the crystals. You’re going to see a bunch of white foam and feel a little bit of heat, but that’s a good thing! You can rub this all in if you want, but I personally find it unnecessary. Just rinse it off and look how awesome your skin looks! I use this once a week and I am continuously blown away by how my skin feels afterwards.

Question of the Day: Do you guys use Philosophy products? What do you think of these?


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