Beer + Paint = Good Times 1

Hello Readers!
So, you may have notice that I didn’t get out a Fancy Friday post yesterday. I was a bad scheduler and didn’t work on it early enough to get it up for yesterday. Whoops! Either way, I might not continue with it, i’m really not sure yet. The reason I wasn’t home until late last night (9:45, I know guys, really not that late) was because I was at Paint Nite!
Really disappointed with the photo quality on my front facing camera. :-[
Paint Nite is one of those paint as you drink events that seem to be super popular everywhere. There are a bunch of different companies that do this but this one is one of the few closest to me. They are all over the US so check out their website to see if there are any in your area!
The idea is really simple. You pick a painting (or a date or an artist) and sign up for that event. Show up, buy a drink, and paint! It’s that simple! The drinks are not included but all of your paint supplies are! Bonus: a lot of these events are held at a bar and right after normal working hours. Helloooo Happy Hour.
Paint Nite 1
Our instructor, Elizabeth, was fantastic. She was very upbeat and bubbly and she really kept the night fun for everyone. The artist has a completed painting on display for reference and they paint right along with you so you can get some instruction. They’ll tell you what colors to use and which brushes.
Paint Nite 2
We did all of this with the “big daddy” brush.
The mood is light, and fun, and you’re encouraged to be as creative as you want. You don’t have to do exactly what the artist tells you and by the end of the night everyone’s paintings look slightly different. Some choose to use completely different colors than the suggestions.

 Paint Nite 3Paint Nite 6
Mine is on the left and my friend, Jessica’s is on the right. I went with more squiggly grass and she went with more realistic looking grass haha. During the event you get a break in the middle to let your painting dry and kinda wander around to see what everyone else’s looks like or to refill your drink. At the two Paint Nites I’ve done the waitresses or bartenders come around and take orders so you don’t have to get up in the middle of painting, which is fantastic.
Paint Nite 4
This type of thing is perfect for a group of friends or relatives and they even have private events! It’s also great for just 2 people to go and hang out. In fact, most of the people last night were groups of two. Yes, there are even guys there. Last night there were 3, I believe (all with their respective wives/girlfriends) and they all seemed to be having a blast. Even the gentleman next to me had fun even though he would have rather been watching hockey.
Once everyone’s all done you can get group pictures taken and really check out all of the other paintings. If drinking while painting isn’t enough of an enticement, the second best part is that there is absolutely no setup or cleanup! Your wonderful artist sets everything up before you arrive. Easel, canvas, paint, brushes, water cup, paper towels. It’s all done for you. And when you’re done painting, you just leave everything and it all gets cleaned up after you’re gone. Sorry if we made a mess Elizabeth!
Did I mention the sweet smocks (aprons?) you get to wear?
Paint Nite 5
Please excuse the work pants tucked into the boots. It’s currently -20something outside.
Have you ever done a Paint Nite or a Pant n’ Sip? Let me know what you thought!
♥ Leanna