My Favorite Things: April 6

My Favorite Things: April// Being Leanna


Happy Monday everyone! I picked up some GREAT things this weekend that I just could not wait to share with you. So, here is a random collection of stuff I bought this weekend that i’m obsessing over. I went out with a mission to buy some cute things for my new cubicle and stopped at Target, Marshalls and Staples. 

My Favorite Things: April// Being Leanna

The first adorable thing I picked up was this cutie. I had to share him first because I just cannot get over the adorableness of a gold mouse wearing a party hat. He had a hedgehog friend in an orange hat, but, I contained myself and just got this mouse. I think he’ll make an excellent addition to my desk and will definitely show off my personality to my new coworkers haha.

My Favorite Things: April// Being Leanna

The next lovely thing I picked up at Target was this awesome calendar (the website says not sold in stores, but that’s where I bought it, and it had a lot of friends there too so it wasn’t a returnd item). I can’t wait to hang it up in my cubicle. I’ve got a gold paint pen that i’m hoping to write on it with. I’ll be testing it out on the January page to make sure it doesn’t bleed through first. Also, is anyone else surprised that you can still buy calendars in April? I thought I was batting for 1000 (is that the right reference? I don’t do baseball.) and there was a whole section of calendars! 

My Favorite Things: April// Being Leanna

I also perused the Dollar Spot at Target, as one often does, and came across this little notepad and test tube of thumbtacks. I couldn’t resist either. I have yet to find the perfect tiny binder for that notepad but now i’m on a mission. Plus, it came with tiny dividers too! I think it’ll be perfect for notes at work for when I observe my coworkers because i can easily keep it on my lap and a binder will be hard enough of a writing surface. As for the other two items, I went to Staples specifically for them. They’re clips with pins on the back so you can hang them in your cubicle! 

My Favorite Things: April// Being Leanna

Okay, okay, so I could have just used the plain manilla folders that I could have gotten at work, but how adorable are these? I picked them up at Marshalls and they had a ton of different options. These ones were my favorite. I have a plastic holder on my desk that I can display these in and i’m thrilled. Can anyone else tell i’ve never had my own desk space before? haha

My Favorite Things: April// Being Leanna

I know what you’re thinking. Whyyyyy Leanna, why? Well, i’ll tell you why. I’m going to make my very own tassel garland and hang it up in my cubicle. I’ve been all over Pinterest reading how to make one and I think i’m ready. Have any of you made one of these? Please leave a comment with your tips!

My Favorite Things: April// Being Leanna

And last, but certainly not least is this amazing candle. I cannot describe how it smells only to say that it is the perfect spring scent. Sweet pea, pomegranate deliciousness in a jar. I won’t be putting this on my desk at work but it was too great not to share. Plus, it was only like $7. I can’t turn down a $7 candle. Can we also please take note that my cat is in this picture? There is no way to keep her away from anything that i’m paying attention to. 

That’s it! Those are my favorites so far in April, and as a special added bonus i’m participating in my very first giveaway!!

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Question of the day: What are you guys digging right now?


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  • Christine C.

    It’s so funny that you talked about the Tassel Garland because I’m working on a post right now!!! There is a “cutter” that cuts the strands for you and it works so good! We made a ton of tassel garlands for my SIL baby shower and I am a believer in this tool. I got it on amazon and it’s called the Martha Stewart Fringe Cutter Tool! It’s amazing!!

    • Totally going on Amazon right now. I think I remember seeing the one you made in your baby shower post. So excited to try this out. :-]

  • Ok so I found your blog through Bourbon, Lipstick and Stilettos and I’m so glad – love your blog! And all that stuff is adorable! My coworkers and I are always trying to find cute ways to brighten up our cubicles!

    • Thanks!! I’m so glad you found me. I can’t wait to make my cubicle homey! I’d love to know where you get your desk stuff from.

  • Ashley Chase

    Looks like you found some great things this weekend!!