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My Favorite Masks// Being Leanna

I love pampering myself. Who doesn’t? Masks are one of my favorite ways to give my skin a little extra care with minimal effort. You can slather on a mask and just hang out until it’s time to wash it off. To me, masks are so relaxing and they are a great way to wind down after a long day. On average I do a mask either once or twice a week. I use a traditional mask once a week for sure and then an overnight mask whenever my skin is feeling extra needy. Here are my current favorite masks in no particular order:

My Favorite Masks// Being LeannaGet it here for $22.10My Favorite Masks// Being LeannaHere’s a link to the cucumber ones 12 for $1.99My Favorite Masks// Being LeannaPick up this one here
My Favorite Masks// Being LeannaPick it up here for $4.39My Favorite Masks// Being LeannaGrab this one here for $7.13My Favorite Masks// Being LeannaPick up my favorite overnight mask here for $27.19

And there you have it! My favorite masks to use. A combination of clay, peel off and overnight masks to use for any sort of skin type or condition. What are your favorite masks?

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