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How To Keep Track Of Makeup Expiration Dates- Plus FREE Download // Being Leanna

If you’re anything like me, you constantly forget how long you’ve had things for. Is this mascara one week old, or have I had it for two years? I’ll never know. But, I do know that makeup gets gross after a while and that makeup expiration dates are super important. I won’t be putting something on my skin that’s spoiled. Will you?

So, in dealing with this dilemma of mine, I figured I wasn’t the only one letting expired products fall through the cracks so I thought i’d share my best tips for making sure your products are still okay to put on your face!

How To Keep Track of Makeup Expiration:

// Tip 1: Grab a marker and write the date you started using the product right on the label. This is the easiest way to keep track of how long you’ve had your products for. 

// Tip 2: Don’t share your makeup! Now, i’m not saying that your friends are gross, but sharing makeup leads to more germs. If you must share products, at least make sure you’re using different applicators. And please, never share your eye products. Ew. ew. ew. Do you want someone else’s eyeliner near your eye? No thanks. 

// Tip 3: Wash dem brushes (and sponges) weekly. I’ll admit, I used to be terrible about regularly washing my brushes. But, now that I’ve started regularly washing my brushes I’ve noticed a difference in my skin. Really. I have this super inexpensive brush cleanser from e.l.f. and it works just as well as some more expensive brush cleansers I’ve tried. 

// Tip 4: Use a tool of some kind to help you wash your brushes. Swirling a brush around in your hand works, but isn’t thorough enough. I was seriously surprised at how much cleaner my brushes got after getting one this doo-hicky that was less than $2 on Amazon. There’s no real excuse to not buy it. I love it so much I included it in my August Favorites!

// Tip 5: Cream and liquid products expire faster so, if you’re trying to use up some of your stash, it’s best to go through those first. 

// Tip 6: Go though your products now and check for makeup expiration. It always feels good to purge on some old things. Get rid of what’s old and while you’re at it, you may discover some old favorites! Check the expiration though before trying them back out.

// Tip 7: Take a picture of those expired products that you want to repurchase so when you go shopping again you’ll know exactly what the product is. There is so much variety in makeup these days it’s hard to remember the exact same shade/type/brand of lipstick you loved without a picture. 

// Tip 8: Most makeup has an expiration on it if you need some guidance. There’s a little jar looking picture with a number of months to show you just how long that product will last for. Use it!

// Tip 9: Use this handy printable below to keep track of how long you should be keeping your products for! All of the basics are on listed for you to use as a guide. Remember, these are guidelines not harden rules. Print it out and stick it with all of your makeup.

Product Expiration List // Being Leanna 


Do you have any more tips to add? Share them below! 

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