Lipstick, Blue Herons, and Pinterest Addictions 4


Hello Readers!

Anybody else’s week dragging by too? This has felt like the longest week in eternity for me. And I work Saturday’s at my job so I don’t even get that TGIF feeling. *sigh* Luckily, I had some pretty cool things happen this week. Here’s my Friday 5 recap!

1.Orange Is The New Black

I know, i’m incredibly late on this bandwagon but now that i’m caught up with House of Cards, I finally started watching Orange Is The New Black and it’s fantastic. Please, no spoilers, i’m only in season 1 but, i’m really loving it so far. If I had any more free time on my hands i’d be binge watching nonstop. Who else watches?

orange is the new black

2. Stila Look At Me Lipstick

I got this in my Birchbox earlier this month but i’ve been wearing it like crazy this week. If you didn’t catch my post on Tuesday where I was wearing it, or my Birchbox post on Wednesday then you haven’t heard me rave about it yet. I’m not normally a big lipstick person but this stuff stays on forever and it’s matte. What more could I ask for?Summer Outfit with a statement necklace// Being Leanna

3. Pinterest

I go in phases with Pinterest. Right now, i’m obsessed. I’ve been trying to clean up my boards, get rid of links that don’t work or things that i’ll never end up using. Lately i’ve been pinning everything to my Blogging board, but i’ve finally made the time to look through it and write down some tips for myself so hopefully there will be some ch ch ch changes coming soon :-]
Follow Being’s board Blog stuff on Pinterest.

4. Lazy Sundays

This past weekend I went up to my dad’s camp and I literally did nothing all day. It was sweltering outside and all I did was sit in the living room and read a book. For the whole day. Except for when I had this guy as entertainment. He kept attacking the ducks that were also chilling on the lawn.

Been watching this guy hang out all day 👀 #neverstopexploring #31photosinbetween

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5. The Girl On The Train

That’s the book I basically read in a day. (I may have started the first 20 or so pages on my lunch on Friday) I have heard so many great reviews of this book and both my aunt and grandmother highly recommended it so I borrowed it from them and read it. I honestly didn’t read the book jacket, I didn’t want to know about the book before I read it. Does anyone else do that? I was so pleasantly surprised with how drawn in I got and so quickly. Because I had no idea what I was getting into I immediately started creating a bunch of theories in my head. Needless to say the book had many twists and turns and I didn’t really see any of them coming. I highly recommend giving this a read!

The girl on the train


That’s all I’ve got for this week. What have you guys been up to?


♥ Leanna

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