Learning to Fly- Zip Lining with New York Zip Line 10

Learning to Fly- Zip Lining with NY Zip Line // Being Leanna

Learning To Fly

If you had to pick a superpower it would be flying, right? I know I would. Being able to fly must be the freest feeling in the world. This past weekend, I got to get a little taste of what it’s like to fly. 

I went on the tallest, fastest zip line in North America. nbd. Talk about a great way to start my 27th birthday. Already checked something off of my 30 before 30 list!

Learning to Fly- Zip Lining with NY Zip Line // Being Leanna

Let’s jump back to the flying thing. Ever since I was a kid I’ve had vivid, reoccurring dreams where I fly. Sitting way in the front of a boat as it speeds along and riding a roller coaster give what I assume are similar feelings. But, it’s still not the same as flying. Enter in zip lining. Two years ago I went to a place called Adirondack Extreme which is a ropes/adventure course with some zip lines mixed in. I fell in love. That first jump off the platform had me craving more. It was the closest I had ever come to feeling like I was flying. 

As a side note, I do want to go sky diving at some point in my life.

Ever since I heard about this zip lining place I knew I had to go. The draw only got bigger for me as I learned that it was the tallest, fastest zip lines in North America. Right in my own back yard! So, for my birthday, I gathered up a brave friend and we headed down into the beautiful Catskill mountains to gear up to zip line. 

Learning to Fly- Zip Lining with NY Zip Line // Being Leanna

Zip Lining

Ya’ll, words cannot describe how amazing this was. 

Being the fearless, adrenaline junkie I am, my friend and I were the first to zip across the 3,200 foot long line going over 50 mph. Talk about intense. I could have done that first zip again and again. The views were breathtaking and the leaves are just starting to change in the mountains and the air was nice and crisp. 

Learning to Fly- Zip Lining with NY Zip Line // Being Leanna

I was already having the best birthday and we had many more zip lines to go. The first zip line is pretty intense though so if you’re a bit faint of heart or, afraid of heights this is definitely not for you. There are no refunds. If you don’t go down the first line you’re stuck at the top of the mountain. At least until the next army van of passengers arrives. Two guys from our group chickened out. If only they had been able to make that first leap, they get progressively easier as you get closer to the ground. 

If you stuck the landing on your first zip, congratulations! But, you probably won’t make the second one. In order to get all the way across on the second line you’ve got to follow the guides instructions to a t and hopefully weigh more than I do. I was dangling over the trees until my guide came and pulled me in. It was actually pretty cool to just be suspended over nothing. 

Learning to Fly- Zip Lining with NY Zip Line // Being Leanna

Canopy Tours

Speaking of the guides, they will make your adventure even better. Their number 1 concern is your safety but, they are still there to have fun and mess around. On the very last zip one of our guides let my friend and I go upside down (yes mom, upside down) and it was so much more fun that way. 

The well-trained guides do all of the hard work for you which, in my opinion, really makes the adventure all the more better. Never once did I have to worry about hooking myself up or stopping myself at the end of a line. The guides do it all. If you are concerned about the safety of the tour keep that bit in mind. The guides suit you up and strap you in and before every zip lining run your straps and helmet get checked. This ensures that everything is tight and good to go. At the top of the mountain a demonstration on how to properly zip line is given. The guides repeat the instructions at every perch before a zip. Unless you’re messing around and not listening to instructions there’s no way you’re going to get hurt. Don’t let the lengthy waiver you sign scare you. 

Learning to Fly- Zip Lining with NY Zip Line // Being Leanna

Final Thoughts

 If you want to experience the feeling of flying I highly recommend the Sky Rider tour that I went on but if you’re looking for a bit tamer of an adventure they have other options. The Mid Mountain tour is a mix of an adventure/ropes course and zip lines. They even have an Adventure Tour for the adrenaline junkie kiddos out there. 

If Hunter Mountain in NY is a bit far for you, Canopy Tours offers a bunch of other zip line adventures. Check out their website here for more locations. Also, none of this is sponsored, however, if someone from Canopy Tours or Zipline NY is reading this, i’d love some free tickets to go back 😀

Would you ever, or have you ever gone zip lining. Tell me all about it in the comments below!

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