Leanna Goes To London And Paris- Part 3! 6

Hello Readers!

This is it! The last part of my vacation. So sorry I’ve dragged it out for three weeks but I’ve been loving reliving all of this that I wanted to draw it out as long as possible haha. This last part is my time in Paris!! Please be prepared for the longest post ever. I didn’t want to break it into two pieces! Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday was our travel day from London to Paris, and man, did it take forever. We were all on the coach by 8am and off to say Bonjour to France! But, first we had to drive two hours to our ferry. We took the ferry over to France so we could see the white cliffs of Dover (Marble, by the way) and they were beautiful! But, the weather was pretty darn crappy so I only have blurry pictures from the inside of the coach to show for it.

The ferry ride was a pretty uneventful hour and half, maybe more. Like I said, the weather was pretty crappy so we didn’t venture upstairs to the outside decks to take pictures. Plus, I was pretty groggy from Dramamine. Hooray!
Once back on land we had another uneventful 2 hour drive and then a break at a truck stop for our first French experience. Very exciting folks. I wasn’t too hungry so a friend and I split a baguette. We figured it was required now that we were in France. After that fun filled adventure, it was yet another two hours to our hotel! We were all pretty exhausted and hungry and grumpy at this point. We all checked into our rooms (I wasn’t so lucky as to get a room to myself again, unfortunately) and ran downstairs for some hotel dinner before heading back on the coach! I was so exhausted and miserable by this point (yay Dramamine!) but we all put our happy faces on because WE WERE IN PARIS!

Day6-bus2editedIt was pretty magical driving around the city of lights at night and even though it was rainy, windy and cold it was so beautiful.
To make the night even better? We got to climb this beauty all the way to the top. By climb, I mean ride the elevators. Maybe if it hadn’t been 9pm and pouring I would have chosen the stairs. Maybe.



We ended our night after the Eiffel tower (it was after 11 when we got back to our hotel) and were up bright and early Wednesday to head off again.


Wednesday morning we all gathered in the park by the Eiffel Tower for our tour group photos and then got dropped off at the Arc de Triumph. Holy cow was this much larger than I imagined. Movies make it look so much smaller than it is! And believe me, it is not short. 192 steps to get to the top.

Day7-Arc3The view was well worth it though. 12 streets come off of this massive roundabout and the traffic is crazy!


Day7-Arc12editedAfter the Arc we walked down the Champs de Elysees and stopped in a few shops on our way to the Louvre! I could have stayed in this place forever. Our tour manager told us that if you spent one minute in front of every piece on display you would be there for 9 months. 9 months! Just imagine if you could see all the things that aren’t on display! It would take years! And again, this place was massive. I wish pictures did it justice.



Day7-Louvre25We also got to visit Fragonard, a French Perfumery which I’ll talk more about eventually when I get around to doing my perfume favorites post :-]
From there we rushed back to the hotel to gussy ourselves up to go out to MOULIN ROUGE. Yup. This was an additional cost, not included in the trip, but it was so amazing and well worth the money. This was the most fantastic show I’ve ever seen, and the dinner at the theatre before the show began was incredible. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside (duh, topless ladies) so I don’t have any proof buttttt, I tried caviar and foie gras (aka duck liver).

Thursday morning we headed off on a little drive to the Palace of Versailles! I cannot imagine how anyone ever lived here. It was so large! Everything was covered in gold and so lavish. It was stunning.


I really wish the weather had been better so we could have toured the gardens but it was so cold and windy that we headed to a café afterwards and had some crepes. YUM.
From there we sort of had a fail of the rest of the afternoon. I had 0 voice at this point. I somehow lost it at Moulin Rouge and was voiceless till a few days after my trip. Anyways. I tried to play leader of the group and navigated us to a metro station and then right back out the exit. FAIL. Nobody else took charge and I had sights I wanted to see so we walked in the rain and wind about a mile up the river to see Notre Dame. I was so cold and didn’t want to take my gloves off so the only pictures I have from the outside are courtesy of the others who braved the rain with me. THANKS GUYS.


Day8-Notredame10We made it back to our hotel in one piece and relaxed until we all headed out as a group for our last dinner.
We walked up the million stairs at Montmarte and got to see the Basilique du Sacre Coeur which is a beautiful basilica at the top of the hill. My camera isn’t amazing at taking night photos (especially when I ask other people to take the pictures) but that didn’t stop me!


Day8-Monmarte4editedDinner was fantastic. Probably my favorite meal of the whole trip. It was so much fun reminiscing with all of my new friends over dinner and, I even tried escargot and they were pretty tasty! I’d definitely order them again.

Day8-Monmarte12I know this is an incredibly long post so I’ll end it there and not bore you all with the nightmare that was my trip home. But, I made it! A day later than anticipated and a nice refund ticket from my airline and they paid for my hotel and food so I can’t complain too much.

Hope you guys enjoyed my travel recaps, I know I did lol. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!