January Recap and Favorites! 14

January Recap and Favorites // Being Leanna

Happy February ya’ll! I am so excited that we are slowly moving out of winter. It was still light out when I got home from work today! So, in all of my cheeriness, I thought it would be a great time to recap what I’ve been up to in January and to toss in some of the things I’ve been loving.

January Recap and Favorites // Being Leanna 

January I’ve been….

Drinking: Some sleepy time tea! I have been sleeping horribly lately and am doing everything I can to to get to sleep and stay asleep. I even gave up my bedtime Snapchat (BeingLeanna) watching because i’m sure it keeps me awake at night.

January Recap and Favorites // Being Leanna

Cooking/Baking: Nothing. I am fully reverting back to childhood and relishing in what are hopefully my last few months living with my mom and enjoying all of her cooking. I did make my mom chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting for her birthday though! Oh, and I did help my stepmom make a cauliflower crust pizza tonight :-]

Wearing: My warmest winter apparel. We have had a wacky winter up here in the Northeast. Weeks where it’s warm followed by weeks where it’s frigid. My winter boots from Bass have been my go to in January. Plus, I fit right in at this ice bar in my toastiest clothes.

January Recap and Favorites // Being Leanna

Feeling: Ready for February! I’ll be seriously looking for a house for myself and i’ll be going to Philadelphia for a long weekend at the end of the month! Let me know if you have any suggestions for things to do in Philly!

Buying: Not a lot! I’ll have a full update soon on my spending ban. I’ll list out everything I spent money on and how I saved my cash this month. I spent more than i’d like to have but, I just couldn’t pass up the white sale at Target, so sue me :-]

January Recap and Favorites // Being Leanna

Listening To: I’ve been listening to a lot of Podcasts lately. The Young House Love podcast is probably my favorite right now. Plus, I downloaded this app Pzizz that’s supposed to help you sleep. I’ve been using it for a week or so after hearing the girls from Of A Kind mention it on their podcast.

Excited About: Finding a house!! So exciting and terrifying all at once. I’m also super excited about all these products below. My skin has been incredibly dry this winter and the combination of these 5 products has been helping tremendously. There’s the First Aid Beauty Facial Cleanser, the Bliss Tripe Oxygen mask, Lush Bubblegum lip scrub, First Aid Beauty Overnight mask and the VII Eye Mask. I’ll be talking more about these later in the month!

January Recap and Favorites // Being Leanna

Watching: I finally started watching Pretty Little Liars. I know i’m about a decade behind but I figured it’s still relevant enough to start up. It’s my treadmill show. I’ve told myself I can only watch it if i’m walking on the treadmill so we’ll see how long it takes me to get through the first season haha. Also, i’ve started watching This Is Us. I’m a few episodes in and and I now get what all the hype is about. So good. 

Pinning: Anything and everything home related. I’ve been cleaning out my Pinterest page lately and making room for things that fit my style now. Leave your Pinterest page in the comments so I can follow you!

January Recap and Favorites // Being Leanna

Thankful For: Everything. The fact that i’m financially ready to buy a home most especially.


If you’re wondering, these pictures are all from my Instagram lately, if you’re not following along, you’re missing out! @BeingLeanna

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  • Morgan Greenwood

    I’ve been loving podcasts too! Great list of favorites!

  • Christine C.

    I love podcasts, it’s listening to so many that inspired me to do my own! I am so excited to see your Philly trip! As I told you, it’s a place I’ve always wanted to go!!

    • I love your podcast! I don’t listen to it while i’m falling asleep though. Its more of a car podcast so I pay more attention haha. You should come too haha

  • I want to try those eye masks! Also, way to go on the spending ban. Can’t wait for the update!

    • They are so great! Anything that can help my eyes is a bff of mine right now. Thank you!

  • good luck with your future house hunting! we are at the beginning of it, so exciting 🙂

  • When you get done with PLL in 8 years, let me know how it ends. I gave up on it a few seasons ago!

  • What a really planning set up you have, Leanna! Also that ice sculpture is crazy!!!

    Cristina | *janded

  • PLL is a great treadmill show!!