Interview Tips: Be Prepared & Ask Questions! 4

Interview Tips: Be Prepared And Ask Questions// Being Leanna

Hey guys! I’m back today with my third installment of “Interview Tips”. I’ve been on a bunch of interviews so I thought it would be great to share with you all what my biggest takeaways have been from talking about your strengths & weaknesses to what you should wear. Today, i’m discussing how to show up prepared and what types of questions to ask. And in case you don’t think i’m qualified to give out this advice, you obviously didn’t read yesterday’s post about me landing an amazing job. So you should check that out too :-]

So now that we’ve already discussed how to dress for an interview, how else do you prepare?

  1. You show up early. You never know how traffic will be or if you’ll be able to find parking.
  2. For every interview I like to bring a portfolio or note pad with me. It’s essential to bring copies of your resume with you to pass out because they may not have a hard copy and it will provide them with something to take notes on. I always bring a notepad where i’ve jotted down various things like: Where and when my interview is and a contact number in case something happens; a list of things I always like to mention in an interview, and questions I have prepared ahead of time for them. 

I mentioned that I write down a list of things I always like to mention in an interview. I always do my research on a company or agency before I go in to interview. I like to be able to mention things they do or offer so that the interviewers will know i’ve done more than just read the posting for an opening. For example, at my most recent interview I brought up a program that the agency works closely with and told them what I knew about the program and asked them to tell me more about it because it was interesting to me. Doing your research on a company is a great way to open the dialogue of an interview to become more of a conversation. 

Now that you are all prepared and looking sharp with your portfolio lets talk about what questions you should be asking at the end of your interview. I like to come prepared with some questions written down because if I don’t I know I’ll just fumble with my words and end up saying that I don’t have any questions. Not good.

So, I always ask them how soon i’ll be hearing from them and whether or not I will hear either way.

I ask for an email address or phone number for each of my interviewers in case I need to get in contact with them directly.

I ask them to go over what the day to day activities would be like, whether it’s the same things every day or different.

And the most controversial thing I always ask in an interview is this “Based on our interactions today do you have any reservations about hiring me?”. Yup, I just straight up ask them if they have any issues with me, and believe me, I feel terrified asking this every. single. time. But, they always seem to love it. I have always received great feedback when asking this question and it really gives them the opportunity to get clarity on any answers I have given that they aren’t too sure about. 

In addition to those questions I always have some more things to ask my interviewers about job specifics but obviously it’s a little hard to give examples of that. Just do your research before you go on your interview and you’ll find a ton of things to ask about. 

What are some questions you always ask in an interview? Let me know in the comments! 

Question of the day: What are your best interview tips? 

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