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Friday 5 // Being Leanna

Happy Friday!!

I hope you’ve all been having a great week and are ready to relax this weekend. The weather here is supposed to be beautiful so i’m excited to get outside. In the meantime though i’ll be catching up on blog reading tonight so I thought i’d share 5 of my favorite posts i’ve read so far this week! And, I’m throwing in my my most recent Instagram photos for more of a “life favorites” of the week. Enjoy :-]


Things are starting to get real! #contiki #noregrets #beingleannatravels

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//Helene In Between- 14 Days To A Better Blog\\ So, i’m sure you’ve all seen Helene’s post right now but I just had to share it. I am SO excited for the free Ebook she wrote and cant’ wait to get reading it. Have you guys downloaded this as well? Helene is my go-to for anything related to helping my blog grow, i’ve attended her webinars and even purchased one of her courses (that I still haven’t found the time to finish) and i’ve taken away a ton of knowledge from all of it. 



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//Love The Here & Now- Why You Need To Take The Leap\\ I just love a good motivational post, don’t you? Definitely give this a read if you haven’t already. As Anne says, your imagination is often way worse than the reality. It’s so easy to just sit back and not take action and it’s not good! So take the leap! 


When it starts to feel like summer you breakout your favorite summer skincare products! 😎 #supergoop

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//Venus Trapped In Mars- 6 Ways to Get Great Instagram Photos On Your Lunch Break\\Man, I needed to read this. I’m trying to up my Instagram game because I love the platform so much but I never plan pictures ahead of time. Why not use my free time to take pictures of beautiful things to post later? It’s way better than rushing to throw up any ole picture just for the sake of posting. Can’t wait to see what’s around my building at work to take pictures of.


Tiny flowers brighten my day 🌼 😃

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//My So-Called Chaos- Today I am Thirty\\ Loved Angie’s post this week. First of all, Happy Birthday Angie! Second of all, wow. I love how open and honest this post was. Everyone has body image issues and it’s important to love yourself no matter what you look like and I really think Angie’s post was very well written. Plus, how awesome is her birthday photo shoot? We should all do that every year ha.  


I’m a plant mom now. 🌱

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//Being Leanna- The Best Sunnies For Summer\\ Okay, okay, i’m a little bit biased on this one because I wrote it. But, I was super happy with the pictures and the amazing customer service over at Firmoo. Plus, they were so inexpensive for prescription sunglasses that I need to yell about it from the rooftops. Prescription eyeglasses and sunnies are so dang expensive so it’s a huge deal that I was able to afford 2 different pairs. Go check it out! 

Question of the day: What were some of your favorite things from the week?

Thanks For Reading// Being Leanna


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