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Friday 5 // Being Leanna


Can you tell i’m excited for the weekend? It has been a lonnnnng week and I am more than ready to sit down and relax. I’ll be going up to the lake after work tonight and spending the weekend lounging around, catching up on blog work and reading all of your posts from today. I love reading Friday 5 posts because I always find so many new bloggers to read and I am pretty stoked to spend the day just reading post after post. 

So, what are my 5 favorites from this week? I’m so glad you asked:

//Healthy Carrot Cake Cupcakes- Dash of Herbs

I cannot wait to make these cupcakes. The pictures were droolworthy and the recipe looks amazing. The best part? They’re not the worst thing in the world for you. I plan on making these for 4th of July this year but I might just have to make a couple sample sizes first just to verify that I like the recipe. :-] And, if cupcakes aren’t your thing, which, I mean, no judgement but -weirdo-, Kristyn has so many other fantastic recipes over on her blog so check her out!

//3 Swimsuits That Will Flatter A Pear Shape- Venus Trapped in Mars

Although I do not have a pear shaped body I LOVED this post. Sarah wrote all about how she’s not going to let her body image ruin her summer. We can all relate to that. Nobody feels great in a bathing suit and it took a lot of guts to put her bikini body on the interwebs. I commend her for that, and those bathing suits were pretty amazing too. One of the things I love so much about Sarah’s blog? The seamless way she does sponsored posts. They are always relevant and never seem forced. This bathing suit post was all about feeling great in your own skin and it just so happened to feature a company she was collaborating with. That is #bloggergoals right there. 

//Best Time To Visit Iceland- Life With A View

I may or may not have mentioned how much i’m dying to go to Iceland (I even have a secret Pinterest board dedicated to Iceland) but if you guys know anything about me it’s how indecisive I can be. I cannot decide if I want to see Iceland in the winter or summer and Jeannie has laid out the pros and cons of every season! So, if you have any interest in seeing Iceland (which you totally should) check out this post to decide when the best time to go for you is! 

//It’s Not Okay- Bourbon, Lipstick & Stilettos

Lindsay said everything I had been wanting to say about this topic. I’m sure you’ve read the heartfelt letter of the woman who was sexually assaulted by the Stanford student who ONLY received a sentence of 6 months. After reading her letter I wanted to write a post about the topic but just couldn’t find the words to describe how I felt. Even still I’m in shock at how with each new assault story that comes out the woman always is somehow to blame. It’s unbelievable. I’m just going to leave it at that because i’ll start to get angry but please, go read Lindsay’s post if you haven’t already and give a good look through the comments as well.

//Social Media Happy Hour- Jade & Oak

I attended Jackie’s webinar on Wednesday night and learned so much! I have been trying to up my social media game but really had no clue where to begin so I sat and watched her webinar and took generous notes and am feeling more than ready to start tackling social media. I never thought that I had the time to dedicate to really putting myself out there but Jackie showed us all how to schedule, plan and organize so that we can still enjoy some free time! While the webinar isn’t available anymore Jackie’s blog is chock full of great blogging advice. The best stuff though? She has so much advice for the disclosures, privacy statements, terms and conditions and all that important stuff your blog SHOULD have. 

What are your “Friday 5” posts from this week? 

Hope ya’ll have a great weekend and don’t forget to check out my posts from this week: 3 Things I never Expected to Learn From Blogging and My Summer Bucket List!

Thanks For Reading// Being Leanna