Floral Maxi Dress for Spring: WIWW 20

Floral Maxi Dress For Spring // Being Leanna

The weather is finally starting to feel like spring here in upstate New York and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Soon enough it’ll be summer and i’ll be lounging around in shorts, flowing dresses and sandals! So today, i’m sharing my new favorite piece for spring. It was the first purchase I made fresh off of my spending ban and i’m happy to say that i’m obsessed with it. (Update: it has rained SO MUCH since I took these pictures, everything is so much more green!)

Floral Maxi Dress For Spring // Being Leanna

I am not good at fashion posts as I have no idea what to talk about so bear with me and feel free to give me some ideas in the comments below! Otherwise you’ll just keep getting handfuls of pictures of me in outfits and no text. Luckily I can link to all three items i’m wearing. today!

Maxi Dress

This stunning maxi dress is from Alice and Wonder, whom i’m now deeply in love with. I currently have about 6 items in my cart but I just can’t decide which to buy. Woe is me, am I right? Kidding.

Floral Maxi Dress For Spring // Being Leanna


The shades I can’t link to directly because they’re always changing up their designs, but, they’re from Firmoo. If ya’ll have glasses you’ll love this place. I get all of my glasses and sunglasses here and I couldn’t rave about their customer service more. They’re inexpensive, durable and they ship quickly. What’s not to love? I wrote a whole post about my favorite sunnies you should definitely go read next.

Floral Maxi Dress For Spring // Being Leanna


These chic sandals are the Elani Gladiator from Target. They come in both black and brown and they are just so comfortable. I practically lived in them last summer. For $25.00 you really can’t go wrong. 

Floral Maxi Dress For Spring // Being Leanna

Anyways, I know i’m not alone in loving the maxi dress trend but as a tall person I tend to shy away from a maxi dress. They never seem to be long enough for me but this beauty hits at just the right shortness where it looks just fine. Perfect. So, now I need to buy all the maxi dresses as they are my new favorite thing. So please, please, tell me where you love to buy summer dresses from! 

I also love that I can wear a racerback bra with this and have very minimal bra strap showing. That is the number one concern I have with any article of clothing I buy. Am I the only one? The age old question, can I wear a regular bra with this, or not? I cannot stand strapless bras. 

Okay, i’m definitely rambling at this point but i’m not great at fashion posts but I love how these pictures came out so here they are. Feel free to make fun of the remote in my right hand because i’m just not great at hiding it. I was thinking about doing a whole post about how I take blog photos but now you all can see. A remote. And a tripod. Easy peasy.

Floral Maxi Dress For Spring // Being Leanna

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen this one but it’s my favorite. Last one, I promise :-]

Floral Maxi Dress For Spring // Being Leanna

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  • I love those sandals! It took me a while to try maxi dresses, but now I have two, and I love them both!

  • Christine C.

    GIRL!!! I feel like I”m seeing a totally different side of you in these pictures! You killed that fashion post! You love gorgeous and confident!!! I love it! DO MORE of these!!

  • This dress is gorgeous on you pretty lady! LOVE IT!

  • You are rocking this dress so hard! Love the color.

    • Thanks so much! It’s a gorgeous color that you could easily get away with in the fall.

  • Melissa Nelson

    What a gorgeous dress!! I love the outfit posts!

  • You did a great job talking about your outfit! I sometimes feel weird talking about my outfit! But I love your maxi dress. https://modestbudgetbelle80.blogspot.com

  • I am loving this dress!!! I will have to check out this boutique. I am right there with you on hating strapless bras. I feel they either never stay up or they are just way too tight. Ugh.

    • Isn’t it amazing? They are the worst. Maybe we just haven’t found the right ones? Who knows.

  • Lauren Falardeau Pariseau

    I LOVE maxi dresses. So perfect and comfy for spring and summer. I love the maroon color of this with the floral print!

    • They are so great! Especially this one with the high slit. so much easier to walk around in!

  • Amanda K

    This is such a pretty maxi dress! I love the slit!

    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

    • Thank you! I was worried it’d be a little too high for comfort but it’s perfect!

  • Ruthie Ridley

    Beautiful dress! I absolutely love it!! XO