Finding The Right Foundation For You 6

Finding The Right Foundation For You// Being Leanna

As a self proclaimed beauty addict, I have absolutely no shame in admitting that I currently rotate 8 different foundations. You read that right, e i g h t. No shame. Why? All of them are completely different and each of them work for me. Also, for those of you that can count, yes there are only 7 foundations in that picture. I totally forgot to take pictures of the Bourjois foundation I love so much. Because I forgot it, you’ll see an awkward insert of it with a friend below. 

It’s taken me quite a while to find these foundations that I love and that work great on my skin so I thought i’d share with you all how I found the foundations that work for me. I’ll also be talking about different types of foundations and how to decide which foundation is right for you!

Finding The Right Foundation For You// Being Leanna

Powder Foundations:


//Great for oilier skin types as it also acts as a setting powder

//Easy to blend without smudging

//Achieve an airbrushed look with minimal effort


//Can easily look cake-y if you don’t have a light hand

//Not everyone loves a matte finish

//Can stick to those peach fuzz hairs on your face and make them stand out if not blended well

My picks:

// Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation (fair-light honey). This foundation is best when applied with a kabuki brush in circles all over the face. The powder is super fine which makes the product blend easily and not cake up. I would say this is definitely a full coverage foundation that lasts all day. If you’re interested Tarte is currently having their friends and family sale of 30% off everything. *not an affiliate link

// it Cosmetics Celebration Foundation Illumination (fair). This foundation is in the running for being my favorite foundation ever. And that’s saying a lot because you can see a list of 7 of my favorites right here. My skin looks flawless when I’ve got this on and i’m not exaggerating. Being a high coverage foundation you’d think it would look a bit thick on the skin but it doesn’t. The best part is that you can’t even tell that I’ve got foundation on when wearing this. 

Finding The Right Foundation For You// Being Leanna

BB Creams:


//Every beauty balm i’ve ever tried has an spf in it

//They are much more moisturizing than a regular foundation

//The lighter coverage is perfect for some


//The lighter coverage is not ideal for some

//Some formulas have a bit of a grey undertone that you have to blend out

My Picks:

// Coola Mineral Sunscreen Natural BB Cream (natural beige). I cannot get over how amazing the texture is for this bb cream. It’s basically a mousse that you get to put on your face. The matte finish is to die for, especially because that’s so rare with any product with a sunscreen in it. Coola has some of my favorite sunscreens (this has spf 30!) and the second I got this in my Birchbox I knew their ‘makeup’ would become a favorite as well. If you can try this, just for the fantastic texture, please do, it’s so unique! 

// Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45 (natural finish). This was the first BB cream I ever tried and that was years ago. Needless to say I fell in love and repurchased this beauty balm. The creamy texture makes this a dream to apply and it keeps my skin hydrated all day without looking oily. The high SPF makes this one of my favorite foundations to wear in the winter when the sun is actually closer and I tend to forget to put on regular sunscreen. 

Finding The Right Foundation For You// Being Leanna

Liquid Foundation:


//You cannot go wrong with a liquid foundation, there are so many different products to try

//These give the best dewy finish for those that enjoy that

//Even full coverage foundations tend to feel lighter on the skin than their powder counterpart


//These can definitely look cake-y when applied too strongly

//Some foundations will oxidize on your skin throughout the day and make you a bit orange

My Picks:

// Loreal Paris True Match Lumi Cushion (W2). I won’t go on about this one too much because I’ve got a whole post dedicated to it that you can read here. The texture of this foundation is fantastic for a drugstore brand and I found that I loved it even more than a high end brand I tried. The coverage is easily build-able without becoming cake-y. Definitely go check out my post all about cushion foundations if you’re as intrigued as I was!

// Rimmel London Wake Me Up Anti Fatigue SPF 15 (True Ivory). I had heard so many good things about this Rimmel product and couldn’t buy it in the US, or didn’t try hard enough, so when I went to London it was the first thing I bought. This foundation really gives my skin the look of being woken up through semi shimmery particles that make the skin look glow-y without being dewy. If that makes sense. I’ve got fairly oily skin so dewy products generally aren’t my friend. In addition to the product being amazing, the packaging is fantastic for a drug store brand which makes me even happier.

Finding The Right Foundation For You// Being Leanna

CC Creams:


//Everything you love about a bb cream with the added bonus of color correction, what’s not to love?


//Definitely covers redness better than other foundations


//Fades or comes off easier than other foundation products, doesn’t last all day

//Very lightweight texture (not a con), but that makes it hard to layer for more coverage. Generally a light/medium coverage

My Pics:

// it Cosmetics CC+ Veil Beauty Fluid Foundation (fair). I’ve also talked about this in my cushion foundation post but I do want to reiterate how great this is! Even though the Loreal won in my mind, this is a fantastic cc cream that I still very consistently use. This is perfect for summer for me because of the light coverage. Having a thick layer of foundation in the summer is not what i’m all about. Also, the SPF 50 has me swooning.

// Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream SPF 15 (ivory). I have talked about this cc cream a ton lately and i’m not at all sorry about it. This foundation has such a light, runny consistency that I actually love. It melts into my skin and really evens out all the redness I get in the summer. If you want a little more detail I’ve raved about it here, and here

Finding The Right Foundation For You// Being Leanna

So, what’s the best formula for you?

You have to try them all to find out to find what works best, unfortunately. It’s really hard to find something that works well for your skin. If you’re new to foundations, I highly suggest a bb or cc cream as they are easy to apply and the drugstore versions are amazing. Finding the best formula for you and trying many options can be incredibly fun though!

If you have oilier skin, I highly, highly recommend powder foundations. For dry skin, I personally think BB creams are the way to go. If you have any questions at all about foundations, leave them in the comments! My favorite beauty resource is YouTube so don’t hesitate to watch some beauty gurus as well. There are all sorts of girls out there will every skin type that can really help you find what’s best for you!


Question of the day: What are your favorite foundations? 

Thanks For Reading// Being Leanna