February Birchbox! 5

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It’s that time of the month again where I review what I got in my Birchbox! If you’re unfamiliar with the service Birchbox is a $10 monthly subscription box where you receive 5 sample sized items to try out. When you sign up you take a survey to tell them all about your skin type, your skin concerns, hair type, etc. With all of that information you get 5 items tailored to you to try out each month! This is my third month so far (I also got a bonus box the first month I signed up) and I have learned about so many great products. Here’s this month’s 5!

February Birchbox

Benefit Cosmetics- Roller Lash

You guys have no idea how excited I was to receive this in my box this month. Or maybe you do? I talk about Benefit an awful lot. Either way, I was head-over-heels to be able to try this before it came out. And yes, I pre-ordered the full size that will supposedly ship today!! If you want to read all about this new mascara from Benefit click here. I did a side by side comparison between the Roller Lash mascara and the They’re Real!

Caudalie- Vinosource Moisturizing Sortbet

I have always wanted to try Caudalie products but just never got around to buying them. I was thrilled with this moisturizer and I loved the scent. I normally have an issue with scented products on my face but this one claimed to be for sensitive skin and I haven’t had any issues. I was skeptical that this would not reduce redness, but I definitely noticed a difference around my nose and forehead after about a weeks worth of use. I haven’t tried a product with grapes as an ingredient and I was surprised with how moisturizing this was. Perfect for day ot night wear. Overall i’m very pleased with this but I do prefer a moisturizer with a sunscreen, especially going into the summer so I probably will not purchase this particular product for daytime.

CLEAN- Skin Eau de Parfum

I think I need to change up my profile on Birchbox’s website. I have gotten a perfume sample with every box. And I do love perfume, but I think i’m gonna need to stop. I want to buy ALL OF THEM. It’s a problem. I am the worst at describing scents, and if you’ve read any of my other Birchbox reviews then you’ll agree. According to Birchbox “This light eau de parfum from CLEAN is inspired by the subtle fragrance of bare skin: It’s a scent that’s fresh, alluring, and utterly not overdone (or should we say not overdressed?).” They say it better than I could. I would describe this as how your skin smells after a bubble bath. Either way, I love it. It’s now also on my list of perfumes to buy.

PARLOR- Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray

This stuff I was super excited about. I have always wanted to master the beachy waves look and now, I can! Sort of. I’ve tried this 5-6 times and i’m still unsure of how I feel. It does a good job of creating waves, for about an hour or 2. I have super straight hair that doesn’t like to do anything so I know that’s the problem here. Not the product, but my own hair. I wish I could have a better, more in depth, review but my hair is just not liking this. 

Jules and Esther- Cucumber Eye Gel

I loved this eye gel. I was sort of weirded out at first because of the texture but I tried it that first night and fell in love. It’s not greasy at all and it’s moisturizing enough to really hydrate. This was also excellent for my dark circles when applied before bed. Each time I wore this I woke up with no dark circles or puffiness. The best part? It’s super cooling and relaxing. It feels like you’re actually putting cucumbers on your eyes. As much as I liked this product though I was pretty disappointed when a week in my sample got weird. The gel became super gelly and I couldn’t use it anymore. It feels like silly puddy. I’m not sure if bad packaging is to blame or the fact that it’s winter and my house is really dry? Either way, i’m definitely doing some research in the review section to make sure it was just me before buying this full size. I’m really hoping this isn’t normal.

That’s it for this month’s samples! Do you use any of these products? If so, what do you think? And, have you ever tried Birchbox? If not you should totally check it out if you’re interested in testing new products! Check out their link here!


♥ Leanna

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  • That eye gel sounds amazing!! My eyes bother me a lot so i’m always looking for new eye products… especially to take away morning puffiness.

    • BeingLeanna

      It’s so great! The texture really threw me off at first but it works amazingly!

  • Julie @ Artwork by JM

    I could definitely use that cucumber eye gel. My dark circles get really bad sometimes…probably from life with a 2 year old. haha! Definitely let me know what you find out about it so I know whether or not to put it on my “to try” list

    • BeingLeanna

      It seems like all the negative reviews had to do with the texture and the gelly-ness of it. It looks like the packaging of the actual product is much more air tight than then sample. The sample I got was just in a tiny plastic jar wtih a screw on lid. The real packaging looks much more sturdy. I’ll let you know if I find anything else!

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