Exciting News: Job and Vacation Announcement! 14

Exciting News! Job and Vacation Announcement// Being LeannaHappy Monday! 

I have some very exciting news!! I had started writing this post last week that was going to go up on Wednesday announcing my vacation and where i’m going  but then I got some even better news! I went on a second interview on Tuesday and it went extremely well. I got a call first thing Thursday morning to tell me that I got the job!!!

You guys, never in my life have I felt more adult than I did accepting this job. It’s a job with New York State, the pay is great, the job is reliable, there’s a pension, AND there are so many departments and agencies that there really is no ceiling for growth and opportunity. I am beyond thrilled to start my next adventure with the state. Plus all of my experience with loans and knowing lending policies for the credit union I work for will really give me a leg up in my new role within the State. Cannot wait until the 24th to start! 

Is it bad that I’m excited to have my own desk and cubicle? I’ve never had my own desk before. Even as a loan officer someone would sit at my desk on days I wasn’t there. Any cubicle decorating advice would be much appreciated! 

The only downside? Now that i’m switching jobs my vacation to Europe in May is not going to be paid vacation. Whomp whomp. Oh well. So for all of those that have been wondering, I’ll be in Europe for 11 days and i’ll be traveling to Austria, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy! So a little bit more than a day in each place but i’m going through a tour group and that’s just how it is. I cannot contain my excitement!! I wish I could have booked a longer trip but I think this will be the perfect amount of time to get a little taste of each place so I can determine where i’ll want to go back to. 

More specifically, i’ll be in Vienna, Krakow, Budapest, Ljubljana, Venice and Rome so if any of you have been to any of those places PLEASE tell me what I must do while i’m there. I’ve been pouring over tons of travel blogs and i’ve got a ton of stuff I want to do, things I want to see, and especially things I want to eat but let me know your favorites!

I’ll be traveling through Contiki again because of how much I enjoyed my last tour with them. It’s an equal balance of tours and time to spend on your own. I would have very much enjoyed traveling alone to Europe but my parents would have had a heart attack so I opted for a relaxed tour. A lot of the days i’ll be free to guide myself through the cities but i’ll still have a tour manager and a bunch of other tour mates to hang out with when I don’t want to be alone.

The best thing I enjoyed about Contiki were the “me time” optional activities. They are things you can do, but you don’t necessarily have to which is great because not everyone wants to go have a Traditional Polish Pierogi Evening (to each their own but I am so excited about this) so you don’t have to partake if you don’t want to, but if you do, it’s an additional cost but generally it’s cheaper than if you had just signed up for that activity on your own. In my experience all the “me time” activities are so worth it and most of the group signs on for them. Who doesn’t want to pay a little extra to go on a gondola ride in Venice?

So please, please, please leave me some comments on some must see’s while i’m in Europe! And sorry for this being a completely disorganized post! I just had a lot of word vomit I needed to get out :-] Hope you’re all having a fantastic Monday!

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