December Life Updates! 4

December Life Updates // Being Leanna

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I’ve been all over the place lately so I thought what better time than now to share some life updates! It’s been pretty frigid up here in the Northeast so I did my best to stay inside. As I write this i’m sitting on the floor in the middle of my bedroom trying to organize. I’ve been on a kick lately. I want to get rid of anything and everything I see that doesn’t have it’s own place. Clutter is driving me crazy. Have ya’ll read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up? I haven’t but, I kinda want to. I feel like it would really help me to purge all sorts of crap I don’t really need. What do you guys think of the book? Tell me what your favorite books form 2016 were, i’m in need of a new, good book.

December Life Updates:

December Life Updates // Being Leanna

// Reading

Halos by Kristen Heitzmann. I bought it by chance back when I was in high school and I’ve read it every December since. The back of the book says this “The halo she glimpsed around the sun was the first sign that this might be it – the place she was searching for. Filled with hope and promise, Alessi Moore pulls into Charity amidst her first real snowfall. Enraptured by the pure, serene beauty of the little town, she just knows something good is coming. But her almost heavenly impression is quickly dashed by an unforeseen loss. Left with nothing but the clothes on her back, Alessi is cast into the care of a reluctant party. Yet in a place where nothing could be wrong, darkness sometimes lurks.”

I was drawn in immediately and it takes place in December right around Christmas. It doesn’t feel like Christmas at all if I don’t read this book. Do any of you have books like that? 

December Life Updates // Being Leanna

// Listening to

Football! It’s Sunday as i’m writing this and that means football day in my house. I’m impatiently waiting for the Giants v. Cowboys game on tonight. It’s going to be intense. 

December Life Updates // Being Leanna

// Drinking

Water with lemon until it’s an acceptable time to pour myself a glass of Baileys :-]. I’ve got a big tumbler that I fill up a few times a day to make sure i’m drinking enough. It’s soooooo dry here in the winter that my skin needs all the help it can get.  

December Life Updates // Being Leanna

// Eating

Christmas cookies. Guys, I cannot help myself. I keep bringing them into work to get them out of the house and I still eat tons. I’m really going to need to get back into a regular workout routine asap. Currently i’m eating a couple spritz cookies. LOVE. 


// Wearing

My Giants sweatshirt and some Lake George sweatpants. Ultimate comfort over here. On Sundays I rarely get dressed because I rarely go anywhere. It’s my admin day and therefore also pj day. 

December Life Updates // Being Leanna

// Feeling

Exhausted. If ya’ll don’t know already i’m basically a 95 year old woman on the inside. I didn’t get home until after midnight last night and my body is so used to getting up early that I was out of bed and drinking coffee by 7. Despite being exhausted I did have a great evening. I went out to a new restaurant with some friends, played table top shuffleboard (my 95 year old self loves her some shuffleboard) and then we went to a comedy show! 

I’m also feeling pretty dang excited for the holidays. I’ve been so busy lately and i’m loving it. Between buying presents, baking cookies, holiday parties and potlucks i’ll be busy the next couple weeks and I couldn’t be happier. 

December Life Updates // Being Leanna

// Working on 

Blog post ideas. You may have read my post a couple weeks ago about being in a rut, if not you can read it here, but i’m still kinda in the middle of it. I’m working on setting up an editorial calendar for 2017 so I won’t need to wait until the last minute to write a post. I’m also working on writing up my Dallas, TX recap so let me know if there’s anything specific you want to see for that! Keep your eyeballs peeled. 

December Life Updates // Being Leanna

// Smelling

I’m a huge sucker for Bath and Body Works candles and we have a fake tree so I’ve been burning my absolute favorite BBW candle, Fresh Balsam. Half the house smells like a Christmas tree and it’s fantastic. The other half of the house smells like my all time favorite candle ever. I only burn it around Christmas (not even sure if you can get it all year round) and it gets me in the mood for the holidays. The candle is Sparkling Angel from Yankee Candle. It’s a mix of apples, pine, berries and eucalyptus and something else magical. Trust me when I say you gotta have this candle. 

December Life Updates // Being Leanna

// Buying

Oh lawd. I went a little crazy and just bought myself a Cricut. The ultimate crafting tool. I’m SO EXCITED YA’LL it’s not even funny. I’ve been working on a DIY project for a Christmas gift and I bit off way more than I could chew. So, I headed to Michael’s over the weekend and picked up the Cricut Explore One. It was $50 off so I couldn’t resist. So far, so good. I can’t wait to do some projects with this thing. Sorry in advance if my Pinterest turns into Cricut central. 

December Life Updates // Being Leanna

// Thankful for

Everything! I’m so blessed that I have the expendable income to spend on gifts for my friends and family. I’m blessed to have healthy friends and family and i’m especially blessed to be able to enjoy the holidays with everyone that I love. What are you thankful for this time of year?

Your turn: What are you up to currently? How was your weekend? Let me know in the comments!

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Thanks For Reading // Being Leanna