Dear Santa, This year… (2014) 1

Dear Santa (2014)// Being Leanna

Dear Santa, 

Let me just say that this has been a long, tough few months for me. Because of that i’m even more excited for Christmas this year. The more family time I get the better. After breaking up with a long term boyfriend and cutting ties with a close but toxic friend I’ve been feeling very alone. Spending time with my family around the holidays is exactly what I need. So, this year, I’m not asking for anything for Christmas. I have been very good this year and I’m sure you’ll see me at the top of the Nice List anyways. I have accomplished a lot so far like saving up for a house, becoming a mentor at work, finally getting my budgeting down, and starting a blog!

Dear Santa (2014)// Being Leanna

I’d like to ask for a few things for my family. My brother could really use some warmer clothes. He insists that a sweatshirt is warm enough for him but, I don’t believe it. My mom, who has put up with me for the past few months, is working really hard on her new kitchen. I think some top of the line appliances are just what she needs. She deserves them and, she loves to cook so they’d be put to good use. And lastly, my grandmother just wants a cozy flannel to lounge in, but she’s so particular that I cannot find the right one for her. I’m sure you’ll know just the thing.

I hope you’ve had a great year Santa! I hope that Mrs., all of the Elves, and the reindeer are doing well, too! Safe travels on Christmas Eve! I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for you on the Santa Tracker so I’m asleep before you arrive. You have received my change of address, right?

Ps- I promise to leave gingerbread cookies for you this year; they seem to be your favorite.


Thanks For Reading// Being Leanna


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