Crockpot Tortellini: A Hearty Fall Soup 25

Crockpot Tortellini: A Hearty Fall Soup // Being Leanna

Tortellini Soup

Today i’m sharing one of my favorite crock pot meals, tortellini soup!

I originally shared this recipe over on Ashley’s blog back in the spring so I thought it was about time I showed you all my favorite soup recipe! It is so easy to make, like most crock pot recipes, you just toss it in there and let it cook while you’re at work!  Slow cookers are amazing all year round but they are especially great in the fall and winter months. When the days are getting shorter and it’s dark when you get home the last thing you want to do is cook dinner. You just wanna curl up and lounge on the couch. Luckily, with a crock pot, dinner is already done and you can curl up and eat dinner! I can’t think of anything more enjoyable than coming home from a long day of work and smelling dinner ready to go. yum.

Crockpot Tortellini: A Hearty Fall Soup // Being Leanna


Gather all of your necessary ingredients: Vegetable broth, spinach, zucchini, tortellini, cream cheese, diced tomatoes, salt, pepper and basil. I’m a big fan of getting everything I need for a recipe all together before I start. I find it’s near impossible to forget an ingredient if it’s already right in front of you. 


The next step is to cut up your zucchinis into bite sized pieces and toss them right into the crock pot. toss in your spinach and diced tomatoes (remember to drain one of the cans before adding it) followed by your broth. After that’s all in there I like to give my ingredients a stir before breaking up and putting in the cream cheese. Add in some salt, pepper and basil to your tasting but this honestly tastes great without any of them. 

Turn the crock pot on low for about 6 hours or high for 3 and sit back and relax. This is going to smell amazing, I promise. About 15 minutes before you’re ready for dinner add in the tortellini (or pasta of your choice, I won’t judge!) and make sure you stir everything up nicely. 

 As soon as the pasta is soft you’re ready to dig in! Trust me when I say this could easily feed a family of 4, possibly with some leftovers. 

Printable Recipe:

 Crockpot Tortellini: A Hearty Fall Soup // Being Leanna

Don’t forget to pin this recipe for later, or print it out and add it to your collection! If you’re interested in more quick and easy recipes, go ahead and check out my no bake granola bars and my simple cucumber sandwiches that are perfect appetizers and my easy, make ahead lunch sized pasta salad

Let me know what you’ll be making in your crock pot this fall, especially if it’s this recipe, in the comments below! I love seeing what you guys are making because it gives me so much inspiration! 

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