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Friday 5// April 1st, 2016 9

Friday 5 // Being Leanna
Hello and happy Friday!
Let me just start off saying that I love having a Monday through Friday job but dang, it’s weird not having a day off in the middle of the week to break things up. Definitely not complaining though because now I actually have the whole weekend off to play! Unfortunately here in upstate NY it is not weather to play in. It’s supposed to be freezing this weekend. The daffodils in my yard are blooming and they’re probably all going to die this weekend :-[ so please, cheer me up and share tons of pictures of your beautiful blooms on Insta this weekend!
Anyways, i’m here today sharing some of my favorite things from the week and i’m going to kick it off by sharing my own post from Monday just because I can :-]
I loved writing this post because I love sharing personal things with you guys. I think self care and self improvement are very important and a while ago I set out to work on my shyness. Monday I shared that story with you guys so go give it a read if you want to learn a bit more about me!
I am always all about Lindsay’s posts but this one especially. We all want to relate to our followers but we also want to have really pretty Instagram pictures. It’s a dilemma. Seeing picture after picture of your life that looks perfect can get super annoying so throw in some real life for me will ya! But also, don’t stop showing those perfect flat lays because I love them too. Hopefully i’ve got a good mix of “every day real life” and “this is totally staged but I want you to see this because it’s really pretty” pictures. Also, I don’t think any of that made sense because i’m super tired. 
This linkup that Alex created is so fun! We’re all a bit awkward and it’s fun to share those weird moments with our internet friends. What’s more fun than having a good chuckle at yourself? Not much. If you aren’t reading Always, Al you really need to check her out, especially because she’s getting married this year and it’s so fun to keep up with her planning. 
If you have a blog, you need to read this post all about terms and conditions. I don’t speak legalese at all and Jackie is great at explaining the legal side of blog stuff. She is a lawyer after all! Creating a terms and conditions for my blog has moved up to the top of my priority list this weekend. Do you guys have one for your pages?
//Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowls- Jessica @ How Sweet It is
Yes, you read that right. chocolate and peanut butter smoothie bowl. I am obsessed with peanut butter. And I have yet to get on that smoothie bowl trend. But, as soon as Jessica mentioned that the texture reminds her of the inside of a peanut butter cup I was on board. Pinned this and wrote down the ingredients for the next time i’m at the grocery store.
Question(s) of the day! Do you guys have terms and conditions on your blog page? 
Have you ever made a smoothie bowl? What were your thoughts?
Thanks For Reading// Being Leanna
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Friday 5- March 25th, 2016

Friday 5 March 25th, 2016// Being Leanna

Happy Friday ya’ll!

I hope you’ve all had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend! I know I sure am. I can’t remember the last time I had a full weekend off and i’m beyond thrilled. Plus, Sunday is Easter! I love getting together with my family for holidays, especially ones where it’s nice enough to sit outside :-]


//My awesome new job!! I mentioned a couple posts back that I was starting a new job this week and so far, so good. It’s only been paperwork and orientation so far but I am so happy with everything… except figuring out parking. That’ll be a fun thing to navigate. 

//Adaleta’s post about putting too much pressure on ourselves. There’s social pressure, work pressure and personal pressure. It’s easy to get caught up in and get overwhelmed and it’s important to relax and unwind. Now that it’s getting nice out I like to go for walks. What do you guys do to unwind?

//My new anorak. I’ve wanted a raincoat for so long now and have been on such a mission to find one that’s waterproof, stylish, and is long. I’ve been struggling to find an anorak that hits me where i’d like. I’ve got long legs and a long torso so the drawstrings on the waist always hit me in a strange spot. This one from Target is perfect! I was tempted to get the green but when I saw the yellow, I couldn’t resist. 

//Jackie from Jade and Oak’s new email course called The Part Time Blogger! I’ve been following her blog for a couple years now and she has recently made the transition from full on lifestyle, talk about everything kind of blogger to more tips and educational posts and i’m SO HAPPY! Oh, did I mention the course is free? Yup. Read all about it here!

//Christine’s post all about boosting confidence. I always love reading Christine’s beauty posts and I love her blog even more when she gets personal. Working on and taking care of yourself should always be a priority and you CAN and you WILL is a great motto to live by.

What are your favorite posts from the week?

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Friday Favorites: March 4th, 2016 3

Friday Favorites// Being Leanna

It’s that time of the week again! Time to share my favorites from this past week. I love these types of posts because it really reminds me to keep positive even after a long, tiring week and to reflect on the awesome things that I did, saw, and read. So here we go!

  1. Home-buyer 101. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you may recall that I was enrolled in a first time home-buyer program last year and buying a home was one of my big goals for 2015. The program requires you to save for 10 months up to a certain amount and they will match the money 4 to 1 and you use that towards your closing costs. Pretty great right?  It was great, until I moved to South Carolina and now that i’m back and looking to buy a home again, I have to start all over. So, hopefully by the beginning of next year i’ll be ready to buy my first home! 
  2. Reading monthly goals posts from other bloggers. (Some monthly goal posts: Anne, Angie, Meagan) I love reading all about the goals other people have because it inspires me to make my own goals and motivates me to actually accomplish them too! I always have my own, personal goals for the month but the more I keep seeing everyone else posting their goals the more I want to share my own as well. Maybe you’ll see a monthly goals post for me come April! 
  3. Cucumber sandwiches. Holy cow guys, I forget how much I love these until I make them. I organized a potluck at work today and I bought in some yummy cucumber sandwiches. They’re super easy to make, but I did a recipe post on them a while back that you can read here. The last time I made them for work they were gone before lunches even started. I’m hoping for the same results this time :-]
  4. Skincare. I had a post on Wednesday that was all about how I prep my skin for spring weather. I had so much fun writing this post because as I was doing it I realized that everything was drugstore, and that’s pretty impressive for me. I love skincare products, especially high end ones so I was thrilled when I realized I could showcase some products that everyone can afford. I also got 2 of the products gifted to me by Influenster whom i’m sure we all know and love. I have been so thrilled with the body products I got that i’m a little embarrassed to admit that I had only ever used their face scrub before. Go check out my post all about getting your skin ready for shorts weather here!
  5. Helene’s Grow Your Blog Series. I am awful at social media. Sure, I post some tweets on twitter but 99.9% of them are shares of my own blog posts or yours. I never write anything on there. And no matter how many posts I read about optimizing my blog for Pinterest I never get around to doing it. I love this post from Helene because she really gets down to why social media is important for blog growth. I really want to challenge myself to get better at social media. I love interacting with you guys and Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook are the best ways to do it. And yes, I just plugged all of my social media accounts so go give a follow if you haven’t already. 

Question of the day: How do you get better at social media? What is your preferred social media?

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Friday Favorites- February 26th, 2016 11

WinterFriday5Happy Friday!!

Friday favorite posts are some of my favorites to read and write. Reading what people are up to is always so fun and I feel like I learn more about the bloggers I read by getting a little peek into their lives. I also love reading Friday favorite posts because I always find new bloggers to read. Seeing who my favorite bloggers read always leads to me following a ton more people. Do you guys do this as well?

  1. I love face masks. They’re a great, quick, at home treatment for basically anything. Plus, you look super goofy wearing them. I’ve shared my favorite masks and this week, Jenn, from Hello Rigby shared her favorite face masks. Needless to say, i’ve got 7 more masks on my list of ones to try.   
  2. I received not one, but 2 Vox Boxes in the mail this week and I am oh, so excited. I received an amazing olive oil and two body products from St. Ives. I’m so excited to really try them out and let you all know what I think of them! I have never tried this olive oil before and it’s something I use all the time. I’ve never used these particular products from St. Ives either but I love the brand. How do you guys feel about St. Ives?
  3. I am always looking for new ways to improve my blog and reading tips and suggestions from other bloggers helps so much. Angie over at My So Called Chaos wrote a post all about some must-have plugins for WordPress and i’m excited to try them out. I’ve carved out some time this weekend to try out a few new plugins. What are your favorite plugins?
  4. I’ve been on a huge House Hunters kick lately. That’s big for me because I don’t watch a lot of TB, mainly just the news. But, i’m back on my “I need to buy a house” mentality and i’m seriously thinking about a tiny house. Not those teeny-tiny ones, but something super small that I could buy pretty inexpensively. I’d love to be able to save more money for vacations and I really think that might be the way to go for me. Any of you guys think you could live in a tiny house?
  5.  Last but not least I wanted to share one of my new favorite food bloggers, Dash of Herbs new post. I love brussel sprouts and I love balsamic, those to together are the perfect combination. Plus, Kristyn always adds a bit of a personal story to her posts which makes me love them even more. Do you guys read Kristyn’s blog?

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Favorites From The Week- February 5th, 2016 6


I know i’m not the first to say this but, I can’t believe it’s February already! January flew by and i’m super excited that it’s February because that mean’s it’s one month closer to spring! I can’t wait to start to see flowers blooming and leaves on the trees again! So without further adieu, here are my top 5 from the week!

  1. Vacation planning. I’m in full on planning mode this week. I really want to narrow down dates for my trip to Iceland and i’m getting pretty close. I’m down to two options, going in mid October or mid June. I’d love to go in the summer to see the midnight sun, but i’d also love to go in the fall or winter in hopes that I could possibly see the Northern Lights. Decisions, decisions. Any suggestions please let me know!
  2. This seems to have become a staple in my Friday 5 recaps but Anne and Lindsay’s blogging series Blogging Basics has done it again. This week they talked about their tips for Instagram, which just happens to be my favorite social media platform. I love reading their tips every week and always take away something from them. Read Lindsay’s post here and Anne’s post here.
  3. Not to toot my own horn but I made these pretty great cupcakes over the weekend and I shared them with you guys on Wednesday. If you haven’t read the post already go check it out and be sure to let me know if you make them for Valentine’s day! And while you’re at it, go read my post where I told ya’ll why I started blogging and got pretty deep.
  4. I signed up for another FREE webinar hosted by Helene over at Helene in Between and i’m super excited! I always love what she has to say, and who can resist a free webinar? It’s February 10th and I’m sure i’ll see most of you all there in the chat section! ps- has anybody else signed up for her Blog Detox class? I STILL haven’t started it, idk what’s wrong with me.
  5. I’ve been using some new skincare products that i’m LOVING and i’ll do a whole post about them soon enough but i’ve been going crazy figuring out what my skin likes and doesn’t like. So, i’ve been reading so many lovely blog posts about helping winter skin and this one from Erica over at Coming Up Roses has been one of my favorites this week. I want to try everything she mentioned, especially the cleansing brush that’s a cheaper alternative to a Clairsonic.  

Question of the day: What are your weekend plans? Are you doing anything for the Superbowl?

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