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This or That? Battle of the Blushes 19

This or That? Battle of the Blushes // Being Leanna

This or That: Battle of the Blushes

I’m trying to bring this back as a series. If you’ve been here any length of time you may remember my other This or That posts: Bronzers, Foundations and mascara! Today, i’m bringing you blushes! And not just 2, this is a comparison of 4 of my favorite blushes. So, before we start this battle, let’s introduce the contenders.

This or That? Battle of the Blushes // Being Leanna

Cargo Water Resistant Blush in Los Cabos $26.00 for .11oz

This or That? Battle of the Blushes // Being Leanna

NARS Blush in Deep Throat $30.00 for .16oz

This or That? Battle of the Blushes // Being Leanna

Benefit Rockateur Blush $29.00 for .17oz

This or That? Battle of the Blushes // Being Leanna

NYX Cosmetics Ombre Blush in Soft Flush $9.99 for .28oz

This or That? Battle of the Blushes // Being Leanna


Each of these 4 blushes have vastly different packaging which makes this pretty difficult to chose the best.

Cargo- Metal, compact tin. Easy for travel.

NARS- Using their signature rubberized packaging that is amazing and easily recognizable but also gets insanely dirty. I definitely used some makeup remover for this picture.

Benefit – Again in the signature box packaging. Very fancy, but also very clunky in terms of size.

NYX – Thin and sleek packaging but it’s as large as the palm of my hand.

Winner: Cargo

 This or That? Battle of the Blushes // Being Leanna


Cargo- The silky texture of this blush is easily picked up by a blending brush and can be applied effortlessly with a light hand. This blends in beautifully if you don’t have too much product on your brush. You definitely do not need to swirl your brush around in this as it is very pigmented.

NARS- This blush has an incredibly silky feel and is definitely the most finely milled powder of the bunch. It’s fine texture easily melts into the skin and applies sheer but can easily be built up to a rosey hue without looking like you’ve got too much blush on.

Benefit- Almost a creamy texture if you can believe it. The packaging creates a nice barrier in which to swirl your brush in to get as much product as possible. The creamy texture blends into the skin flawlessly and almost acts as a cream blush. Are the other Benefit blushes like this? Let me know your favorite Benefit blush below!

NYX Cosmetics- You might have assumed that because of the lower price point this wouldn’t blend or apply as well as it does. I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of this blush, especially with how well it applies. Definitely use a light hand and be sure to tap off any excess as this is a very pigmented blush that is super powdery.

Winner: Tie between Cargo and NARS

 This or That? Battle of the Blushes // Being Leanna


Cargo – Depends on the shade but this coral/tangerine shade is incredibly pigmented and it’s perfect for spring/summer. You definitely do not need to swirl your brush around in this as it is highly pigmented, a few taps in the product and you’re good to go. Lasts all day but is definitely not “swimmable” as it claims.

NARS – Very sheer but easy to build up without looking cakey on the skin. Orgasm is the usual favorite shade but I prefer the more blush pink of Deep Throat. It’s a beautiful natural looking flush with a hint of shimmer. Flatters all skin tones.

Benefit- The very sheer coverage does require some more swishing than all the other brands but the color payoff is fantastic. Because this acts as almost a cream blush I find it lasts longer than all the other brands. Plus, who doesn’t love rose gold?

NYX- Huge color payoff and pigmentation with little product needed. Because this is so pigmented you need to be careful to not apply too much. This lasts moderately well throughout the day but if I don’t touch it up it’ll be gone by dinner time. Have ya’ll tried this ombre blush? 

Winner: NARS

 This or That? Battle of the Blushes // Being Leanna


Cargo: Easily removed with soap and water or a makeup wipe.

NARS: Needs a little coaxing with a makeup wipe.

Benefit: Slides right off with some makeup remover

NYX: Usually removes itself but also easily removed with a makeup wipe. 

Winner: NARS- lasts all day and doesn’t fall off your face unless you want it to.

This or That? Battle of the Blushes // Being Leanna 

Overall Thoughts?

Honestly, I love all 4 of these for different reasons. The Cargo is my absolute favorite in the summer because of its coral shade. It’s not waterproof but I do find this works the best when i’m working up a sweat out in the sun. The NARS I’ve been using for years and feel that this is the most flattering blush shade I’ve ever used. This works on any skin tone at any time of the year. Benefit and I have a very strong relationship and I love me my Rockateur blush but i’m falling out of love with it as it gets older. The product is getting flaky and strange, has this happened to anyone else? NYX is good, but not what I grab for on a daily basis. I love this when i’m in desperate need for a bit more color on my cheeks. The NYX blush definitely is the most bang for your buck but I think the Cargo blush is the most value for your money.  

Overall Winner – Cargo!

Question of the Day: Have you guys ever used this blush or any of the other shades? I’d love to know your thoughts! Leave a comment or tweet me!

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This or That? Battle of the Blushes // Being Leanna


This or That: Cushion Foundation! 11

This or That: Cushion Foundation it Cosmetics vs. L'oreal // Being Leanna

Cushion foundations seem to be all the rage right now and I am all about trying new things so I had to pick one up! And by one, I mean 2. I couldn’t decide between them and I needed to make a comparison! I mean, how else could I call myself a beauty blogger? :-]

I picked up the it Cosmetics CC+ Veil Beauty Fluid Foundation and the L’oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation at Ulta and i’ve been trying them out for a couple weeks and i’m ready to tell you guys my thoughts.

it Cosmetics CC+ Veil Beauty Fluid Foundation ($38) Vs. L’oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation ($16.99)

This or That: Cushion Foundation it Cosmetics vs. L'oreal // Being LeannaPackaging:

Honestly, they’re both pretty identical in packaging. They both have a lid that flips open to reveal a sponge applicator and then another lid that opens sideways to reveal the actual product. Looks wise, it’s pretty hard to compare, I can’t decide whether I prefer the rose gold of the L’oreal or the silver of the it Cosmetics. While I love the rose gold, the it Cosmetics does have a feature that just cannot compare. It’s refillable. Instead of just tossing the entire packaging when you’re finished you just buy a refill and pop it in there. Perfect! 

Verdict: it Cosmetics


This or That: Cushion Foundation it Cosmetics vs. L'oreal // Being LeannaApplication/Blend-ability:

L’oreal: This goes on so amazingly well. I love how easily this blends into my skin. The texture is silky and goes on my skin smoothly while sinking in so well that you wouldn’t notice there was any foundation there. The sponge is thoroughly drenched in product but it’s not too wet where it would be spilling all over the place. I can get just enough product on the applicator to get a nice, even layer on my face. I don’t have to press too hard into the sponge to get the right amount of product which really makes me happy. 

it Cosmetics: This sponge was a bit dryer than the L’oreal and I feel like I have to work more to get the product out. It’s not too annoying but it’s definitely a big difference between the two. To be fair the it Cosmetics has .34oz of product and the L’Oreal has .51oz which is definitely a hefty difference considering the price tag. Besides that, the foundation goes on very smoothly and seamlessly blends into my skin. The fact that this has a sunscreen makes this super appealing as well.

Verdict: L’Oreal

This or That: Cushion Foundation it Cosmetics vs. L'oreal // Being LeannaCoverage:

L’Oreal: I was extremely impressed with the coverage on this cushion foundation. Because the texture is so lightweight I was concerned that I wouldn’t get any of my redness covered but that was not the case. Now, that’s not to say this this is a full coverage foundation, it’s not, but, it is the perfect amount of coverage for me. I’d say that this is a lightweight coverage (my preference) but it is easily build-able to medium coverage without looking cake-y. 

it Cosmetics: This was a lovely, lightweight, coverage that really hid my redness. I love how light and soft the texture is and despite that it doesn’t slide right off my skin when I get oily. Because of that though it does tend to look like there’s foundation on your skin. My nose gets especially oily throughout the day and it’s constantly red. This cushion foundation just doesn’t cover that up without powder. 

Verdict:  L’Oreal

This or That: Cushion Foundation it Cosmetics vs. L'oreal // Being LeannaLong lasting:

L’Oreal: Well, there had to be a down side right? This holds up pretty well though the day but it does start to fade away. Luckily it seems to fade evenly so my skin doesn’t look patchy. For a drugstore product under $20 you get what you pay for and I’m more than willing to touch up towards the end of the day if i’m going out after work and want to be looking fresh.

it Cosmetics: For a foundation with a high SPF I wasn’t expecting this to stay too long on my skin but I was wrong. Any other foundation i’ve tried with sunscreen seems to just melt off as soon as I get oily (another reason I generally prefer powder foundations) and I was so thrilled that that wasn’t the case with this one. I’ve found that most of this stays on my face all day, except my nose region that I mentioned earlier. When I go and remove my makeup with a wipe at the end of the day there is considerably more product on there  then when I use the L’Oreal foundation.

Verdict: it Cosmetics

This or That: Cushion Foundation it Cosmetics vs. L'oreal // Being Leanna


L’Oreal: I’ve discovered that liquid foundations seem to be removed more easily than powdered foundations. This foundation slides right off with a makeup wipe without too much effort. And, when I use just a cleanser to remove my makeup it comes off just as easily. (I use a makeup wipe first and then a cleanser every night)

it Cosmetics: For the most part this comes off incredibly easy but I’ve found around my hairline I do need to scrub a bit with my makeup wipe to get it off. While that’s a great thing during the day because it lasts forever, it is a bit of a pain at night to have to scrub it off. 

Verdict: L’Oreal

This or That: Cushion Foundation it Cosmetics vs. L'oreal // Being Leanna

Final Thoughts:

While I truly love both of these cushion foundations I do have to pick a winner. I preferred the L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion and have found myself gravitating towards it. I really think that the sponge texture is what made me chose the L’Oreal. I use a real techniques sponge to apply this to my skin (I tried the included sponge applicators for a while, it worked but not as well as a real sponge applicator) and the transfer from sponge to sponge is way easier with the L’Oreal foundation. As you can see from the picture above the right product (L’Oreal) is more porous and allows the liquid out much easier while the it Cosmetics on the right is way more dense. 

Overall: L’Oreal wins! 

Question of the day: Have any of you tried a cushion foundation, what are your thoughts?

Thanks For Reading// Being Leanna



This Or That: Bronzer Showdown! 5

Benefit Vs Tarte- Being Leanna

Hello readers!

I love trying out new makeup and skincare items and one of the best ways to try stuff out is to compare it to other items in the same category. I loved this Hoola bronzer I got wayyy back in December from my Advent Calendar but I had been hearing so much about tarte bronzers that I thought i’d give one of those a go as well. My Sephora order showed up and the battle begun.

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola ($28.00) vs. Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer ($30.00)


Benefit- Hoola comes in one of the brand’s iconic cardboard boxes. It has a great look to it and it’s incredibly sturdy for packaging. The box closes magnetically so there’s no escaping powder, and it also comes with a brush. I love the box packaging for swirling your brush around inside so makeup doesn’t go anywhere, there’s definitely no wasted product. Also, for being bulkier, the packaging is incredibly lightweight and there’s a sizeable amount (.28oz) of product inside.

Tarte- The Tarte packaging is much more sleek than the Hoola bronzer, it’s slim and more compact and it’s made out of a coppery leather. The mirror on the inside is huge and much easier to see because of the design. The Tarte bronzer does have slightly more product inside (.32 oz) but there’s also a ton of packaging. This compact is surprisingly heavy, definitely not the most ideal. And, the magnetic close, while super functional, is incredibly hard to open. There’s no lip at the edge and it snaps shut all the time unless you’re holding it open.

Winner? Benefit

Battle of the Bronzers- Being LeannaApplication/Blendability-

Benefit- Hoola applies wicked easily, there isn’t any excess fallout and the product stays right where you put it. Because I only have the sample size I use my own brush so I can’t speak for how the free brush works but this blends super easily with a brush. I don’t need to blend this out too much because it’s the right amount of product every time. However, for contouring, this blends well without having to really work at it.

Tarte- The Park Ave. Princess goes onto the skin well, but it is a tad hard to blend out. There is so much pigment (not complaining, at all) that it’s sometimes difficult to blend out quickly. This is definitely not a bronzer you want to use when you’re in a rush, it takes time and effort to make it look flawless but when it does, man, it’s great.

Winner? Benefit

Battle of the Bronzers- Being Leanna


Benefit- As a paler person, I LOVE Hoola. It’s perfect for my skin tone and never looks muddy. I look like I might actually have a tan instead of just having makeup on and it’s fantastic. The only downside is that if your skin is dry, Hoola does tend to look a little chalky. Luckily for me, I have combination skin and all the oil on my face is right where the bronzer goes. Thank goodness it’s matte.

Tarte- 2 words. Matte and waterproof. Tarte really knocks it out of the park on appearance (after taking the time to make it look just right, which could totally just be because i’m fair skinned). It never needs to be touched up and once it’s on my face, it’s there for the day, looking just as great as it did in the morning. It stays matte all day and i’ll be checking on the waterproof this week when I head off to Charlotte/Myrtle Beach for vacation!!

Winner? Tarte


Battle of the Bronzers- Being Leanna



Benefit- Hoola removes so easily that you’d think it would just fall off during the day. It’s amazing how quickly Hoola can be removed with a makeup wipe or cleanser.

Tarte- Boy, oh, boy is this stuff stuck on your face. I’ve found that a makeup remover wipe works much better than a cleanser and I think that’s because this stuff is “waterproof”? not sure.

Winner? Benefit

Overall Thoughts?

I’m head over heels for Hoola but I really think Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess (holy mouthful batman) is my new favorite. Despite only winning one category, the pigment and durability really set this product over the edge. With the Hoola you sort of need to build it up to get it perfect while the Tarte bronzer just is. Yes, it takes a bit of work to make it look perfect and not like I rubbed dirt all over my face but it’s really beautiful once it’s on there correctly. I’m not going to get rid of my Hoola sample any time soon but I do plan on becoming an expert at applying Tarte’s Bronzer very shortly.


What are some of your favorite bronzers? Do you use either of these two, if so let me know what you think in the comments!


♥ Leanna

*There are no affiliate links within this post, nor is it sponsored in any way, all thoughts and opinions are strictly my own*

The Difference Between A Headache And A Migraine 8

5 Things you can do with a headache that you can't with a migraineHello Readers!

As I write this i’m currently downgrading from a migraine to a headache and am reintroducing myself back into the real world. If you have ever experienced a migraine you know my pain, and if not, let me try and paint a picture for you: Imagine your entire brain throbbing in rhythm to your heartbeat so that it feels like your brain will no longer fit inside your skull. And then imagine that any noise that hits your eardrums sends teeny lightning bolts of pain into your brain and that any amount of light will cause you to see spots and squiggles and make your eyes burn and want to cry. In case that wasn’t great enough, you also want to throw up.

If you’re lucky enough to not have migraines, I envy you. And, just because you have headaches please don’t assume you know what a migraine feels like. Here are 5 things you can do with a headache that you cannot do with a migraine****:

1. Driving. Driving with a headache is annoying but not as near impossible as with a migraine, especially at night. Headlights are evil.

2. Write a blog post. Now that i’m only in headache status It’s only slightly annoying to stare at the computer screen as I type. When I had a migraine earlier just the light that showed me my laptop was charged hurt my eyes.

3. Eat. Man, oh man the last thing someone with a migraine wants to do is eat. Tossing my cookies is something I regularly do when I’ve got a migraine, anyone else? If I only have a headache though sometimes eating can help.

4. Go to work. Working with a headache is incredibly annoying but doable; working with a migraine is near impossible. It’s hard to focus because everything is hurting your head. Especially if you work on computers all day. Bright screen= massive eyeball pain.

5. Be nice. Yeah, you get pretty grumpy when you have a headache and your patience gets pretty low, but with a migraine it’s next to none. I am so focused on getting myself into the darkest, quietest place in my house that I will snap at anyone/anything in my way. #sorrynotsorry


Thank you for dealing with headache-y Leanna today and I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Do you guys get headaches or migraines? What do you do to treat them? Do you turn to sarcasm like me or put some ice on your forehead and take some Excedrin?


♥ Leanna


****I know how serious migraines can be, as well as headaches and i’m just trying to make light of the situation. Please laugh along with me.

Benefit Mascara Showdown! 9


Hello Readers!

I’m here today with a post that’s super exciting for me. Benefit is releasing a new mascara on February 27th ( I believe) and I got a chance to sample it early thanks to Birchbox! You have no idea how thrilled I am that I was able to get a sample of this mascara without having to pay for a full size. For any of you Benefit fans, or even if you’re just looking for a new mascara, keep on reading! And if you want to check out anything else I’ve written about Benefit click here, or here.

I put my favorite mascara of all time, Benefit’s They’re Real! up against the new Roller Lash mascara and wore one on each eye for a whole weekend (plus Monday, it was a holiday). I’m pretty sure i’m the only one who could tell a difference between my eyes but I still did this at home just in case, ha.

Benefit’s description of the They’re Real! mascara: “They’re real! lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts & separates. Our jet black, long-wearing formula won’t smudge or dry out. A specially designed brush reveals lashes you never knew you had!”

The top picture is right after applying and the bottom is after 12 hours. Pleaseeee note I have no other makeup on and did not do my lower lashes. This is just one coat of mascara. Yes, I know, my lashes are very sparse.

They're RealSorry for the terrible quality of the lower picture (both of them!). I left this mascara on for 12 hours so it was dark and I didn’t have the best lighting

Benefit’s description of their new Roller Lash mascara: “It’s a roller for lashes! The eye-opening Hook ‘n’ Roll™ brush grabs, separates, lifts and curls…while the instant curve-setting formula holds for 12 hours.”

Same as before, upper picture is the morning, lower is the evening.

Roller Lash

The qualities I care about most in a mascara:


Roller Lash wins!!! And here’s why:

The Roller lash definitely outlasts the They’re Real! as you can see in the pictures.

The wands are a tie. The barbs on the Roller Lash really grab onto them and fully coat the lashes, but the They’re Real! has the little ball on the end of its wand that really coats the baby lashes.

They’re Real! wins for the curl because the first two days I tried the Roller Lash I did so without using my lash curler and by the end of the day my lashes were stick straight. This was incredibly disappointing because the mascara is supposed to basically eliminate the need for a lash curler. Because of the advertising, I chose They’re Real!

Roller Lash wins for the application because of the little lash grabbers. I’ve never had a mascara coat so well in one sweep before. Also, the curl of the wand really prevents me from getting mascara all over my lid (as I do every day with other mascara. Sigh.) They’re Real! applies well, but it is a bit dryer of a formula. (Don’t worry, for accurate testing I used a sample of They’re Real! that I had that had never been opened.) Even though I took a picture of the prettier packaging.

And finally, removability. They’re Real! is so infamous for being difficult to remove that it has its own remover. Fo’ Realz. Roller Lash came off so easily with a makeup wipe as well as with a regular cleanser. They’re Real requires lots of scrubbing with a makeup wipe or makeup remover before it’s gone.


So, i guess it’s safe to say that Roller Lash is my new favorite. I do still love They’re Real! very much, but Roller Lash definitely won the battle.

What’s your favorite mascara? Have you used either of these? Let me know what you think!


♥ Leanna