Philosophy: Cleanse, Refine & Renew Kit- A Re-discovery

Philosophy: Cleanse, Refine & Renew // Being Leanna

Hello Readers!

I think this may be cheating a bit because i’m updating an old post but my skin has been freaking out lately (yay season changes!) so I went out and grabbed this amazing Philosophy kit again because I had such amazing results the first time. Instead of doing a whole review again I thought i’d just update my old one! 

The kit is definitely an all in one skin regimen. The Cleanse, Refine & Renew kit by Purity promises to do all of that by giving your skin a smoother appearance while also keeping your skin hydrated. Purity is the cleanser that’s included and it basically sells itself, everyone and their mother raves about this product. Renewed Hope In a Jar is the moisturizer and is essentially the pumped up version of their best selling Hope In A Jar. And finally, there’s a two step peel. One jar has crystals and the other has enzymes.

The price of the Philosophy kit is $75 but if you add up the prices of all the items separately it’s well worth it. Purity normally runs at $24, Renewed Hope in a Jar is $47 and the Resurface peel is $72 ($36 if you half that price because the kit only gives you 1 oz of each instead of the 2 oz if you purchase it alone). Let’s take a look at each of them a bit more closely.

Philosophy: Cleanse, Refine & Renew // Being Leanna

Purity Made Simple

This is a cleanser made for any skin type that effectively removes makeup while also hydrating the skin. I personally love this Philosophy cleanser because it doesn’t dry out my skin at all. I find a lot of cleansers leave my skin feeling tight but with Purity i’m left with soft, hydrated skin. Yes, it’s even effective at removing my makeup, even lip stains. Another huge upside to Purity is that it doesn’t have a scent and it’s excellent for sensitive skin. (I was able to use this even when I had sunburn and it didn’t irritate my skin at all) And, this cleanser is relatively cheap for a non-drugstore brand. At only $24, 8 ounces is going to last you forever.

Philosophy: Cleanse, Refine & Renew // Being Leanna

Renewed Hope In A Jar

This moisturizer is basically the updated version of the highly loved, Hope In A Jar. I wasn’t sure how to feel about this moisturizer, but I’m in love. It’s not my favorite moisturizer of all time, but man does it hydrate. The consistency is so lightweight and soft that it really melts into your skin. In better words that I could come up with here’s what Sephora has to say “This groundbreaking formulation features a triple blend of alpha hydroxy acids, three forms of hyaluronate, plus an Asian fruit extract—delivering an even longer-lasting glow and continuous hydration benefits. It refines skin’s texture while visibly improving pores and fine lines for a youthful appearance. Skin is left with soft, dewy smoothness and a re-energized healthy-looking color and glow.” Since repurchasing Renewed Hope In A Jar I can confidently say that this is definitely in my top 5 moisturizers. 

Philosophy: Cleanse, Refine & Renew // Being Leanna

Microdelivery Dual-Phase Peel

I just used this on my skin an hour ago and all I want to do is touch my face… it’s that soft. I’m going to a wedding this weekend and cannot wait for how great my skin is going to look in pictures. I have never had such smooth, plump, and healthy looking skin as I have right after using this peel. The two step process is easy to use and you can feel and see results. Step one is the manual exfoliant that you put all over your face (they suggest 1 tsp) and gently rub it in circles. Trust me, you do not need to super duper rub this into your skin.

Next, take bit of the “activating gel” (lactic/salicylic acid) and gently place that on top of the crystals. You’re going to see a bunch of white foam and feel a bit of heat, but that’s a good thing! You can rub this all in if you want, but I personally go pretty gently. Just rinse it off and look how awesome your skin looks! I use this once a week and I am continuously blown away by how my skin feels afterwards.

Question of the Day: Do you guys use Philosophy products? What do you think of these?

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A Teeth Whitener that Causes No Sensitivity!

A Teeth Whitener that Causes No Sensitivity! // Being Leanna

Yeah, you read that right. I found a teeth whitener, that actually works, that doesn’t cause any sensitivity. I’m in shock too. Which is why I had to share it with you guys. I don’t know a single person that doesn’t want to whiten their teeth, do you? I’ve been on the hunt for a good whitening product for years now. I’ve tried toothpastes, mouth washes, strips, gels, blue light thingies and all with very minimal success. 

You see, I’ve got sensitive teeth and anything that’s too hot or too cold hurts them. I can’t bite into ice cream or slurp too hot of tea without my teeth feeling kinda meh. I’m sure a lot of you have this problem. Or, at least have a problem with teeth whiteners causing your gums and teeth to throb. The reviews on any at home teeth whitener have complaints that are always the same “this made my teeth hurt”. 

Supersmile Teeth Whitener

Anyways, I discovered Supersmile at Ulta and figured for $30 I could be okay if it didn’t work, and ecstatic if it did. Well, it did. I purchased the Ultimate Whitening system that includes 2 toothpastes and 8 activating rods. 

One toothpaste is a regular ole minty toothpaste that’s actually really nice. The other “toothpaste” is a whitening accelerator gel. You use a pea sized amount of each twice a day instead of your normal toothpaste. They say to use this on a dry toothbrush and I can totally see why. A wet toothbrush just causes the paste to not stick as well to your teeth.

As for the activator rod, you use those twice a week, or every once in a while when you need a boost of whitening. Just rub this all over your teeth before brushing and be sure to brush for at least 2 minutes when using the activator rod. It seems like a long time but when you know you’re whitening your teeth it goes by much quicker. A Teeth Whitener that Causes No Sensitivity! // Being LeannaA Teeth Whitener that Causes No Sensitivity! // Being Leanna

Before is up top, after is below. So embarrassed of my bottom teeth, don’t judge!


// Well, it actually works. I apologize if the pictures aren’t proof enough but I had no intentions of writing a post about this. I just took the before picture as reference for myself. Believe it or not, I had braces for two years. Ugh.

// Does not cause any sensitivity. I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true. So incredibly thrilled. 

// I noticed a difference after one use. For realz.

// Not a lot of work to add to your daily brushing routine.

// Extra tooth paste and accelerator to keep using even when you’ve used up the rods.


// I wish it whitened a bit better, but obviously, unless you get whitening professionally done it won’t be dazzlingly white.

// Can’t find this at Ulta anymore so you’ve got to buy it on Amazon (not really a drawback but I like instant gratification).

// Adds an extra step to your brushing twice a week ( I would forget to use the rods every once in a while).

Bottom Line:

// I will buy this teeth whitener again for sure. I’ve used up all 8 of the activating rods but I still have the toothpaste and activating gel that I use twice a day. I’ll wait a few months before using this again but I really enjoy the results I got and the price can’t really be beat. Check out the Supersmile website to get more detailed product information but buy it from Amazon, it’s much cheaper and also on Prime if you’ve got that. 

Let me know if you guys have sensitive teeth! Please reassure me that i’m not alone. 

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How to Keep Track of Makeup Expiration! Plus a FREE Download! 9

How To Keep Track Of Makeup Expiration Dates- Plus FREE Download // Being Leanna

If you’re anything like me, you constantly forget how long you’ve had things for. Is this mascara one week old, or have I had it for two years? I’ll never know. But, I do know that makeup gets gross after a while and that makeup expiration dates are super important. I won’t be putting something on my skin that’s spoiled. Will you?

So, in dealing with this dilemma of mine, I figured I wasn’t the only one letting expired products fall through the cracks so I thought i’d share my best tips for making sure your products are still okay to put on your face!

How To Keep Track of Makeup Expiration:

// Tip 1: Grab a marker and write the date you started using the product right on the label. This is the easiest way to keep track of how long you’ve had your products for. 

// Tip 2: Don’t share your makeup! Now, i’m not saying that your friends are gross, but sharing makeup leads to more germs. If you must share products, at least make sure you’re using different applicators. And please, never share your eye products. Ew. ew. ew. Do you want someone else’s eyeliner near your eye? No thanks. 

// Tip 3: Wash dem brushes (and sponges) weekly. I’ll admit, I used to be terrible about regularly washing my brushes. But, now that I’ve started regularly washing my brushes I’ve noticed a difference in my skin. Really. I have this super inexpensive brush cleanser from e.l.f. and it works just as well as some more expensive brush cleansers I’ve tried. 

// Tip 4: Use a tool of some kind to help you wash your brushes. Swirling a brush around in your hand works, but isn’t thorough enough. I was seriously surprised at how much cleaner my brushes got after getting one this doo-hicky that was less than $2 on Amazon. There’s no real excuse to not buy it. I love it so much I included it in my August Favorites!

// Tip 5: Cream and liquid products expire faster so, if you’re trying to use up some of your stash, it’s best to go through those first. 

// Tip 6: Go though your products now and check for makeup expiration. It always feels good to purge on some old things. Get rid of what’s old and while you’re at it, you may discover some old favorites! Check the expiration though before trying them back out.

// Tip 7: Take a picture of those expired products that you want to repurchase so when you go shopping again you’ll know exactly what the product is. There is so much variety in makeup these days it’s hard to remember the exact same shade/type/brand of lipstick you loved without a picture. 

// Tip 8: Most makeup has an expiration on it if you need some guidance. There’s a little jar looking picture with a number of months to show you just how long that product will last for. Use it!

// Tip 9: Use this handy printable below to keep track of how long you should be keeping your products for! All of the basics are on listed for you to use as a guide. Remember, these are guidelines not harden rules. Print it out and stick it with all of your makeup.

Product Expiration List // Being Leanna 


Do you have any more tips to add? Share them below! 

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August Favorites- Celebrating the end of Summer! 15

August Favorites- Celebrating the end of Summer! // Being Leanna

I’m going to make a bold statement here and say that I loved fall back before it was cool. Ever since I was a kid i’ve loved fall. Apple picking, chicken pot pie, crunchy leaves and sweaters are just some of my favorite things about fall and I cannot wait for that all to happen. But, I love summer too! The endless sunny skies, the hot weather, the bright colors. So, to celebrate the transition from summer into fall i’m sharing my favorite things that I discovered in August because I needed to throw in just 1 more summer post before I join everyone else in the blogger world and switch it on over to fall.

Here we go!

August Favorites:

August Favorites- Celebrating the end of Summer! // Being Leanna

A Week At The Lake- Wendy Wax

Who doesn’t love a book that takes place near where they live? Lake George is one of my favorite places in the world and this is exactly where this book is set. A week at the lake is a beautiful story about three women’s friendships, through their ups and downs and everything in between. Each woman has their own struggle and it’s cool getting to hear things from their perspectives. The drama of the book was fairly predictable but it made for a great beach read. Easy to digest and perfect for the summertime! Plus, I just mailed it off to a friend in Seattle for a book swap, making it even more fun. 😀

The Luxe Life- Fleur De Force

If you’re a fan of YouTube at all, you’ve probably heard of this famous personality. I’ve followed Fleur’s channel for years and years and was ecstatic to hear she was coming out with another book. She includes fashion, makeup, home decor and hosting tips and i’m obsessed. I dream of a day where I’ve got my own place and I can host friends or family. I’m not the most social person but I love the idea of entertaining. Do you guys follow Fleur on YouTube? If not, you totally should. She’s one of the most genuine seeming YouTubers I’ve seen.


August Favorites- Celebrating the end of Summer! // Being Leanna

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Sleep- Lavender Chamomile pillow mist

I have not been sleeping well lately. At all. I’m not sure if I’ve got a lot on my mind or if it’s something else, but either way this pillow mist is starting to help. At least, I think it is. I’ve had this stuff for years and I always use it before bed when i’m not tired. The lavender is such a relaxing scent that I do feel like it actually helps to make me sleepy. I’m not all into essential oils but this spray has been my go-to for years. 

Davroe Hair Wellness- Ends Repair Leave In Treatment

Let me just start by saying that this smells incredible. Oh, and it actually works super well too! My ends have been incredibly dry lately and this has helped to moisturize without weighting my hair down, and it tames my fly-aways. I use about a pea to a dime sized amount and run it through the ends of my hair while it’s still damp from the shower and then go about my normal hair routine. 

Tarte- Double Duty Beauty Palette

I’m just starting to get into eye shadow (no clue what’s taken me so long) and I grabbed this palette from the Tarte Friends and Family sale a while back. Needless to say I’ve been obsessed ever since. You can read more about this palette in my whole post about Tarte products I love

Copper Measuring Cups

I couldn’t not include these adorable things. Copper is so trendy right now and they were on sale at Michael’s so I had to grab them, right? They’re going to look so adorable in pictures when I start baking again. I tend to do a lot more baking in the fall so now I’ve got some nice measuring cups so i’ll actually want to take pictures and post some recipes on here! Let me know if you’ve got any fall baking recommendations in the comments!

DKNY Be Delicious- In Bloom

I have had this forever and I recently rediscovered it. The fresh scent is perfect for summertime and I wanted to include it because it’s $13.99 on Amazon. Guess it’s been discontinued haha. The scent is very apple-y but also floral which is just lovely. I started using this again because I really need to pare down my perfume collection because I’ve told myself that I can’t use my new bottle of my favorite perfume until another is gone. I’m trying to be less of a fragrance hoarder. What’s your favorite scent?

Aromatica- Rose Absolute First Serum

Aka the best toner ever. I got this right in the beginning of August but, I’ve already completely stopped using my 2 other toners. This moisturizes my skin instead of drying it out like a lot of toners and it smells incredible. It’s like I’ve planted a rose under my nose. I have a lot of skin redness and this combats this amazingly well. Stay tuned and i’ll be writing a full review on this baby and the other products I recently got from Peach & Lily soon.

Makeup Brush Cleaner Thing

I have no idea what you’re supposed to call this thing but it’s amazing at cleaning my brushes. Before I’d just swirl them around in my hand and and that was that. I also used to be horrible about washing my brushes. Helllooooo germs. Now that I’ve got this fancy doo-hicky I wash them once a week (is that enough?). The best part? If you search on Amazon this thing is about $1-2. No joke. 

Last, but certainly not least!

Amika- Nourishing Mask

This is another product I got in my August Birchbox that really knocked it out of the park. I’ve tried other Amika products and loved them as well. The scent is lovely but it’s the performance that really wows. I mentioned earlier that my hair has been pretty dry on the ends lately and this has helped tremendously. I’ve had enough in the sample to use it once a week for the past 3 weeks. I suggest putting this in your hair (I avoid my roots), brushing your teeth and then hopping in the shower to rinse off and then washing and conditioning as normal. Wham, bam, healthy hair again!

Question of the day: What have your favorite things been in August? 

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Tarte Cosmetics: A Brand Spotlight 7

Brand Spotlight: Tarte Cosmetics// Being Leanna

Brand Spotlight: Tarte Cosmetics

Happy Monday!

I don’t know about you guys but when I find a brand that I love, I kinda go a little crazy and try out everything that they have to offer. I’ve recently fell even more in love with Tarte  and I needed to talk about it. Here is a collection of my favorite Tarte Cosmetics products, i’d love to know what your thoughts are so leave me a comment!


A year or two ago I bought the highly hyped Amazonian Clay full coverage airbrush foundation. I immediately fell in love with the brand. Since then, I’ve accumulated a bunch of Tarte Cosmetics products and I’ve enjoyed them all. I heart this foundation so much that it was featured in my recent post all about finding the right foundation for you!

Brand Spotlight: Tarte Cosmetics// Being Leanna

I even use a Tarte Cosmetics brush to apply my foundation.

Brand Spotlight: Tarte Cosmetics// Being Leanna

Basically, I’ve accumulated enough Tarte Cosmetics products to do my entire makeup look. i’m not ashamed to say that sometimes I do. And, even though I really do love everything, I think this concealer that I recently grabbed is my favorite of all.

Brand Spotlight: Tarte Cosmetics// Being Leanna

I’ve never used a thicker concealer before and I was incredibly worried the first time I used this. Until, I saw just how well it covered my dark circles. This concealer doesn’t make my under eye area look cake-y at all. If you’re in need of a super-duper concealer. This is it.


Speaking of super-duper, i’m obsessed with this palette. As a self proclaimed beauty addict I admit that I haven’t gotten into eye shadows. i really want to learn so I grabbed this palette

Brand Spotlight: Tarte Cosmetics// Being Leanna

In my super novice attempts I’ve done a semi-decent job with this palette so far and I think that lucky penny is my favorite color. The bronze shimmer looks incredible with my green eyes. But what makes this palette look even better is some kick-a$$ lashes.

Now, I will say that this is not my favorite mascara but that’s only because I prefer those rubberized brushes instead of a bristle brush. The formula is fantastic I just wish it had a different brush!

Am I the only one that still gets mascara all over the place when applying it? Please tell me your secrets to perfect application.

Brand Spotlight: Tarte Cosmetics// Being Leanna


It is incredibly hard to find the perfect “your lips but better” shade, and even harder to find 2. Even if you aren’t as fair skinned as me these next two lipsticks would be lovely on almost any skin tone. The first is a lip crayon and the second is more of your normal style lipstick

Brand Spotlight: Tarte Cosmetics// Being Leanna

Brand Spotlight: Tarte Cosmetics// Being Leanna

I love a matte finish. There is nothing I dislike more than that sticky feeling of a shimmery lipstick or gloss. Leave me a comment or tweet at me what your favorite non-sticky lipstick is!

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I’m dying to know, what do you guys think about Tarte Cosmetics? Are you as in love as i am?

I’ve given a full review of the Amazonian Clay bronzer so be sure to check that out. What are your favorite Tarte products? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to pin any of the pictures above so you can remember to purchase them later!

Thanks For Reading// Being Leanna

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