This or That? Battle of the Blushes 18

This or That? Battle of the Blushes // Being Leanna

This or That: Battle of the Blushes

I’m trying to bring this back as a series. If you’ve been here any length of time you may remember my other This or That posts: Bronzers, Foundations and mascara! Today, i’m bringing you blushes! And not just 2, this is a comparison of 4 of my favorite blushes. So, before we start this battle, let’s introduce the contenders.

This or That? Battle of the Blushes // Being Leanna

Cargo Water Resistant Blush in Los Cabos $26.00 for .11oz

This or That? Battle of the Blushes // Being Leanna

NARS Blush in Deep Throat $30.00 for .16oz

This or That? Battle of the Blushes // Being Leanna

Benefit Rockateur Blush $29.00 for .17oz

This or That? Battle of the Blushes // Being Leanna

NYX Cosmetics Ombre Blush in Soft Flush $9.99 for .28oz

This or That? Battle of the Blushes // Being Leanna


Each of these 4 blushes have vastly different packaging which makes this pretty difficult to chose the best.

Cargo- Metal, compact tin. Easy for travel.

NARS- Using their signature rubberized packaging that is amazing and easily recognizable but also gets insanely dirty. I definitely used some makeup remover for this picture.

Benefit – Again in the signature box packaging. Very fancy, but also very clunky in terms of size.

NYX – Thin and sleek packaging but it’s as large as the palm of my hand.

Winner: Cargo

 This or That? Battle of the Blushes // Being Leanna


Cargo- The silky texture of this blush is easily picked up by a blending brush and can be applied effortlessly with a light hand. This blends in beautifully if you don’t have too much product on your brush. You definitely do not need to swirl your brush around in this as it is very pigmented.

NARS- This blush has an incredibly silky feel and is definitely the most finely milled powder of the bunch. It’s fine texture easily melts into the skin and applies sheer but can easily be built up to a rosey hue without looking like you’ve got too much blush on.

Benefit- Almost a creamy texture if you can believe it. The packaging creates a nice barrier in which to swirl your brush in to get as much product as possible. The creamy texture blends into the skin flawlessly and almost acts as a cream blush. Are the other Benefit blushes like this? Let me know your favorite Benefit blush below!

NYX Cosmetics- You might have assumed that because of the lower price point this wouldn’t blend or apply as well as it does. I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of this blush, especially with how well it applies. Definitely use a light hand and be sure to tap off any excess as this is a very pigmented blush that is super powdery.

Winner: Tie between Cargo and NARS

 This or That? Battle of the Blushes // Being Leanna


Cargo – Depends on the shade but this coral/tangerine shade is incredibly pigmented and it’s perfect for spring/summer. You definitely do not need to swirl your brush around in this as it is highly pigmented, a few taps in the product and you’re good to go. Lasts all day but is definitely not “swimmable” as it claims.

NARS – Very sheer but easy to build up without looking cakey on the skin. Orgasm is the usual favorite shade but I prefer the more blush pink of Deep Throat. It’s a beautiful natural looking flush with a hint of shimmer. Flatters all skin tones.

Benefit- The very sheer coverage does require some more swishing than all the other brands but the color payoff is fantastic. Because this acts as almost a cream blush I find it lasts longer than all the other brands. Plus, who doesn’t love rose gold?

NYX- Huge color payoff and pigmentation with little product needed. Because this is so pigmented you need to be careful to not apply too much. This lasts moderately well throughout the day but if I don’t touch it up it’ll be gone by dinner time. Have ya’ll tried this ombre blush? 

Winner: NARS

 This or That? Battle of the Blushes // Being Leanna


Cargo: Easily removed with soap and water or a makeup wipe.

NARS: Needs a little coaxing with a makeup wipe.

Benefit: Slides right off with some makeup remover

NYX: Usually removes itself but also easily removed with a makeup wipe. 

Winner: NARS- lasts all day and doesn’t fall off your face unless you want it to.

This or That? Battle of the Blushes // Being Leanna 

Overall Thoughts?

Honestly, I love all 4 of these for different reasons. The Cargo is my absolute favorite in the summer because of its coral shade. It’s not waterproof but I do find this works the best when i’m working up a sweat out in the sun. The NARS I’ve been using for years and feel that this is the most flattering blush shade I’ve ever used. This works on any skin tone at any time of the year. Benefit and I have a very strong relationship and I love me my Rockateur blush but i’m falling out of love with it as it gets older. The product is getting flaky and strange, has this happened to anyone else? NYX is good, but not what I grab for on a daily basis. I love this when i’m in desperate need for a bit more color on my cheeks. The NYX blush definitely is the most bang for your buck but I think the Cargo blush is the most value for your money.  

Overall Winner – Cargo!

Question of the Day: Have you guys ever used this blush or any of the other shades? I’d love to know your thoughts! Leave a comment or tweet me!

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This or That? Battle of the Blushes // Being Leanna


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Rediscover Your Old Makeup Favorites 14

Rediscover Your Old Makeup Favorites // Being Leanna

In January I put myself on a three month long spending ban (Month 1 & Month 2) and I told myself i’d start to de-clutter before I bought a house. One of my goals in de-cluttering was to go through all of my makeup and toss what was old or i’d never use. I also wanted to use up as many of the sample sized products as I could. In doing those, I got rid of a ton of stuff! But, I also rediscovered a bunch of favorites that had been hidden away. 

Today I wanted to share with you guys the products i’m loving again to remind you to shop your own collection! You never know what’s hiding in those drawers. I also wanted to share these rediscoveries with you because if I was this excited about rediscovering them than you definitely need them in your own collection!

Seeing as it’s spring now lots of us are doing some spring cleaning so I highly encourage you to go through your makeup stash and take a peek at what’s in there. You never know what you could rediscover! 

Rediscover Your Old Makeup Favorites:

E.l.f. High Definition Powder in Sheer

This lovely powder covers up any oil, looks matte, stays all day. It is a loose powder so it will get everywhere if you’re not careful. Shocked I let this fall by the wayside. For the price, it’s definitely the best powder I’ve used. $6.00

Philosophy The Microdelivery Peel

So good I wrote a post about it before and, it’s my most viewed post! Love this two step process, first you apply the scrub and then come in with the lactic acid gel. It heats up and feels amazing on the skin. Wash it clean and it literally gives you the smoothest skin ever. My winter skin could have really used this. $72.00

Rimmel Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue Foundation

Seems to not be available anymore but they have it in a BB cream. Then again I bought this in England so maybe it was never available here? You can find it on Amazon or the BB cream at Ulta. This foundation has a dewy finish without being too shiny. I have fairly oily skin so it’s saying a lot if I don’t think this is greasy looking. Love the finish and staying power. $6.99

Smashbox Halo Long Wear Blush in Peachy Dream

I’m starting to wonder just how old my makeup is? I did a huge cleanout not too long ago and tossed anything I didn’t think was good anymore. This isn’t sold either, can be found on Amazon though. Honestly, any peach/coral blush is a favorite of mine. Why I ever stopped using this is beyond me but i’m so happy it’s back. 

Rediscover Your Old Makeup Favorites // Being Leanna

Elizabeth and James Nirvana in Black and White

Mini rollerballs are the best for traveling or keeping in your purse. Or your car which is where I found mine recently. #oops These two scents are amazing. They’re a bit musky which I love. The white is more of a day time scent while the black is more for night time. The best part is that they can be layered for an even more amazing scent. $25.00 

First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy

Best eye brightener around. I’ve mentioned before that I get super dark circles if I haven’t been sleeping well and this really counteracts that. It can be easily layered under any concealer without creasing which is obviously really important. If you need an under eye brightener, this is it. The stainless steel tip is also insanely cooling and refreshing on tired eyes and puffiness. Win win. $36.00 

Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment

If you’re looking for a balm (bomb, get it?) tinted lip balm this is the one you need. Best lip balm/moisturizer ever. It’s one of the few tinted lip balms that I actually enjoy, most tinted balms tend to not be moisturizing. And it smells amazing. Pretty pricey at $24.00 (I have a mini) but I only break this out on days where my lips really need help. The color is gorgeous and there are 12 shades!

Rediscover Your Old Makeup Favorites // Being Leanna

Maybelline The Rocket Volum’ Express in black

My favorite drugstore mascara. I always have a backup on me ready to go but i’ve been trying to use up the 5 other open mascaras I have *no shame*. The formula is amazing, really adds volume without clumping. I’m blessed to have super long lashes but they don’t curl or look very thick and this mascara really helps. If you’re looking for an amazing, inexpensive mascara, this is for you. $6.99

Makeup Eraser

Bought it, loved it, went on a micellar water and makeup wipe binge and now i’m back to it. Love it, works well, easy to clean, does stain pretty easily with mascara though. If you haven’t tried it, it’s pretty great. Promise. $20.00 


Bhcosmetics Contour and Blush palette

This is really inexpensive for the amount of product you get. I highly suggest it for anyone who wants some color variety but doesn’t want to break the bank. Not the best quality but it does last well on top of foundation. Very pigmented so you’ll only need a small amount. $10.99

Rediscover Your Old Makeup Favorites // Being Leanna

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Original

Love the original formulation, works well, does what it says and it’s super cheap at $7.99 a bottle. I got a dozen different dry shampoos in my Birchboxes and I had been trying to use those up. Now that they’re all gone I went and grabbed my Batiste instead of buying one of the samples I had. That’s saying a lot!

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs in Fairest Glow

I’m very fair and you can always see my veins so, in the summer, if I haven’t gotten a little tan I always spray this on before heading out. It’s perfect for work so I can get away without stockings and it’s perfect for those short shorts that show off a lot of leg. I haven’t had any issues with this coming of which is a huge bonus. If you aren’t great with fake tanner (me) you need this in your life. It’s 300x easier. $12.99

Dr. Jart+ Beauty Balm

$39.00 This is the first BB cream I bought and i’m still in love with it. I always forget how great it is on my skin and how well it holds up throughout the day. The spf 45 is the biggest winner for me, it’s the perfect summer foundation when you’re looking for light/medium coverage.

Rediscover Your Old Makeup Favorites // Being Leanna

Two of the lip products you see in the pictures above got tossed a few days after I took these pictures. When looking up links for you guys I noticed that neither product had been sold in quite some time so I trashed them. Don’t want to be using old products on my face!

Question of the day: Have you ever done a search through your collection and discovered some new favorites? If not, now’s the time! 

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Rediscover Your Old Makeup Favorites // Being Leanna


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The Eye Mask You’ve Been Searching For 10

The Eye Mask You've Been Searching For // Being Leanna

Oh hey guys! Do you remember me? It’s been a little over a week but I feel like I’ve been gone ages. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I went to Philadelphia last weekend for the first time! I thought it would be a nice relaxing weekend with plenty of time for blogging. Nope. I was out all day for the whole long weekend and did 0 blogging. Hence my disappearance. But, I did actually use my Snapchat (BeingLeanna) if you follow along you’ll have seen snippets of my adventures!

I’ll be posting about Philadelphia soon but in the meantime i’m bringing it back and talking about my second favorite topic, skincare. Boy oh boy this winter did my skin in. I’ve been doing everything in my power to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and have found some excellent products. You all know my love of masks so today, i’m talking all about this amazing eye mask I discovered the VII code O2M Oxygen Eye Mask. It’s a mouthful but I promise it does wonders. 

The Eye Mask You've Been Searching For // Being Leanna

VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask

I have tried out many an eye mask in my day. As someone who suffers from dark circles I’m willing to trying anything with promises of making them better. This company reached out to me and offer to send me a box and I happily agreed. I had never tried an eye mask quite like this before. If you’re looking to step up from just an eye cream, keep on reading!

The Eye Mask You've Been Searching For // Being Leanna

Does It work?

The VII Code mask is an 8 hour, overnight treatment which is different from any other sheet mask I’ve tried. As a person who sleeps on their stomach I was very skeptical that these would even stay on my face that long. Luckily, I was proven wrong in my first night of wearing these. The eye masks are made up of a gel-like material which feels insanely comfortable on your skin. Think of those gel insoles for your shoes, but for your face. Cushy and comfy in all the right places. 

Needless to say after my first night I was hooked but I would never write a review without a full and thorough test so I used these as directed until my box was empty. You’re supposed to apply the mask two to three times per week and there are 6 masks per box. I used this for three weeks. VII Code does say that three boxes is a full “treatment” but I had results after just one use. I can’t comment about it’s claims to help crows feet or fine lines but I can say that I saw an immediate reduction in my dark circles and after continued use the puffiness under my eyes has mostly disappeared.  

The Eye Mask You've Been Searching For // Being Leanna


//These actually stick to your eyes! I can’t tell you how many eye masks I’ve tried that slip down my face because they have so much product in them. The gel texture really keeps a firm hold without being stiff or uncomfortable.

//Stomach sleepers can wear these! As I mentioned before I was hesitant but I was definitely proven wrong. I expected these eye masks to wander around my pillow case but they stayed put. 

//They actually reduce under eye circles. Really. The ingredients in these eye masks combined with the wear time really seem to be doing the trick. They don’t dry out as you sleep and you barely even notice they’re there. 


//They’re expensive. They currently retail for $55 on Amazon making them a tad over $9 per mask. If you don’t have under eye issues these probably aren’t the eye masks for you.

//If you need to re-position them they don’t stick as well. This isn’t really a big deal, just make sure you get them in a good spot on the first try. Close to the eye socket but not too close where it’s annoying. 


I’ll definitely buy another box or two of these to get the “full treatment” in and see if there is any lasting effects. I really enjoy pampering myself and these sure do feel like a treat. I highly suggest popping them in the fridge before applying for an extra cooling effect. Paring these up with my favorite pampering products really feels like a luxury some nights. If you’re in the market for a great feeling eye mask, this is definitely for you!

Click here to purchase!

Have any of you tried these masks? What is your favorite eye mask, i’d love to try it out!

 **This product was sent to me for review, however, all thoughts and opinions are always my own. No affiliate links were used. 
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Treat Yo’ Self: Friday Night Pamper Session 16

Treat Yo' Self:  Friday Night Pamper Session // Being Leanna

Treat Yo’ Self: Friday Night Pamper Session

Every Friday evening I like to teat my skin to a little extra pampering. I’ll do my normal evening skincare routine and with a couple extra steps to make the night extra special. I love doing this because it’s such a relaxing way to end a long week at work. Today, I thought i’d share the special products I add to my nightly routine to add in a bit of extra pamper to my normal routine. 

Let me just start by saying that my skin has been a nightmare lately. Winter always is harsh on your skin but this year it’s been unbearable. My skin is dry and dull and i’m trying everything to fix it. 

Treat Yo' Self:  Friday Night Pamper Session // Being Leanna

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

I start my routine with my usual makeup wipes and then I head into the bathroom to cleanse my skin with my favorite hydrating cleanser. The First Aid Beauty Facial Cleanser is my favorite gentile cleanser. Every teeny tiny speck of dirt, every fleck of leftover mascara and even a lip stain comes off with this stuff. The creamy formula feels extra lush on your skin and it’ll leave no residue. The best part? Your skin stays nice and plump, no dehydration at all, talk about pampering.

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Foaming Mask

Bubble masks have been all the  rage lately and while I was curious, I never really thought that they would be effective. Turns out, I was way wrong. I’ve got the Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Foaming Mask and it has worked wonders on my dull, dry skin. The formula contains Vitamins C&E, aloe, and soy protein which work in conjunction to whisk away the old cells and make room for the new, deeply hydrated ones. Use between 3-5 pumps and massage evenly into your skin. You’ll notice the orange gel turn into a thin white film on your skin. Don’t worry, it’ll soon start to tingle and expand on your face. It feels like thousands of tiny pop rocks are going off on your skin. Leave this on for 5 minutes or for all of the bubbles to dissipate and then rinse it off. You’ll notice instantly brighter and plumper skin with just one use.

Lush Lip Scrub- Bubblegum

This has been my go to lip treatment for years and years now. After using a mask and before moisturizer I like to slather this all over my lips. Only a small amount is needed and the pot will last you forever. Scrub the sugar into your lips and either rinse or lick it off. Your lips will be left feeling plump and free of any dead skin cells. Toss on your favorite lip balm (mine is anything from Nivea) and get ready for extra super duper luscious lips in the AM. After your lips are taken care of it’s time to go back to the rest of your face.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Overnight Mask

I love me a hydrating mask always but especially in the winter. I purchased this overnight mask for the first time over a year ago when I was flying to Europe. Airplanes are known for drying out your skin so I picked this baby up to combat that. Boy did it ever work. Now, I use this once a week in the winter to keep my skin plump and happy. I apply about a dime sized amount all over my face (except my eye area) and bring down any excess to my neck. This absorbs pretty quickly and it continues to hydrate your skin as you sleep. If you’ve been following me for any amount of time you’ll remember me raving about it multiple times. Like here, here and even here.

VII Code O2M Oxygen Eye Mask

If you’re wondering why I said I avoided my eye area when applying that First Aid Beauty mask this would be why. I’ve been trying out these eye masks and have become obsessed with them. They’ll be getting their own post in a few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for that. Here’s a little sneak peek though, they work well! I was happy that I found an eye mask that didn’t just slide right off of my face. Does that happen to you guys, or just me? Usually eye masks are so gooey that they just slip right down my face. That’s not the case with these.

That is my Friday evening pamper routine. I just add those 5 products to my normal evening routine and it feels extra special. Let me know what products you use when you’re looking to pamper yourself!

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Treat Yo' Self:  Friday Night Pamper Session // Being Leanna


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The Best Makeup of 2016 6

The Best Makeup of 2016 // Being Leanna
Hey everyone! On Monday I posted my top skincare and hair favorites of 2016 and today i’m back with the best makeup of 2016! I’ve included everything from foundation to brows and everything in between. If you’re on the hunt for some new goodies to spend those holiday gift cards on, this is the post for you!
Favorite makeup of 2016


The Best Makeup of 2016

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

Everyone under the sun went crazy for this earlier in the year when it was released and admittedly, I was skeptical. It’s fantastic. This bronzer basically melts into your skin and stays put all day. The huge annoyance though is the strong coconut scent which i’m sure most people love. It’s still a good enough bronzer though where I still use it every day.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream- Antwerp

I bought this on a whim a couple months ago and wore it to my friends wedding. Wowza is the formula of these great. They are matte without drying out your lips and it stays on forever. There are 34 shades so there’s definitely something for everyone. I can’t wait to pick up more.

Colourpop Sculpting Stix- Dove

I am not a huge contour person. I love how it looks but for me personally, I think I look best with a bit of bronzer and some highlight. But, then I bought this sculpting stick from Colourpop. It makes contouring so easy and the colors are pretty subtle so even someone like me can do it without over-doing it. If you’re interested in learning to contour and need something inexpensive, pick this up!

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip- Baracuda

This is a warm, rosy satin lip color and it looks amazing on my fair skin. If you’ve got lighter skin it’s hard to find a rosy color that isn’t too red on us. This is a tie for my favorite shade and the formula is lovely. The staying power is great for the $6 price tag so there’s no reason not to grab it. 

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream

The best CC cream I’ve ever used. I wear it every day and I love it. It stays on all day, evens out my skin tone and covers up redness without being full coverage (it doesn’t even look like i’m wearing makeup!). I’m so in love that I’ve mentioned this quite a few times on the blog so i’m sure you’ve heard everything I could ever say about it. If not, check out my reviews other posts: Finding the Right Foundation for you, Summer Beauty Favorites, and Summer Staples with SPF.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer 

I love bronzer so much, I couldn’t pick one so, here’s the third. This one was my first love. Hoola is perfect in every way. If I had to pick just one forever it would be this one. The matte finish is it’s biggest selling point for me and it’s supposedly the best selling prestige bronzer in the US so i’m sure ya’ll know if it’s greatness. 

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil- Demolition

I have been buying this eyeliner since the early 2000s and I haven’t strayed. The formula is perfectly creamy and matte and there just isn’t anything better. I use this in my water line every single day and it lasts all day. I’ve got about 5 shades and they are all perfect. If you’ve never tried this than you’re missing out. 

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip- Viper

Everyone needs a beautiful dusty rose colored lip in their arsenal and this is the best one going. This shade is one of the few from Colourpop that doesn’t dry out my lips and it literally stays on all day with no touch-ups. Through lunch, coffee and multiple cups of tea this stuff doesn’t budge. 

Fragonard Belle Cherie Perfume

I know this one is hard because everyone has different scents that they love but if you’re a floral person you need this in your life. The Fragonard perfumes are perfection. I got to visit their perfumery in France in 2014 and learned so much about fragrance. This stuff is so good that you can spray it on your skin and still smell it the next day. No joke. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer

If you need a lightweight under eye concealer this is the one for you. I’ve got fair skin so every imperfection is especially visible but this concealer covers up even my darkest of circles without creasing. 

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

It’s the best if you love a rubber applicator. The shape of the brush head really grabs at every teeny tiny lash and the formula is great. I have naturally straight lashes and I can attest to the fact that this mascara truly keeps my lashes curled until the end of the day. Plus, it now comes in brown! I love me a brown mascara. 

Benefit Rockateur Blush

Two words, rose gold. It looks great on anyone and it is so pigmented that it’ll last you forever. This has the right amount of shimmer that’s glow-y and not glittery which is the perfect amount of shimmer for me. 

NARS Blush- Deep Throat

I know you’ve all heard of the cult favorite shade Orgasm, but have you ever tried Deep Throat? It’s my personal favorite, I’ve been buying this since I started wearing makeup. It’s a softer pink with gold shimmer where Orgasm is more of a coral pink. This applies so easily and it feels like it melts right into your skin the powder is so fine. Deep Throat leaves your cheeks with a natural looking flush.

Kiko Milano Water Eyeshadow- Rosy Taupe

One of the prettiest rose colored shadows I’ve ever seen. The shimmer is beautiful and it’s specially formulated to be used either wet or dry! I often do a base layer all over my lids wet and then go over it again with a dry brush. This would be an especially amazing shade for New Years!

e.l.f. Instant Lift Brow Pencil

I know what you’re thinking. An eyebrow pencil from elf is good? Yup. The shade is perfect for my blonde eyebrows. It is such a struggle for us blondes to find a shade that isn’t too dark. The formula is even pretty good! I’m not really into doing my eyebrows but I am into filling in sparse spots and this is just the ticket. 

Phew! We’re all done. Thanks for settling in for that one, I know it was a lot but I couldn’t narrow down my favorite makeup any more! Everything I mentioned is really that good. Now, I want to know, what are your makeup favorites of 2016? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks For Reading // Being Leanna

The Best Makeup of 2016 // Being Leanna


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