Floral Maxi Dress for Spring: WIWW 20

Floral Maxi Dress For Spring // Being Leanna

The weather is finally starting to feel like spring here in upstate New York and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Soon enough it’ll be summer and i’ll be lounging around in shorts, flowing dresses and sandals! So today, i’m sharing my new favorite piece for spring. It was the first purchase I made fresh off of my spending ban and i’m happy to say that i’m obsessed with it. (Update: it has rained SO MUCH since I took these pictures, everything is so much more green!)

Floral Maxi Dress For Spring // Being Leanna

I am not good at fashion posts as I have no idea what to talk about so bear with me and feel free to give me some ideas in the comments below! Otherwise you’ll just keep getting handfuls of pictures of me in outfits and no text. Luckily I can link to all three items i’m wearing. today!

Maxi Dress

This stunning maxi dress is from Alice and Wonder, whom i’m now deeply in love with. I currently have about 6 items in my cart but I just can’t decide which to buy. Woe is me, am I right? Kidding.

Floral Maxi Dress For Spring // Being Leanna


The shades I can’t link to directly because they’re always changing up their designs, but, they’re from Firmoo. If ya’ll have glasses you’ll love this place. I get all of my glasses and sunglasses here and I couldn’t rave about their customer service more. They’re inexpensive, durable and they ship quickly. What’s not to love? I wrote a whole post about my favorite sunnies you should definitely go read next.

Floral Maxi Dress For Spring // Being Leanna


These chic sandals are the Elani Gladiator from Target. They come in both black and brown and they are just so comfortable. I practically lived in them last summer. For $25.00 you really can’t go wrong. 

Floral Maxi Dress For Spring // Being Leanna

Anyways, I know i’m not alone in loving the maxi dress trend but as a tall person I tend to shy away from a maxi dress. They never seem to be long enough for me but this beauty hits at just the right shortness where it looks just fine. Perfect. So, now I need to buy all the maxi dresses as they are my new favorite thing. So please, please, tell me where you love to buy summer dresses from! 

I also love that I can wear a racerback bra with this and have very minimal bra strap showing. That is the number one concern I have with any article of clothing I buy. Am I the only one? The age old question, can I wear a regular bra with this, or not? I cannot stand strapless bras. 

Okay, i’m definitely rambling at this point but i’m not great at fashion posts but I love how these pictures came out so here they are. Feel free to make fun of the remote in my right hand because i’m just not great at hiding it. I was thinking about doing a whole post about how I take blog photos but now you all can see. A remote. And a tripod. Easy peasy.

Floral Maxi Dress For Spring // Being Leanna

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen this one but it’s my favorite. Last one, I promise :-]

Floral Maxi Dress For Spring // Being Leanna

WIWW: Casual Vacation Style 10

WIWW: Casual Vacation Style // Being Leanna

I don’t know about you guys but when I travel I tend to chose comfort over style. I love looking great and trying to chose the nicest outfits for my vacations but in the end I end up wearing the comfiest clothes that I can walk all day in. Casual is my vacation style. On this particular day, I got in a nice mix of both! Comfy and stylish, at least in my opinion. 

WIWW: Casual Vacation Style // Being Leanna

WIWW: Casual Vacation Style // Being Leanna

WIWW: Casual Vacation Style // Being Leanna

WIWW: Casual Vacation Style // Being Leanna

WIWW: Casual Vacation Style // Being Leanna

Boots (similar) // Jeans // Top (similar) // Necklace (similar)

As you can see, my outfit pictures are not that great. I also can’t link anything exact but my Hollister jeans. No, I didn’t think anyone still shopped at Hollister either but, these were $25 and they fit like a glove. I haven’t done a fashion post in a long time, I need practice. I don’t even have a full body shot. But, I’ve really missed doing outfit posts so I wanted to throw one together for you guys to see what you think of me bringing back the fashion stuff. Yes, no, maybe?

I love fashion and style, heck, my degree is in fashion, but I rarely spend a ton of money on my clothes. Once I buy my house this year and get settled in a big goal of mine is to pare down my closet and start shopping for more timeless pieces. Pieces I can switch up and wear with anything. Pieces that have a bit more quality and durability. Forever 21 and Express are my go-to shopping places right now and I am in need of some serious upgrading. 

So, my question to you all is, where should I go, where do you love to shop? I love J.Crew and Banana Republic but i’m not a fan of preppy style all the time. Halp! Maybe i’ll even make my first ever Nordstrom purchase! I don’t even think I can consider myself a blogger unless I own something from Nordstrom. HA!

Anyways, thanks for reading my mostly nonsense post to gauge if you guys want more casual fashion. Please let me know in the comments!

Rep Your Team! Monday Night Football Style 5

Rep Your Team- MNF Fashion // Being Leanna

I love football. 

I grew up watching it every Sunday and it’s a tradition I keep up to this day. No, I can’t recite every rule or the stats of every player on my favorite team but, I can hold my own in a conversation. My favorite team is the New York Giants. Partially because i’m a New Yorker, partially because they were always on TV growing up and, partially because I wanted to root for a team nobody else in my family rooted for, ha!

Rep Your Team- MNF Fashion // Being Leanna

Hat ((Similar, mine’s autographed :] )// Jersey // Leggings // Boots

I love showing that I love my team through game day apparel and I am all about covering myself in Giants Blue now that the NFL has stepped up their women’s apparel game. I can guarantee that i’ve got some women’s stuff on my Christmas Wishlist this year. This is my go to outfit for game day. Comfy leggings, my big jersey and a hat so I don’t even have to bother with my hair. It’s the perfect look for a football Sunday (or Monday, or Thursday!).

Due to the NFL sucking previously the jersey i’m wearing is a men’s jersey. It’s comfortable, long and isn’t covered in rhinestones. I don’t know about you lady football lovers out there but I used to hate the NFL’s women’s apparel. The two women’s jerseys I owned were pretty yuck in my opinion. They were all: too short. Why do I need to be practically in a crop top? Too girly; My team wears dark blue, not a pastel blue. Too sparkly; one of the jerseys I had had glittery numbers, whyyy? I always thought that that’s what i’d be stuck with as a woman.

But not anymore! Thankfully the NFL has realized that women are normal fans that want normal apparel. Here’s my new favorite jersey (it fits boobs and isn’t cropped!), favorite hat, sweatshirt (cough cough parents), and sweatpants (their leggings are amazing too!). Thank goodness! I for one can’t wait until next season so I can rock all of my new ladies apparel. Who am I kidding, i’ll wear Giants gear all year round :-]

Rep Your Team- MNF Fashion // Being Leanna

Also, it’s Monday night, and that means Monday Night Football!!! Root for my Giants :-]

Question of the day: Are you an NFL fan? If so, who do you root for?

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Falling in love… with yourself 4

Falling in love... with yourself // Being Leanna

Hi strangers! 

If anyone is still around, thank you! As you may or may not have noticed it’s been a few weeks since I posted last. At first I just assumed it was the post-vacation blues. We all get them. The smack of reality that comes when you have to return to work after an amazing vacation always bums me out. But, after about a week of that not going away, I realized that it was just the regular old blues. 

Do you ever fall out of love with life? Like, you just want to mope around and be a bummer? I get in those funks sometimes and today I wanted to share with you all how I fall back in love with myself and life. Normally, I wouldn’t share things like this but over the years I’ve taught myself some tricks to help me pull back into the real world and I wanted to share them. I know that when i’m feeling depressed all I want is to feel normal again and I hope that maybe this will help someone who is also having a rough time.

Falling in love... with yourself // Being Leanna

Jacket – Marshalls (old) // Sweater – JCP here // Necklace – Banana Republic (old) // Jeans – Target here // Boots – Aldo (old- Similar here)

// Do something to make yourself laugh every single day

When i’m feeling depressed it’s hard to laugh sometimes so I go out of my way to make it happen. Whether it’s hanging out with your friends, watching a tv show or just reading a funny article on Buzzfeed. Just do it. I personally really enjoy watching YouTube when i’m bummed. Just try to have a bad time when you’re laughing. Who doesn’t love to laugh?

// Make plans with your friends, even if you don’t feel like it

Fake it till you make it baby. And trust me, it really works. Even on your most miserable days spending some quality time with a friend can really make a difference. Grab a bite to eat, go watch a movie, or just hang out and sip on a coffee. It’ll get you out of the house and out in the world. 

Falling in love... with yourself // Being Leanna

// Come up with an affirmation or mantra for yourself

Yep. It may seem hokey but I do it and it helps. The more you repeat something the more you start to believe it. So, the next time you’re thinking something negative about yourself swap that phrase out for something positive. 

// Change up your clothes/makeup/hair/nails

Anything. Just change something (not permanently) about your appearance. Sure, it may be a lame way to coax some compliments out of people but it works. People seem to love the curls. It’s nice to get a compliment and, it helps to reaffirm that people are paying attention. So go ahead, try out that bold lipstick or rock those faux leather leggings you’ve been wanting to wear. 

Falling in love... with yourself // Being Leanna

// Keep a journal

I have a planner that I use to write down what I did every single day. It’s only a small space so there’s no room for any fluffy details which really helps me to just talk about big highlights. Doing this every day allows me to notice patterns. For example, if I say I had a miserable day at work 3 days in a row I can flag that and try to fix it before it becomes a problem.

// Accept that it’s okay to not feel okay

This one is especially hard for me. I feel like I should be happy and grateful all the time so when i’m not I become extra miserable. The sooner you allow yourself to just be you’ll start to feel a bit better. We can’t all be happy all the time.

Falling in love... with yourself // Being Leanna

// Stop comparing yourself to others.

Everyone is living their own life. Comparing yourself to others just leads to a crappy mood for me. It’s hard to feel great about things when you feel like others are doing better. It’s so easy to throw a pity party for yourself (i’m guilty!) so try to work hard at reminding yourself of all of the good things in your life. Make a list if you have to!

// Workout

Ugh, I know. It’s hard enough to just get on with the day when you’re feeling down but, a great way to stop feeling bad is to get those endorphins pumping! Go for a run, lift some weights or even just stretch and do some body weight exercises (i’m about 2 weeks behind on the TIU girls October Challenge but i’m trying!). Any movement is better than sitting your booty on the couch. Plus, if you’re anything like me and love to eat your feelings you’ll be happy you’re adding in some workouts.

Falling in love... with yourself // Being Leanna

// Write down some goals

Whether they be small daily goals like “do the dishes”,  or bigger, monthly goals like “go out to dinner with friends” of “visit your grandparents” write them down and do them! I know a lot of us are planners and list makers and it’s especially important to keep that up when you’re feeling down. Setting reminders to yourself keeps you (me) on track and out of that cozy bed. 

// Fake it until you make it

I hate to say it, but it works. For realz you guys. Act happy until you are happy. It’s pulled me out of slumps more times than I can count. Work is not the place to mope around so act like you’re having the time of your life. Your positive attitude will rub off on other people and it’ll make you feel better. 

Bonus: If all else fails, make your mom take pictures of you in a fall outfit to try and overcome your hatred of being photographed. Looking at 60+ unflattering photos will help you be happy for sure.  :-]

Question of the day: 

What do you guys do to get out of that slump? Let me know in the comments!

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Thank You For Reading // Being Leanna

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The Best Sunnies For Summer 1

The Best Sunnies For Summer// Being Leanna

Two things: 1. I love sunnies. 2. This post is in no way sponsored by the brand i’m about to rave about.

Why do I love sunglasses? Well, they protect your eyes from the sun and they’re super stylish. In my opinion everyone needs a great pair of sunnies to make your summer wardrobe complete. As a person who wears glasses the struggle of finding sunglasses that work is pretty challenging. I don’t wear contacts (the thought of putting something in my eyeball freaks me out) so I wear my glasses pretty often. But, that means I need prescription sunglasses and those are pretty darn expensive. 

For years I only had 1 pair of prescription sunglasses and they were the best investment I’ve ever made, but, it was so hard seeing all the cool sunglasses at Target and knowing that I could buy them and have to risk not having great eye sight to look cool. I had a couple cheap pairs of sunnies for just hanging out but whenever I actually needed my eyesight, like when driving, I had to put on my boring prescription ones.

If only I could have cool, inexpensive prescription glasses I’d be all set for summer. Oh wait! I can. I’ve semi-recently discovered Firmoo and placed an order back in March. I’ve been obsessed with my sunglasses ever since. All sorts of bloggers and YouTubers have been talking about Firmoo for a long time now and I finally decided to see what all of the fuss was about. 

Seeing as i’m going on vacation in a month and my current sunnies were past their prime I wanted to get new shades that i’d feel comfortable wearing all day while walking around. I love the wayfair style without the Ray Ban price so I was on a mission. 

The Best Sunnies For Summer// Being Leanna

Boy did they deliver. These are perfect for me. And they could be perfect for you too. The best part about the Firmoo site is that there are so many different ways to search for sunglasses. Searching by size is what worked the best for me because I had a wayfair style regular glasses I liked I just searched by that size and went a bit bigger. You can also chose the lens color which is pretty awesome. 

The Best Sunnies For Summer// Being Leanna

Have I mentioned their lenses start at $39.00 a piece? There’s no beating that. Yes, you will pay to upgrade some things like the lens color or if you need special sizing but that’s still way less expensive than the ones you’d get from an eye doctor. All you have to do is add your prescription, customize your frames and add it to your cart. 

Oh, and in addition to being inexpensive? They frequently have sales going on or coupons you can take advantage of. If you sign up for their emails you get 15% off your first order and if you search for them on Retail Me Not you can often find even better deals. I just so happened to find a 2 for 1 coupon and go these babies as well.

The Best Sunnies For Summer// Being Leanna

I love a good aviator (similar). Plus, it’s always great to have two pairs of sunglasses. Some outfits just look better with aviators. Am I right? Anyways, the only annoying thing about these is that when I was filling in my prescription it wants to know your PD or “pupillary distance”. Now, my prescription didn’t have this and I really had no idea what it was. So, I kinda just filled in an answer after googling what an average one was. My wayfair style glasses came in fine but my aviators are a bit narrow. They look fine in pictures but they look a tad wonky in person. They’re very narrow on the bridge of my nose, but hey, it’s not bad and it’s my own fault. My suggestion is to ask your eye doctor about this before ordering glasses from this website. 

The Best Sunnies For Summer// Being Leanna

So in love. And I only spent $55.95 for both. I had to pay $10 extra because of the small PD, I think? I’m honestly not too sure but the wayfairs were free so I can’t complain. Definitely be sure to check for coupons if you’re going to order from them. Oh, and did I mention they sell regular glasses as well? BAM. Never buying overpriced lenses at the eye doctor again. 

You’re welcome :-]

Question of the day: Do you have to have multiple pairs of sunnies like me to be happy or are you cool with just one good pair?

Thanks For Reading// Being Leanna

*again, this content is in no way sponsored by Firmoo, but if they’d love to give me some free sunglasses i’d be more than happy to oblige. :-]