Bucket List: Top 3 American Cities 20

Bucket List: Top 3 American Cities// Being Leanna

Happy Monday! Let’s start with a confession shall I? 

I have never been west of the Mississippi river.

It’s true. I’ve been overseas twice (and checked off a ton of bucket list items there) but the farthest west I’ve ever gone in my own country is Wisconsin. Hopefully this year will be the year I travel further west and explore my own country. I’ve got a whole bunch of places on my American bucket list (let me know in the comments if you’d love to see that list!) but today I’ll spare you and just talk about my top 3. All I have to do is wait for Southwest to have another sale and i’ll be grabbing some tickets to jet off to these places. So please, leave me a million comments below with your tips and favorite things in each of these cities!

Bucket List: Top 3 American Cities// Being Leanna

//Atlanta, Georgia

I love the south. Everything is beautiful down south, and the slower pace is so relaxing. I have wanted to go to Atlanta basically forever and when I was living in South Carolina, I was so close! It would have been a dream to check off this bucket list item last year but I was never able to carve he time out for a weekend down in Atlanta. I’m always on Pinterest, Google and Trip Advisor looking up places to see and I’ve fallen in love with the beauty of the city. 

Top Things I want to do in Atlanta:

//Visit the botanical gardens and see the Chihuly glass exhibit.

//Visit the aquarium! Is it just me or do ya’ll love aquariums as well? 

//Take a stroll through the Centennial Olympic Park

Of course I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to visit the World of Coca-Cola. Plus, one of my favorite bloggers, Christine, lives there and that just makes me want to visit even more! Who wouldn’t want to go to the mall with one of their favorite beauty bloggers?

Bucket List: Top 3 American Cities// Being Leanna

//Dallas, Texas

This is totally a “blogging made me do it” kind of moment. I’ve been following both Helene and Sarah’s blogs for a long time and the desire to go to Dallas is stronger than ever. I’ll admit, the initial draw was the heat! I am a summer lover and i’d love to go somewhere that doesn’t get too cold, ever. It certainly helps that Dallas is BEAUTIFUL and there are so many neighborhoods within Dallas that look fantastic. I want to go everywhere and eat all the things but I really think I want to go for the street art more than anything.

Top Things I want to do in Dallas:

//Visit the botanical gardens- I never knew how much I loved botanical gardens until I went to one down in SC. They are just so beautiful! Like a park on pretty, flowery, leafy, steroids. 

//Reunion Tower. Anywhere I go, I want to go up in the tallest buildings and see the views. I’ve stalked many a picture of views from this tower and I need to go.

//The Texas State Fair. Everything is bigger in Dallas, and this fair is HUGE. I would love to go, and as an American I think it’s my duty to try everything deep fried while i’m there. Right?

Bucket List: Top 3 American Cities// Being Leanna

//Seattle, Washington

Seattle has a reputation for being one of the coolest cities in America and I won’t deny that that’s a big draw for why I want to go there. I wanna be cool by proximity so visiting there is bound to have some cool rub off on me, right? Besides that, It’s a city on the water and it makes me love it even more. Plus, one of my friends will hopefully be moving there soon so i’ll have someone to visit!  

Top Things I want to do in Seattle:

//Visit Pikes Place Market- Because, duh. Who doesn’t want to go here? And who doesn’t leave Seattle without seeing it? Farmer’s markets are amazing for picking up anything under the sun, an the people watching is pretty great too.

//Chihuly Garden and Glass. Oh. em. gee. This place looks stunning. And I love blown glass, it’s all so beautiful. And, ever since seeing a glass blowing demonstration in Venice (SPOILERS) I’ve become obsessed. 

//Go to the Space Needle. Again, duh. I would absolutely love to see Seattle from all angles. Plus, there is a rotating restaurant. Sold. 

Also, i’d probably check out botanical gardens here too, I guess every botanical garden is on my bucket list. Not mad about it. 


So, what are the cities at the top of your American bucket list? Let me know!! 

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