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The Best Travel Accessories // Being Leanna

The Best Travel Accessories:

If you love to travel you have your old standbys that you just won’t, or cannot travel without. Today, I wanted to share my must have travel accessories and why you need to add them to your list as well! 

The Best Travel Accessories // Being Leanna

// Cozy Apparel

No matter the mode of transportation you’re taking to get to your destination you have to be comfortable when traveling. A comfy t-shirt, some leggings and a sweatshirt or scarf you can throw over them are key when traveling. I always travel in a t-shirt with a sweater scarf or a cardigan. Snag this vacation appropriate shirt here!

The Best Travel Accessories // Being Leanna

// Comfortable Shoes

Keeping on the theme of comfy clothes, you need some comfortable walking shoes. I’m a huge fan of Toms. They are breathable, comfortable, easy to slip on and they go with everything. I’ve walked all over Europe in these, hiked, and sauntered around the local mall in these all with no issues.

The Best Travel Accessories // Being Leanna

// Sea Bands

Now, I can’t definitively say that these aren’t just placebo effect but they truly helped me out on my last trip. I get so incredibly motion sick on planes that I was willing to try anything. Dramamine works wonders but on a 10 hour plane ride it wears off. The little plastic nubs basically dig into your skin to hit a pressure point that’s supposed to ease nausea. They aren’t uncomfortable to wear but they do leave marks for a while once you take them off so there’s definitely no hiding them.

The Best Travel Accessories // Being Leanna

// Phone Camera Lenses

These little guys have been one of the coolest things i’ve bought for my phone. It clips onto my camera and has a macro, fish eye and a wide angle lens. They take a little bit of playing around with but once you get it down they’re great. Plus, they even come with teeny tiny lens caps to keep dust and fingerprints off.  

The Best Travel Accessories // Being Leanna

// Notebook

Okay, okay, this one is super simple. But I really will not travel without a notebook. I like to keep a travel journal when I go places, it really helps me to remember the little moments. And, when you go overseas and you don’t have data on your phone it’s really handy to write down directions to help you out when you can’t get wifi. 

The Best Travel Accessories // Being Leanna

// Microfiber travel towel

To save space in my bag on my most recent trip, I opted to buy a microfiber towel. This thing is awesome. It folds out into a full sized towel and it really soaks up every drop of water. This is the perfect option for when you’re staying at hostiles that don’t provide towels or just if you need to save some space in your bag. Plus, if you tuck this in your carry on it can double as a blanket or a pillow on for your trip. 

The Best Travel Accessories // Being Leanna

// Extra Phone Battery

Probably the most important of all the travel accessories mentioned. You need an extra battery for your phone when you’re going to be traveling around. My battery drains like it’s nobody’s business and this has came in handy multiple times. This snaps right onto your phone through the charger port and carries a full charge. The best part for me is that it adds some bulk, but it will still fit in my pocket or tiny wristlet. 

And that’s it! Those are my top must have travel accessories. I will not travel without any of them. I’ll be going to Texas on October 1st and i’ve already got all these items gathered so I know not to forget them. Let me know what your best travel accessories are so I know what else to grab for my upcoming trip! Be sure to check out my other travel posts like how to pack 8 days in a carry on

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  • I am SO glad I checked this out! I never thought about a phone lens. Absolutely genius! lol I also really need to start traveling with an extra battery or a charger because my phone is already starting to have crappy battery life after just 5 months of owning it.

    • They are so great! And mine came in a little carrying case that easily fits into my purse or clutch.

      Aren’t phones the worst? I have to turn off all my apps so they stop updating and eating my battery up.

  • Great tips! I need to carry an extra phone battery. I always have an extra camera battery, since I learned that lesson the hard way one time by missing out on some great photo ops. 🙂
    xoxo, erin | sandsunandmessybuns

    • Thank you! A battery is sooo important. I couldn’t tell you how many times my phone died and I was in the middle of nowhere.

  • These are awesome. I’ve been thinking about investing in extra lenses for my phone so I don’t have to carry my camera around everywhere. I wonder if I could get them before my trip to Hawaii next week!


    • Possibly! Amazon is pretty good with delivery so you could probably find some that could get to you quickly! Enjoy your trip!!

  • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

    This is a great list! I need to look back on this when I’m packing for my next vacay since I tend to forget to pack things!

  • Great picks! I really need to invest in a pair of toms, I’ve heard they’re super comfy and durable for travel.

    • Thank you! They are sooo great for travel. Especially when going through airport security, they just slip right on and off.

  • Adriana

    I love that tee!! It’s SO cute, these are great travel essentials!!

  • Christine C.

    Those Sea Bands are amazing! I used them the last time I went on a cruise and they worked like a charm! I’m also glad I’m not the only one who loves Tom’s. I wore them when I went to Disney and they were the best shoe for when you’re doing tons of walking!

    • I couldn’t believe how well they worked honestly. I never thought I could do a cruise before but now with these and some dramamine I think I could handle one! Toms are so comfy!!

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