August Favorites- Celebrating the end of Summer! 15

August Favorites- Celebrating the end of Summer! // Being Leanna

I’m going to make a bold statement here and say that I loved fall back before it was cool. Ever since I was a kid i’ve loved fall. Apple picking, chicken pot pie, crunchy leaves and sweaters are just some of my favorite things about fall and I cannot wait for that all to happen. But, I love summer too! The endless sunny skies, the hot weather, the bright colors. So, to celebrate the transition from summer into fall i’m sharing my favorite things that I discovered in August because I needed to throw in just 1 more summer post before I join everyone else in the blogger world and switch it on over to fall.

Here we go!

August Favorites:

August Favorites- Celebrating the end of Summer! // Being Leanna

A Week At The Lake- Wendy Wax

Who doesn’t love a book that takes place near where they live? Lake George is one of my favorite places in the world and this is exactly where this book is set. A week at the lake is a beautiful story about three women’s friendships, through their ups and downs and everything in between. Each woman has their own struggle and it’s cool getting to hear things from their perspectives. The drama of the book was fairly predictable but it made for a great beach read. Easy to digest and perfect for the summertime! Plus, I just mailed it off to a friend in Seattle for a book swap, making it even more fun. 😀

The Luxe Life- Fleur De Force

If you’re a fan of YouTube at all, you’ve probably heard of this famous personality. I’ve followed Fleur’s channel for years and years and was ecstatic to hear she was coming out with another book. She includes fashion, makeup, home decor and hosting tips and i’m obsessed. I dream of a day where I’ve got my own place and I can host friends or family. I’m not the most social person but I love the idea of entertaining. Do you guys follow Fleur on YouTube? If not, you totally should. She’s one of the most genuine seeming YouTubers I’ve seen.


August Favorites- Celebrating the end of Summer! // Being Leanna

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Sleep- Lavender Chamomile pillow mist

I have not been sleeping well lately. At all. I’m not sure if I’ve got a lot on my mind or if it’s something else, but either way this pillow mist is starting to help. At least, I think it is. I’ve had this stuff for years and I always use it before bed when i’m not tired. The lavender is such a relaxing scent that I do feel like it actually helps to make me sleepy. I’m not all into essential oils but this spray has been my go-to for years. 

Davroe Hair Wellness- Ends Repair Leave In Treatment

Let me just start by saying that this smells incredible. Oh, and it actually works super well too! My ends have been incredibly dry lately and this has helped to moisturize without weighting my hair down, and it tames my fly-aways. I use about a pea to a dime sized amount and run it through the ends of my hair while it’s still damp from the shower and then go about my normal hair routine. 

Tarte- Double Duty Beauty Palette

I’m just starting to get into eye shadow (no clue what’s taken me so long) and I grabbed this palette from the Tarte Friends and Family sale a while back. Needless to say I’ve been obsessed ever since. You can read more about this palette in my whole post about Tarte products I love

Copper Measuring Cups

I couldn’t not include these adorable things. Copper is so trendy right now and they were on sale at Michael’s so I had to grab them, right? They’re going to look so adorable in pictures when I start baking again. I tend to do a lot more baking in the fall so now I’ve got some nice measuring cups so i’ll actually want to take pictures and post some recipes on here! Let me know if you’ve got any fall baking recommendations in the comments!

DKNY Be Delicious- In Bloom

I have had this forever and I recently rediscovered it. The fresh scent is perfect for summertime and I wanted to include it because it’s $13.99 on Amazon. Guess it’s been discontinued haha. The scent is very apple-y but also floral which is just lovely. I started using this again because I really need to pare down my perfume collection because I’ve told myself that I can’t use my new bottle of my favorite perfume until another is gone. I’m trying to be less of a fragrance hoarder. What’s your favorite scent?

Aromatica- Rose Absolute First Serum

Aka the best toner ever. I got this right in the beginning of August but, I’ve already completely stopped using my 2 other toners. This moisturizes my skin instead of drying it out like a lot of toners and it smells incredible. It’s like I’ve planted a rose under my nose. I have a lot of skin redness and this combats this amazingly well. Stay tuned and i’ll be writing a full review on this baby and the other products I recently got from Peach & Lily soon.

Makeup Brush Cleaner Thing

I have no idea what you’re supposed to call this thing but it’s amazing at cleaning my brushes. Before I’d just swirl them around in my hand and and that was that. I also used to be horrible about washing my brushes. Helllooooo germs. Now that I’ve got this fancy doo-hicky I wash them once a week (is that enough?). The best part? If you search on Amazon this thing is about $1-2. No joke. 

Last, but certainly not least!

Amika- Nourishing Mask

This is another product I got in my August Birchbox that really knocked it out of the park. I’ve tried other Amika products and loved them as well. The scent is lovely but it’s the performance that really wows. I mentioned earlier that my hair has been pretty dry on the ends lately and this has helped tremendously. I’ve had enough in the sample to use it once a week for the past 3 weeks. I suggest putting this in your hair (I avoid my roots), brushing your teeth and then hopping in the shower to rinse off and then washing and conditioning as normal. Wham, bam, healthy hair again!

Question of the day: What have your favorite things been in August? 

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  • I LOVE that pillow mist! I’ve used it for so long now that just smelling it makes me sleepy!

    • Same! It’s crazy how much It makes me just think of sleep. I feel like Pavlov’s dog! haha

  • Lots of fun August faves! I’ll have to look into that book, I need something new!

    • Thanks! It really is a nice, summer read but anything having to do with a lake and i’ll read it any time of year.

  • Leslie Nichole

    I love the aroma therapy selections of Bath & body works! The lavender spray is amazing! I need to check out the split end treatment, my hair is curly so it’s so dry as it is.

    • Those two hair products I mentioned have really helped me out a ton lately. Dry hair is no match for them. I love the aroma therapy section at bath and body works too! Their Energy stuff is also my jam.

  • I really want to try that Bath & Body Work lavender pillow mist. I was never really into essential oils until I went on vacation earlier this year but it’s just too complicated sometimes. I think the spray will do the trick and it’s way easier 🙂

    • I definitely prefer it to diffusing because it’s so concentrated right on my sheets and pillow area where the diffuser would go all over the place. Plus, i’m sure a bottle of the spray is cheaper than a bottle of lavender essential oil and we all know that Bath and Body works is always having a sale.

  • Ooo copper measure cops sound so pretty!

    • They’re so cute! My only concern is if they’ll get gross from washing them. Time will tell!

  • Love the measuring cups! We’re always looking for new things to add to our kitchen set.

    • Thanks! They’re adorable, right? I’m concerned that they’ll get green from washing them. We’ll see!

  • Sami Mast

    These are all so great! I’ve heard so many good things about the lavender pillow mist, now I have to try it!


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