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5 Things Friday, Weekly Recap- Being Leanna

Hello Readers!

It’s that time of the week again where I go back and recap all the great things about my week! I’d say the whole week was great but i’m still hacking up a lung thanks to strep throat. On a happier note:

5 Things Friday- Being Leanna1. My dad got married this past Saturday! And it was a beautiful wedding. He got married right on a lake and the weather was magnificent! We even got to ride into the ceremony on a boat. It was pretty great.

5 Things Friday- Being Leanna

2. I bought a new laptop!!! Finally. I’ve been thinking about replacing this ole guy forever now. I’ve had my Acer Aspire since 2009 and it’s pretty darn near its death bed. No matter what I do, it runs crazy slow and always is a bit jerky and spazzy. But, I’ve loved this computer since day 1 for its incredibly long battery life. And I mean, crazy long. When I first got it the battery would last up to 8 hours no problem, now it’s about 4 hours with just internet browsing. Which is still longer than most laptops. So, naturally, I bought the same exact laptop, just newer. Acer’s aren’t that expensive and they’re great computers. I got mine through Groupon, yes GROUPON. And it saved me quite a bit. Plus, I also used Ebates which got me 6% cash back at Groupon. Win. Win. (PS go check out Ebates if you have no idea what it is. I promise you, it’s worth it.)

3. I just got a TON of stuff from Ulta in the mail and it was like Christmas morning. I pretty much only got hair stuff but it was all things I needed. I swear. :-] For some reason I only had shampoos and no conditioners, and I really did need minis for my upcoming vacation. The hair and body stuff I had for Europe had gotten all used up so I though i’d try the Not Your Mother’s Way To Grow formulation, i’ve heard a lot about it so why not? Have you used anything by Not Your Mother’s?

5 On Friday- Being Leanna


Also, yes that is a hair dryer. Never in my life have I owned a hair dryer until this moment and I still don’t know how to feel about it. It’s just a Conair “travel” sized one with a retractable cord so I couldn’t resist. I’m going down south for my vacation and I learned from last time that if I don’t make sure my hair is all the way dry before stepping outside it immediately curls. So, I bought a hairdryer.

4. Guys, the sick is real. I took a nice nap right in the middle of writing this post. My throat feels no better but I haven’t coughed since I woke up so that’s a bonus. Being sick in the summer is the worst feeling. Especially when you have a fever, it’s not natural to be freezing cold in the middle of June #feverproblems.

5. And, last but not least, one of my favorite posts from this week. The 10 Best Moisturizers For Your Face by Simply Stine. I cannot get enough of skincare items, moisturizers and masks being two items I purchase the most. I’m always on the hunt for a new, better moisturizer and you best believe I found some in Christine’s post that I haven’t tried before. I pinned the post and I wrote down all the moisturizers so the next time i’m in Sephora i’ll keep my eyes peeled. I can’t wait!

What are your favorite moments from this week?

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Have a great weekend! ♥ Leanna