Winter Outfit Inspiration 1

Hey everyone!

Although it feels nothing like winter here in South Carolina i’m still really into fall/winter clothing and I wanted to share some great outfits to wear when the weather gets cold! I love searching Pinterest and various fashion websites for inspiration so I thought i’d post some of my own favorite winter outfits to hopefully inspire some of you!

Winter Outfit Inspiration// Being Leanna

top // skirt // tights

I call this winter work wear. Clearly a short sleeve top might not be the best for your office but where I work it’s either -45 degrees or 800 so a short sleeve top is great some days. Paired with a classy black pencil skirt and chevron patterned tights and you’ve got a perfect winter-y warm outfit for work. 

Winter Outfit Inspiration// Being Leanna

skirt // shirt (similar) // sweater 

This next work outfit is a little bit more suitable for cold weather assuming you wear tights (can’t believe I didn’t add them to the picture). The cropped sweater is a nice touch so you can see more of the star pattern on the button up. You could tuck in the shirt and show off the cool detailing on the skirt or leave it out for a more casual look.

Winter Outfit Inspiration// Being Leanna

sweater // necklace // pants (similar)

This third outfit is quite possibly my favorite. I just love colored pants. These pants are so comfortable because they’ve got a bit of stretch and they’re pretty cool (in my opinion) because of the zippers and pocket details. Paired with a loose sweater you definitely have a comfy casual outfit with a lot of style. 

Winter Outfit Inspiration// Being Leanna

Leggings // top // sweater

I obviously had to include my favorite leggings somewhere in this post and I only thought it appropriate to pair them with the trendiest pieces. A cropped sweater (because there ain’t no way i’m letting my midriff show in the cold winter) with a button up plaid shirt that’s long enough to cover my bum. Plaid is always perfect for fall and cranberry is THE color this winter season so why not wear a plaid cranberry (with purple, black and white) top with a crop top and just wear all the trends!

Winter Outfit Inspiration// Being Leanna

tights // dress

Flannel is so incredibly soft and cozy that I obviously had to pick up a flannel dress. The material is so great for a dress because it has such a nice structure and it’ll keep you toasty warm. Paired with tights and some ankle boots you can go out to dinner or even a Christmas party! The tie around the waist really makes this dress even better because it gives you shape (flannel can be pretty stiff)  and adds a little extra flair. You could even replace the tie with a pretty black belt!

Hope you all enjoyed my outfit inspirations, let me know what one is your favorite in the comments below!!

*No affiliate links are used and all pieces were purchased myself.

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