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Where Have I Been & A 30 Before 30 Update!

Home Sweet Home // Being Leanna

I’ve missed you guys!

Wow, it has been a long time since I’ve showed up here to say hello. I thought i’d take a nice summer break and here we are in mid September. I figured i’d only need a couple weeks before I wanted to come back, maybe a month or two tops and it’s been 4 whole months. Where does the time go?

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you might know that I disappeared because I bought a house! I wanted to take the time to be able to pack, move, and unpack before coming back to blogging. And then I wanted to get all settled in the new house. And now I realize that will probably take me years to be fully settled. People always say that it takes time to make a house a home but i’m very impatient and wanted everything perfect right away. I’ve learned to be more patient now that I’ve been here for three months. 

As I write this i’m sitting in my living room that only has two things hung up: a clock by the door and a huge “Home” sign that you may have seen on Instagram. They’re the only two things up in my whole house. It’ll get there. I have plenty of before and after pictures of the projects I’ve done that i’ll be writing some detailed posts about when I get the chance.

Now that i’m back, i’m not sure what my schedule will be like yet. I will be back again this week with a more detailed “what i’ve been up to post” because i’ve done more than just buy a house in the past three months. The more important reason I chose to come back today is that it’s been a year since I wrote my 30 before 30 post so i’m due for an update! 

Yes, that also means it was my 28th birthday on Sunday! So, lets see what I’ve checked off in the last year. Unfortunately, there’s still a ton more to do so I’ve got to get my butt moving this year!  

30 Before 30 // Being Leanna

30 before 30

-Go to Iceland

-Head out to the west coast

-Do a vacation to just relax, I don’t always need to be exploring

-Go ziplining flying adventures here! I did this for my 27th birthday and it was a blast! You can read about my

-Go parasailing *Almost happened, better luck next summer

-Get paid for a blog post

-Buy a house – I closed on my house June 27, 2017! I cannot wait to show you guys the before and afters!

-Go to a blogging conference or beauty con, can’t decide

-Get a promotion at work * only 6 more months of my traineeship left!

-Design my own blog template *started this but haven’t finished

-Read 50 books *about halfway there!

-Date No details :-]

-Say “yes” for a full day

-Get a new car

-Sell something I’ve made

-Learn to let things go *As much as I can anyways :-]

-Try a new workout routine, anything I haven’t tried before *I may have mentioned this but i’ve been going to Pilates consistently since April!

-Run a 5k, 10k if i’m feeling good

-Go to a concert at SPAC or Tanglewood

-Splurge on a super fancy meal/hotel/night outPhiladelphia * When I went to I treated myself to a nice dinner all by myself and it was wonderful!

-Host a dinner party once I own my own house * I hosted a kickoff party, dinner party is next on my list!

-See the northern lights

-Throw a big 30th birthday party

-Splurge on a nice clothing item or accessory

-See a NY Giants game *Going in October!!!

-Pay down my student loans as much as possible

-Ride in a hot air balloon

-Work on getting better at Italian

-Adopt a cat once I get my own house * I am now the proud momma to 2 kittens. Check out my Instagram for adorable pictures of them

-Learn to get better at communicating my feelings, i’m trying! * I’ve gotten much better at communication in general this past year but it’s still a work in progress!

What’s next?

I have definitely made a significant dent in my 30 before 30 list and I think I can do even better this year. i’ll be able to focus more on the fun stuff like riding in a hot air balloon, paying down my student loans and heading to the west coast this year! Let’s hope I can get that all done before i’m thirty. 

Be sure to keep an eye out later this week for a more detailed “What I’ve been up to” kind of post. I’ve missed you all and i’m so glad to be back. Leave a comment below so I know i’m not just talking to the void after being gone for 4 months. Whoops!